Hell Let Loose - Winning the War!

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Hell Let Loose is great fun! The M1 Garand is my favourite gun in the game too, very strong and satisfying to use! Playing with @Two Angry Gamers TV and friends. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. Become a member - noburn.infojoin
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Lu Ger
Lu Ger - 10 dager siden
Lachlan Kellogg
Lachlan Kellogg - 21 dag siden
At 6:09 the M1 Garand ejects a full magazine of 30-30 ammo...
matt ash
matt ash - Måned siden
A hell let loose vid with medal of honor soundtrack. Nice nostalgia
Jupi - Måned siden
Please play on at least 2k res
Sean Christiansen
Sean Christiansen - Måned siden
I just got this game because of your content, but it’s not smooth at all. It runs so poorly for me.... did you do anything special to make it run this well?
I Pancakes
I Pancakes - Måned siden
David Cooper
David Cooper - Måned siden
how to basic
Dave Lamar
Dave Lamar - 2 måneder siden
dj akademiks
jackson brooker
jackson brooker - 2 måneder siden
im an aussie and i find this offensive. JK
Jymmy Jams
Jymmy Jams - 2 måneder siden
Sounded more nz / safa to me
Redneck Sniper
Redneck Sniper - 2 måneder siden
“Welcome to another hell let loose video we are playing on the US side I’m really loving the Garand” holding an STG44
Avig366 - 2 måneder siden
Hell let loose is my new favorite game the one thing i miss from something like battle field is the air support being able to go in the plane and do bombing runs.
Joseph Lampria
Joseph Lampria - 2 måneder siden
Hi sir it's fun to watch heheh hope more epic battle thanks hope can join your server
Be Forbes
Be Forbes - 2 måneder siden
I came back to this video, just to like this video ............... because I LOVE the MOH music.
NSCRAZYFREAK - 2 måneder siden
Any one know a way to get my frames up I run on all low settings and yet I get 60 frames max
I have a ryzen 7 1700x, 16gb ram, and a gtx 1060 6gb :(
Pettersson i Golvet
Pettersson i Golvet - Måned siden
lower resolution
The fox Box
The fox Box - 2 måneder siden
That... that’s not a... a garend
The fox Box
The fox Box - 2 måneder siden
I mean the gun he has in the start
Sam Fowler
Sam Fowler - 2 måneder siden
not a single Australian accent was mimicked
Nico benji024
Nico benji024 - 2 måneder siden
3:43 1917? You mean Dunkirk lol
Saul Fischauer
Saul Fischauer - 2 måneder siden
I think that was me getting head shot by Jack on the ground at 5:30 but I thought I got hit from the West, through the smoke, not from the South.
P Lu
P Lu - 2 måneder siden
2Angrygamers did a better attempt at Australian accent. It fooled me for a while, then it sounded kiwi for a few seconds.
ItWasALLaDREAM - 2 måneder siden
Abismal indeed! It went between South African and New Zealander 😂😂
Schellshocked - 2 måneder siden
Play post scriptum imo it is way better than hell let loose
Felix Timm
Felix Timm - 2 måneder siden
I think you really would like the game Hunt : Showdown
The Red Thirst
The Red Thirst - 2 måneder siden
In Aus we call smokes “Ciggies”
River Saru
River Saru - 2 måneder siden
As an american I feel like they are adjusting their accents to imitate Australians but I frankly can't tell the difference.
SickSilckMan - 2 måneder siden
Is it just me, or since update does it feel like the Garand fires more than eight shots?
André Bjerregaard
André Bjerregaard - 2 måneder siden
3:10 Medal of Honor Allied Assault music nostalgia
E K - 2 måneder siden
love this game
J - 2 måneder siden
"Aww wicked" lmao, Jack.
DekxGaming - 2 måneder siden
At least it’s not Americans imitating Australians
And thanks for the Apology
Benjamin L
Benjamin L - 2 måneder siden
I really love your Hell Let Loose videos. I do love Warzone but the pace is a nice change.
Mr. Bricks05
Mr. Bricks05 - 2 måneder siden
Jack should play some riding storm 2
Like so he can see this would be a very cool video!
Foggy Perception
Foggy Perception - 2 måneder siden
What setting do you run for this game, I have an i990k OC to 5ghz on all cores with a auros 2080ti but the frames are still crap on high settings in 1440p just wondering what your run on?.
PBoogerwood - 2 måneder siden
Thank you for continuing to cover this fantastic game!
J - 2 måneder siden
This game looks so much fun. I'm sure I would love this if I had the time to get good at multiplayer games.
Dencal - 2 måneder siden
Your Australian accents sound like New Zealand accents 😂
Bin John
Bin John - 2 måneder siden
2:41 the beat made me insta like the video haha
NKArguingPig - 2 måneder siden
Love hearing Medal of Honour Allied Assault music in the background ☺️
Doc Riprock
Doc Riprock - 2 måneder siden
Hell Let Loose is an intense and beautiful game!
MatthewBruh13 - 2 måneder siden
We need more HLL sniping
Vini Sim
Vini Sim - 2 måneder siden
So many cheaters today ... unplayable
lidko Helis
lidko Helis - 2 måneder siden
medal of honor theme ......you bought me right there
Ivo Wilson
Ivo Wilson - 2 måneder siden
6:06 sick beat
Ivo Wilson
Ivo Wilson - 2 måneder siden
Man this game needs a decent anti-aliasing
setha65 - 2 måneder siden
I love how the au accent turns into South Africa haha
Alastair Powell
Alastair Powell - 2 måneder siden
as an aussie these accents sucked hahahaha
Brad - 2 måneder siden
M1 Garand uses a 30-06 round. We use that for hunting big game. Crazy to think of firing that thing all day to save your life
Adam Wenczel
Adam Wenczel - 2 måneder siden
'You'll get a medal for this...'
Ian Paczensky
Ian Paczensky - 2 måneder siden
Worst Aussie accent ever lol
Love your work Jack😎
Tassie Ants
Tassie Ants - 2 måneder siden
It was almost Aussie and then it was almost kiwi
Daniel Morrison
Daniel Morrison - 2 måneder siden
When I see a Hell Let Loose vid by Jack, I just gotta smash that like
Lachie Thatcher
Lachie Thatcher - 2 måneder siden
As an Aussie, I can confirm that these accents were nearly as confusing as the plan to head north and attack from the south.
Chariot Fighter
Chariot Fighter - 3 måneder siden
Bruv I’ll take more of these hell let loose vids over any more warzone vids all day. Or even just some MW MP.
riloe - 3 måneder siden
Next: playing as americans with an american accent lol
amthor_ultra_41 - 3 måneder siden
Are lobbies empty? It looked kind of empty in the video when he opened the playerlist
tshepp89 - 3 måneder siden
Does it seem like Jack isn't getting suppressed or damaged by enemy fire at the end there? @ 7:43 and again @ 8:22
RedRock3t82 - 3 måneder siden
Lol jack. Redownloaded this because you said “it’s good now”. Hahaha same fucking trash as it’s been since launch.
ysoof alhammadi
ysoof alhammadi - 3 måneder siden
Here in middle east we don’t know the difference between aussie and an Britain
ysoof alhammadi
ysoof alhammadi - 3 måneder siden
Same accents 🤔
Maks Barabasz
Maks Barabasz - 3 måneder siden
day 1 of getting jackfrags to play battlefield heroes
Phoebe_trss - 3 måneder siden
I didn’t know I was watching a desinc video
phillip ruus
phillip ruus - 3 måneder siden
We don't say chuck for throw. We say going to peg it over there
ThePineAppleBurster 44
ThePineAppleBurster 44 - 3 måneder siden
Imagine Dice making a game like this. The graphics etc would be mental.
xDdd - 3 måneder siden
I thought you guys were doing English accents!! Fakin el gotta eat the rest of my kangaroo roight now
MrAerohank - 3 måneder siden
Is it possible to turn off those blue friendly player icons that you see through buildings?
Thomas Baker
Thomas Baker - 3 måneder siden
BATTLEFIELD 5ell 5et loo5e!!!!!
Nick Wendels
Nick Wendels - 3 måneder siden
That other guy is annoying
cloudrival - 3 måneder siden
That was more south african than australian. And I say that as a South African Australian
Viktor Dregely
Viktor Dregely - 3 måneder siden
Man your videos really give a false representation of how the game actually plays.
HunTin4aBlunTin - 3 måneder siden
Famous last words "did they see me?" Lol
Akira - 3 måneder siden
What is this server?
Seb smith
Seb smith - 3 måneder siden
Needs more “yeh nah yeh” or alternately “nah yeh nah”
Next time maybe
AnakinSkywa1k3r - 3 måneder siden
Hey Dice look at this THIS IS WHAT A WW 2 GAME LOOKS LIKE!! Dice please make a good ww2 game. Jack love the videos keep up the good work
Sam Prudden
Sam Prudden - 3 måneder siden
As an Australian, you two sounded like my South African manager who has picked up elements of an Australian accent after living here for years.
Mikhail Museev
Mikhail Museev - 3 måneder siden
Is it beta or it out already?
Mayer - 3 måneder siden
Wow these german soldiers can speak aussie accents good
Brandon Mallory
Brandon Mallory - 3 måneder siden
Don't apologise for tying to be an Aussie in a war game, us Australians are the reason its called hell let loose! Ahaha 😅🤣
:vicious: - 3 måneder siden
Please god do Aussie accents wayyy more often!
Freud Rubang
Freud Rubang - 3 måneder siden
*Wearing German Fatigues*
Jackfrags: Yeah, we're on team USA
Phil Toynton
Phil Toynton - 3 måneder siden
Yes - it is All About Team work.. Not an Individuals Game at all...
Mark Loren Fahey
Mark Loren Fahey - 3 måneder siden
Smoke em if ya got em!
Faulky - 3 måneder siden
Those bombing runs look so cool
Sal Gutierrez
Sal Gutierrez - 3 måneder siden
Jack: There's a tank there's a tank there!
Also Jack: Doesn't ping it
Nico H
Nico H - 3 måneder siden
''DeNiro cant die, hes got like 58 more movies to make with Scorsese'', lmao
Joe Park
Joe Park - 3 måneder siden
Amazing. I feel like I'm watching an episode of Kath & Kim.
bird - 3 måneder siden
I swear, there's nothing better than some good ol' JF & TAG commentary.......shit had me about blowing soda out my nose the whole video :D LOL!!!!
Robin van den Berg
Robin van den Berg - 3 måneder siden
Did you just put some Medal of Honour Allied Assault music in the background? Bloody epic that one.
Lee Gibson
Lee Gibson - 3 måneder siden
Horrific eeecsents maaayts
Rhyse English
Rhyse English - 3 måneder siden
So jealous this isn’t on console!
UpsideDownX - 3 måneder siden
7:23 the guy on the right..
Kosta Kollaras
Kosta Kollaras - 3 måneder siden
ahaha love from down under
Linux Unix
Linux Unix - 3 måneder siden
80% running 20% gameplay, worth it 🤣
Erwin Deocampo
Erwin Deocampo - 3 måneder siden
Wicked mate
UniQue - 3 måneder siden
These videos are great Jack, please keep playing this game. The game is so good and I love watching you play.
Urban Self Sufficiency
Urban Self Sufficiency - 3 måneder siden
As an Australian, I approve.
Bloody ripper mate!
Jere Pitkänen
Jere Pitkänen - 3 måneder siden
how do you get over 50 fps in hll wth
Commander Keen
Commander Keen - 3 måneder siden
Oí, mate, i like this. Best Australian gaming channel after modest pelican, mate!
Josh V
Josh V - 3 måneder siden
Lmao if flight of the concords played battlefield.
Tyler Moffat
Tyler Moffat - 3 måneder siden
Wish Jack had a discord :))
ChayBulla - 3 måneder siden
Australian to Kiwi to South African
Tim Hacquoil
Tim Hacquoil - 3 måneder siden
As an Aussie, the use of made up words and slang is kinda spot on!