God of War Walkthrough - Part 3

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God of War Walkthrough Part 3. Things are getting real now... This game has been SO good! Become a member - noburn.infojoin Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. God of War!
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gazaine wise-one
gazaine wise-one - 29 dager siden
Enjoying every moment,Great Game Jack...Just a quick note. Tÿr Godly quality almost sounds like King Solomon from the Bible.
gazaine wise-one
gazaine wise-one - 29 dager siden
I love the Game...there's a part 4!!!...lol can't get enough
Z nice
Z nice - 2 måneder siden
broh big fan from bangladesh
Wolfgang Marcell
Wolfgang Marcell - 2 måneder siden
Things wouldn't be easy to miss if you actually explored the game.
Khaled Gaming962
Khaled Gaming962 - 2 måneder siden
Boy is happy he is a God
Khaled Gaming962
Khaled Gaming962 - 2 måneder siden
Who plays fortnite it's dead I hate it its trash
Dimitri Isov
Dimitri Isov - 3 måneder siden
Mimir must be so fucking nauseous by now
Stephan Osther
Stephan Osther - 3 måneder siden
Where is part 4? Lost in the thunderstorm?
jovaughny edwards
jovaughny edwards - 3 måneder siden
this game looks so good
Mr Graft
Mr Graft - 3 måneder siden
Jack what is this shit content I‘ve unsubbed
Not Deadpool enough
Not Deadpool enough - 3 måneder siden
Haha he's so confused about the puzzle no offense just so funny to watch, great job man
FURY gaming FTW
FURY gaming FTW - 3 måneder siden
When you get everything from the armour, runics, shield combat etc upgraded and you master the combat and destroy everything without taking a hit, that is one of the best feelings this game can give
Astos Pin
Astos Pin - 3 måneder siden
Ok ... more of this and i will cancel my HBO subscription... ! Thank you Jack for this experience.
Simon Andersen
Simon Andersen - 3 måneder siden
why is part 4 not available in Denmark ?
Erfan Daneshmand
Erfan Daneshmand - 3 måneder siden
Hello, can you tell me what was the cause of the war between primordials before the Titans?
The Abbe Faria
The Abbe Faria - 3 måneder siden
You can tell he doesn't really play single player games. He stumbles on the easiest things. Still love the content though.
Sam - 3 måneder siden
Dammit Jack, now I want five guys!
BBROPHOTO - 3 måneder siden
7 hours in, part 3... and Jack is still calling them Enhancements...
Alex D.
Alex D. - 3 måneder siden
Does warzone make people retarded or something? Painful to watch
AkelasanAK - 3 måneder siden
...1:57:30 hahaha, great joke ...
.... nice play, just i feel like you're leaving too much stuff undiscovered ...
alien hive mind
alien hive mind - 3 måneder siden
Jack:Its fists then..
me: yes jack
yes!!.. embrace the dark side
Kanak Sharan
Kanak Sharan - 3 måneder siden
Gary The Cycling Nerd
Gary The Cycling Nerd - 3 måneder siden
Hey Jack, we've all looked up tutorials for simple things in games. Don't let the viewers get you down
Monki - 3 måneder siden
1:07:30 no the blades of chaos almost didn’t make it into the game because they were an absolute nightmare to design and almost costed the entire game itself
OneWyldAudi - 3 måneder siden
That boy is full of himself, he might turn to the dark side lol. Luv the vids Jack
d3nyd - 3 måneder siden
1:06:40 "Liking riding a bike"
So fucking true. They translated the OG moveset into this game wonderfully.
Sullivan For Everyone
Sullivan For Everyone - 3 måneder siden
Oh my god, watching u do that puzzle was so difficult to watch.
ShambhuNath Sharan
ShambhuNath Sharan - 3 måneder siden
Clayton Weis
Clayton Weis - 3 måneder siden
Hey Jack, instead of thanking you for the entertainment (free & amazing), I’d like to criticize how you play the game. I mean, I could buy and play it myself, my way, getting every chest and agonizing over every menu option, but I prefer shitting on you.
CeeTee7 - 3 måneder siden
Anyone else having problems playing this VOD back? Constantly buffering on all qualities every 5 seconds and doesn't pre load? All other live streams and videos are fine
Cainwerth - 3 måneder siden
Unlocks 500 skills, uses 2.
Predator B7
Predator B7 - 3 måneder siden
I feel like jack had an IQ drop at that mini simple puzzle
10forgram - 3 måneder siden
They should have different animations when you fight bosses he’s just a ankle bitter out here
Player 1
Player 1 - 3 måneder siden
I have played god of war before and finished the whole game
Vincent Thao
Vincent Thao - 3 måneder siden
Watching Jack do puzzles gives me anxiety 😬
smokingsweetlife - 3 måneder siden
The greatest game of this generation
Gervs Jacobs
Gervs Jacobs - 3 måneder siden
Like Uncharted 4 the puzzle section was hard to watch. Come on Jack, you're better than this.
BrAin MeAt
BrAin MeAt - 3 måneder siden
i hope part 4 drops as soon as possible
Gechi999 - 3 måneder siden
they xcan't get everyone in hel cause of social distancing
Knock_ Scabs
Knock_ Scabs - 3 måneder siden
Remember to look up at all puzzel stages.
Knock_ Scabs
Knock_ Scabs - 3 måneder siden
Jack I like the walk trough, just one thing you mis so much loot going trough the map. 😂😂
F1veteran - 3 måneder siden
This is my favourite game of all time, I don't know if you have time but I think you should do some exploring in between streams to get some recourses. As it's obvious you want to stick to the main quest on stream.
F1veteran - 3 måneder siden
@Able he should try and fight all the Valkyries.
Able - 3 måneder siden
He should try to fight one of the valkyries!
MrBfg586 - 3 måneder siden
Seems like he is just rushing through this game.
FerrisArgyle 13
FerrisArgyle 13 - 3 måneder siden
Could someone not have explained what jack needed to do for the ragnarok puzzle? Because I legit hated every second of that segment
Morgan Boyer
Morgan Boyer - 3 måneder siden
The Part of the game where BOY starts acting so ignorant and prideful knowing that he is a God is so annoying
Morgan Boyer
Morgan Boyer - 3 måneder siden
Jack just keeps running past so many things and watching him do that Ragnarok puzzle was so aggravating
Qdysseus - 3 måneder siden
play Spider Man next!!! (please don't do TLOU2. I think we've all seen enough of that)
SealTeamRick - 3 måneder siden
Most of those sounds you randomly hear and say "what was that?" Are your runic attacks and your health regen runic are fully recharged and ready for use. Hard to hear during combat sequences.
Alexander Braddock
Alexander Braddock - 3 måneder siden
Jack I love you but you are being kinda a dumbass when it comes to puzzles
Mohd Basri
Mohd Basri - 3 måneder siden
You could learn more about the combat... It would really help, special attacks, combos and do the side missions they will give you alot of things. Definitely gotta go for the valkyries after finishing the main story.
Logan Renshaw
Logan Renshaw - 3 måneder siden
Jack if you listened to Atreus say it for like the thousandth time he said moon on the left sun on the right Midgard in the middle, but no lets just flip the same lever over and over again. Also how do u not see that they all need to be on the top of the rail. its so frustrating watching u do these walkthroughs. No hate cause most of the time they are really good but just like uncharted 4 its extremely painful to watch. Still one of my favorite youtubers but you situational awareness and thought process just flys out the window when you do single player games and walkthroughs.
Skinnypete07 - 3 måneder siden
There is a “playthrough” and there is a “walkthrough”. Learn the difference....
Seth Gibson
Seth Gibson - 3 måneder siden
God o————R
Nathan Dyck
Nathan Dyck - 3 måneder siden
Only someone as strong as kratos could paddle like that
Sespa - 3 måneder siden
Love Jack but I was screaming at my tv JACK THE MOON LIFT THE MOON FOR FUCK THE MOOOON JACK IT CAN'T PASS IF IT'S RAISED jack please just aw FOR FUCK hahaha
Jerry Henning
Jerry Henning - 3 måneder siden
That kid turned into a brat. He needs a bare butt spanking in front of the dwarf.
VIP__Lloyd3193 - 3 måneder siden
I have the god of war mug that has the same picture of kratos that’s on the vase he broke
Mark Mexcur
Mark Mexcur - 3 måneder siden
The best walkthrough of a game like this to date...you have become powerful Jack in the Beanstalk after all!!
FRoZE - 3 måneder siden
watching you do the Moon Midguard Sun thing is really irritating me eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Geralt of Rivia
Geralt of Rivia - 3 måneder siden
One game to rule them all. Still get shivers when he pulls out the blades and I've played it so many times now
Berkay - 3 måneder siden
Good looking game. The monsters are fighting like retard though.
Arthur Price
Arthur Price - 3 måneder siden
Loving this game, looks incredible!
Pablo Gonzalez
Pablo Gonzalez - 3 måneder siden
The boy has corona virus
Kay - 3 måneder siden
Jack you forgot to upgrade your blades!
Taz Daddy
Taz Daddy - 3 måneder siden
If a God has a kid with a mortal they are a demigod. Like Achilles, Hercules, Belus, Romulus & Remus, etc.......
Thename123J - 3 måneder siden
Fae wasn't mortal.
kevin noonan
kevin noonan - 3 måneder siden
@Yousif saeed *Faye
1234567890 0987654321
1234567890 0987654321 - 3 måneder siden
@Yousif saeed hes still a demigod since only part god and part giant
Yousif saeed
Yousif saeed - 3 måneder siden
But freya(atreus mother) is not a mortal .. shes a giant
Heretech - 3 måneder siden
I love how you weeped at the awesomeness of getting the blades of chaos. That was my same reaction. I was just giggling with tears in my eyes. Probably my favorite moment in gaming this gen. Love watching peoples reaction to that scene
Fossum - 3 måneder siden
2:30:00 i learned today that just cause you have a British accent doesn’t make you intellectual at all😂
someblokeonthenet - 3 måneder siden
Sorry I didn't make the stream but enjoying watching the vod... Loving your work buddy
Krzysztof Cygan
Krzysztof Cygan - 3 måneder siden
Blades slowing when hitting enemies is not something original as anyone who played arcades will tell, it's been around for decades. This game has Mortal Combat vibes with those blades and a bit of Street Fighter too, so who is copying from whom...
Krzysztof Cygan
Krzysztof Cygan - 3 måneder siden
@Slykillful You're right! It's been a long time... Also, I'm more of a Gyruss/Galaga/1942 guy
Slykillful - 3 måneder siden
Cant believe you spelt Kombat with a C lol
PAULIE FREESTYLEFPV - 3 måneder siden
That's got to be on a custom built PC the graphics are sweet
Chase Riddle
Chase Riddle - 3 måneder siden
the puzzle part legit almost made me unsub
Andrae Williams
Andrae Williams - 3 måneder siden
Jack my friend, I would love for you to play the walkthrough of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard after you finish God of War. Your walk through a are worth watching than most youtubers.
Old Soul
Old Soul - 3 måneder siden
I second this, Jack
GamerCentric - 3 måneder siden
Love this game been thinking about streaming it myself, played it when it came out on PS4, defo worth another playthrough, great stream jack.
Panda Panda
Panda Panda - 3 måneder siden
I have an addiction to watching people react to this game. From the first fight with the stranger, to the Dragon, to the Blades of Chaos, to the end. Such Joy and excitement in everyone's experience with this game.
KENOBI is jesus
KENOBI is jesus - 7 dager siden
Bro we think a like
DarkZephon - 3 måneder siden
Not sure if it's come up on stream as only watching the vids after but does Jack know you can parry the projectiles from the weak enemies rather than lobbing the axe at them.
goddamnsonofabitch - 3 måneder siden
Jack should use fists more. Stun and brutalize the enemies. Also, you can throw the axe to enemies legs to make em fall down
titus boiii
titus boiii - 3 måneder siden
Atreus to kratos :father who was my grandfather
Kratos to Atreus: you don’t need to know boy
Zeus from heaven: damn you son
RSC92 - 3 måneder siden
Is this supposed to be clever somehow?
Tiko No
Tiko No - 3 måneder siden
Ray Liang
Ray Liang - 3 måneder siden
hi jack i wish you would pay attention to your upgrades and what they do - so many combos and skills youve never used because you carelessly upgrade them without lookimg! same with on screen instructions :(
Smile More
Smile More - 2 måneder siden
@logibleek but it's at 69 likes... I don't want to ruin it but I definitely agree. He really lacks the ability to pay attention to things going on in the game. Especially dialogue. They speak about something then a few moments later comments about how he didn't know about said subject. It was aggravating me.
logibleek - 3 måneder siden
this comment needs to be liked more, he’s definitely missing out on so many different gameplay opportunities
boomvoyaj - 3 måneder siden
next : Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
David Conley
David Conley - 3 måneder siden
One of the greatest games of the generation!
FrttMs - 3 måneder siden
Jack, is there a reason for Episode 1 not being on your page? I wanted to watch it all, since I've missed the streams, but it's not there.
FrttMs - 3 måneder siden
@Sauron Not when I search for it. A regional thing, perhaps?
Sauron - 3 måneder siden
FrttMs it’s there bro, it’s called god of war walkthrough part 1.
FrttMs - 3 måneder siden
@Gunslinger2580 Nope. I just did and it's not there.
Gunslinger2580 - 3 måneder siden
Just search "Jackfrags God of War" and all parts should pop up.
Porrazzo - 3 måneder siden
Mimir and Jack are best friends
MiloB1024 - 3 måneder siden
jack i love you but the puzzles get me yelling at the screen in frustration lmao
Aepicname69 - 3 måneder siden
Go back to pawntakepawns the tv turned on also the sticky note has another word that leads to a new website
Edmond Majhi
Edmond Majhi - 3 måneder siden
when a fps player try to use brain .
MrBfg586 - 3 måneder siden
Edmond Majhi yeah it’s not good, especially when the fps games are call of dookie
Luq He
Luq He - 3 måneder siden
Best PS4 Game! Few Bosses were too similar but hey cant make a perfect game
m3divh - 3 måneder siden
Dont pick items up whrn you already hold an axe hint hint
Seb Sharp
Seb Sharp - 3 måneder siden
Love the streams, Jack. Such an incredible game. Highly recommend you take a detour to Niflheim before finishing up
twistedsith - 3 måneder siden
Praxis - 3 måneder siden
Throw the axe boii.
1 sub before 2021?
1 sub before 2021? - 3 måneder siden
To the person who is reading this:

Your amazing stay blessed stay safe and have an wonderful rest of your day!✨
Beom Gamer
Beom Gamer - 3 måneder siden
Awesome gameplay!
inoscopedMLK - 3 måneder siden
Excited to see jack get back to the top of the mountain
Gab_ Amrx
Gab_ Amrx - 3 måneder siden
No comment