Mafia Remake - Gameplay and First Impressions

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Mafia Definitive Edition gameplay. This takes me back! Having fun and exploring Lost Heaven. Check out the game here - Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
Runtime: 19:17


Ragnar R1
Ragnar R1 - 2 dager siden
Sounds like the mom from archer? Maybe? Idk
Jejaka Malaya
Jejaka Malaya - 4 dager siden
I miss the rank system
Dylan Creath
Dylan Creath - 6 dager siden
The lady sounds like cow from cow and chicken but it’s not her. A guy actually voices all the characters on the show 😂
AcidityWormhole - 7 dager siden
More of these videos please!
Krystof Cerha
Krystof Cerha - 11 dager siden
I remember playing this as a kid with my brother. I sure will get this game and play it with him some time
Tully Fisher
Tully Fisher - 11 dager siden
played the very first one...looong long time ago. GREAT refresh version.
The Swift Dodo
The Swift Dodo - 13 dager siden
i reckonise the lady's voice from hoodwinked. shes the grandma i think xD
Okke Rave
Okke Rave - 14 dager siden
the fact he says if u did not like the vid give a disslike"

made me like the vid
robin - 16 dager siden
that lady’s voice sounds like the older Toph from Legend of Korra
Ricky LaFleur
Ricky LaFleur - 17 dager siden
I love the fact that you have to respect the speed limit. Am I a good citizen?!?!
sebastian futtrup
sebastian futtrup - 19 dager siden
Sick game man
Lil Trump
Lil Trump - 22 dager siden
Do they have the Czech dabbing?
Maximilian Bondi
Maximilian Bondi - 24 dager siden
nice looking clean game. would definetly consider upgrading my pc for that xD
dukedude220 - 24 dager siden
We need a bully remake!!
Mausje - 25 dager siden
pretty awesome!!
Polter Pup
Polter Pup - 27 dager siden
This is the first I've seen of this series and I'm really impressed, might buy it!
Junior - Måned siden
No way, I remember playing this as a kid
Nicholas Marinich
Nicholas Marinich - Måned siden
Feels like a game you’d play once and never again
Nyran Stanton
Nyran Stanton - Måned siden
looks awesome, loved the original mafia, however i can not watch a review video endorsed by the creators of the product lol.
Denzel PAYOT
Denzel PAYOT - Måned siden
Just a tip guys, when you get to the racing level put difficulty on easy.
Kalle Vuolteenaho
Kalle Vuolteenaho - Måned siden
GTA + Goodfellas = this
Juan Tomas Gauna
Juan Tomas Gauna - Måned siden
Are they @Nico Bellic and @Roman Bellic, at 13:19
if they r not, they sound the same
benmk21600 - Måned siden
Mafia 2 was the first game I completed since losing the use of one hand . Great sense of achievement !
Alex Derus
Alex Derus - Måned siden
I loved the original as a kid too. Way ahead of it's time. Can't wait to try this.
Sunny Jim
Sunny Jim - Måned siden
It's a console game. Meh. A disgrace to the original.
DecafDankDoge - Måned siden
She sounds like that chocolate lady from spongebob
Skankhunt42 - Måned siden
I thought it was shit and didn’t finish it. AI is si dumb like mafia 3
BraidedPlanet - Måned siden
that lady is plays toph in legend of korra and saukura from naruto
gazaine wise-one
gazaine wise-one - Måned siden
I love this game, bring me into the pass experience
Ruben Lopez
Ruben Lopez - Måned siden
14:14 your UK Driving is showing
cal.l.m - Måned siden
I bet german voices will sound much better again :D
abraham niang
abraham niang - Måned siden
6:21 ah my favorite parkour move: the *Goomba stomp*
JhnyBz - Måned siden
Never played mafia
The Highbury Gamer
The Highbury Gamer - Måned siden
Loved it jack this is such a cool game you have made want to buy it now your my favourite Youtuber jack very chill all the best my bro i hope one day I will be as successful as you massively liked my brother 👍
CallMeAmari - Måned siden
i played this when i was 9
Anonymous - Måned siden
Shoutout to my girl. Fitgirl.
mambo miano
mambo miano - Måned siden
Ooh man, i remember playing this back on Ps2- some really really fantastic memories
I'd love to play on ps4 but it's too expensive on the store
Auch Schwein genannt
Auch Schwein genannt - Måned siden
I love your live commentary
thesinaclwon - Måned siden
15 and probably shouldn’t have been playing it? Dude I let my 6 and 7 year olds play battlefield, COD, gta5, etc. 🤷🏻‍♂️ people really need to stop being afraid of curse words lol.
Patient Zero
Patient Zero - Måned siden
They need to remake the godfather and scarface
Reuben S
Reuben S - Måned siden
Randy Orton slitherin in.....9:17
Samarth Bhatia
Samarth Bhatia - Måned siden
The sounds and action only remind me of Max Payne 1&2
KRANE-44 - Måned siden
The chase shooting reminded me of starsky and hutch
RagtagSAVAGE - Måned siden
Jack plz play more of this game
Young Reefer
Young Reefer - Måned siden
amazing gameplay super fun
JP FOREVER - Måned siden
I love it but I'm stuck on a glitch where I can't move at the moment and it's irritating.
Steven Tafoya
Steven Tafoya - Måned siden
But will it have the race that tooke me 50 million tries
KenSec - Måned siden
Bro no cap but i think you are one of the most decent youtubers ive seen
Leonardo Follador
Leonardo Follador - Måned siden
at 14:00 the woman says "Terrone" which is typically an insult from northern italy to the south. Not really sure why she said it here tho
Matt Smith
Matt Smith - Måned siden
Jesus this game is amazing! Dialogue is great it’s got good graphics and not only that, but I’m a huge fan of the 1930’s-50’s and the style of clothing the respect people had and the life style was amazing. Love stuff like this!
Faith 955
Faith 955 - Måned siden
The amount of hours I had growing up playing this game on PC, oh my
SlaveToTheBeard - Måned siden
"fresh air never killed nobody" man's never met coronavirus
Mac Miller
Mac Miller - Måned siden
You don't have to meet it if the shit is "airborne"
Maxime Broutin
Maxime Broutin - Måned siden
Lost heaven? A parody of what? New york? San Francisco ? Chicago? Dam american cities are all the same!
Pug Playz
Pug Playz - Måned siden
the reamke looks beautiful
Mergen Alimaganbetov
Mergen Alimaganbetov - Måned siden
I like it so much that you always have common sense and nice manner in any game you play! :D
E-RICE - Måned siden
2k need a shot at a gta type game. they're flat out silly for not trying to pry gta online away from the spotlight. it would work if their willing to be this realistic
Deep House by Grego 91
Deep House by Grego 91 - Måned siden
Really? 😂😂 there’s been never nothing good about Czech. Game doesn’t look interesting, they have horrible food. Something call knedle or something like that. That’s why everyone of them are fat 😂😂 ok maybe beer 🍺 but that’s all 😂
Jim Bud
Jim Bud - Måned siden
Everyone is so rude cause Italians where discriminated against in that time period. If you watch the news you’d only think African Americans where the only race every discriminated against since the creation of the world
Sarthak Gupta
Sarthak Gupta - Måned siden
hey jack play enlisted(early alpha) looks impressive!!!
I was 8 when I played this.
C H I L L S. JUST LIKE VICE CITY O FUKD AROUND AN NEVER DELVE IN. Specifically buying a Ps4 for this an Ghost
gary 2014
gary 2014 - Måned siden
this is dope
Gentleman - Måned siden
with VR Support?
Kyle - Måned siden
Ive never played a mafia game but I want to play this in first person, and really get into it.
Jamie Stott
Jamie Stott - Måned siden
The best thing about being born in the 80s was getting to grow up and play these games mw2 mafia gta so many great games what this generation has missed out on but the remakes are so good
Jack Higgins
Jack Higgins - 17 dager siden
I was born in 1994 but played these games. This game was the first game I finished all the way through.
Siege - Måned siden
I see a series coming along?
Nordic man from the internet
Isnt this game in like the 1920s? Why are they calling petrol bombs molotovs?
Captain Cooked
Captain Cooked - Måned siden
This coming to ps5?
Joe Slyfield
Joe Slyfield - Måned siden
We need a part 2
Jeeves Rothschild
Jeeves Rothschild - Måned siden
Are the secret cars still a thing??
Berk Gulen
Berk Gulen - Måned siden
Ladys voice belongs to Lady who was acting in harry potter
RutchGaming - Måned siden
16:00 "It's quite violent"
Also Jack: plays a lot of CoD
RutchGaming - Måned siden
At first I thought it was the second Mafia that got remastered, now that I know it's the first one I'm incredibly hyped
Gavin Martinez
Gavin Martinez - Måned siden
“I promise there is more to this game than driving taxis” I’m having a great time, keep driving 😁
Razvan Teofik
Razvan Teofik - Måned siden
Who else got stuck at the final race ?
Obi Wan
Obi Wan - Måned siden
The racing mission on classic is dreadful
Yaseen Peeraullee
Yaseen Peeraullee - Måned siden
Nice bread xD
Rokko - Måned siden
dunno man, in the original the voice acting was much better, don salieri looked different/older/better and the characters had more personality. tommy had a more fitting voice too. infact ,all the characters had more personality and looked more believable/unique.
and not sure why they butchered the first mission already. in the original, the 2 guys that run after tommy, end up following him in to the bar and no one is standing outside. suddenly a Closed sign pops up and the 2 guys never make it out alive.
i think im gonna wait until the game is on a sale because so far im less than impressed with what i see
Clem Tarpey
Clem Tarpey - Måned siden
This is one of those games that was so you good you just figured it would never get a remake in the modern AAA climate. So stoked to see this!
Galactic Magic
Galactic Magic - Måned siden
You gotta have a beast of a rig if you can play this game on Max settings while at 1440p. Damn.
GB3770 - Måned siden
I might buy this now graphics are modernish
Jon E
Jon E - Måned siden
I finally beat the game on Classic difficulty and I have to say, I enjoyed the original way better than the poor remake. Can hanger 13 please not exist anymore? I encountered so many bugs, glitches and the graphics are subpar (like mafia 3)
Saul A. Greco V.
Saul A. Greco V. - Måned siden
Is it full of bugs like previous Mafia games?
Marvin Perez
Marvin Perez - Måned siden
Man, I first played the Mafia Demo back in 2004 but I had a Geforce4 420GO 32MB Mobile GPU on a laptop. It came equipped with a Pentium 4 2.4 GHz CPU without HT.
Unfortunately I never got the full game. but the demo was really fun.
KzS Poseidon
KzS Poseidon - Måned siden
The story and gameplay was so insanely good in this game! Played it in 2012 or sth and still liked it
Olsonek - Måned siden
Its so weird without Czech language maybe you dont understand but if you know Czech you will enjoy it much more
NLE_Edgar - Måned siden
I’ve played mafia 2 but not the campaign I’m probably going to buy this one tho
Strokey Mon
Strokey Mon - Måned siden
She sounds like Ma Baker (Boney M song). Thanks for the video, Jack! I hope all is good on your end.
NotionZa - Måned siden
Doing "The Race Car Level" again brought back some rough memories man.
Joschua Losgar
Joschua Losgar - Måned siden
jack the Brezel is from Germany, the best are therefore from there
Siptom - Måned siden
This game now looks even better than Mafia 3.
Xdawsen - Måned siden
My dookie looks better than mafia3
Chris Miller
Chris Miller - Måned siden
That was cool. First time seeing this game.
Kelvin Cruz
Kelvin Cruz - Måned siden
I want a remake of Scarface game
C17B - Måned siden
I ain’t never played a mafia game, they any good?
Also I literally just came on this video to comment this I haven’t watched the video
Graham Kelly
Graham Kelly - Måned siden
Bought Mafia 3 on PS4 ages ago. Still not played it yet.
Mason Mikeska
Mason Mikeska - Måned siden
It’s like gta
Ben Simmons
Ben Simmons - Måned siden
thats def grandma toph
mewithouttheboy' s
mewithouttheboy' s - Måned siden
I hope he will make more vids on this
CrustySockPuppet - Måned siden
Just staring at the taxi roof at those reflections
Justin Riley
Justin Riley - Måned siden
Been waiting on it since 02 can’t wait to play it Up Dated 🤟🏻🤟🏻
llegoelmambo - Måned siden
I've been watching some gameplays of this Mafia and can't stop thinking about The Legend of Korra lol