Marksman Rifle - Battlefield 4

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Battlefield 4 I kept getting kicked from games! But nothing will stop the SCAR-H-SV. Arguably, the best DMR in the game. Great fun today on Lumphini Gardens. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
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Sam Sarmadi
Sam Sarmadi - Time siden
حاجییییی بکش بیرون از این باتل فیلد مذخرف
MegaNerevar - Dag siden
6:20 EvEryOnE's sPeAkInG aMeRiCaN ... dammit jack.. Its called English
Hare Brahs
Hare Brahs - Dag siden
the last BF title before wokeness
Tyler Anderson
Tyler Anderson - 2 dager siden
QBU-88 is my favorite DMR
AKAxStretch - 2 dager siden
Love, love, LOVE me some BF4 Jack!
Matthew Lewis
Matthew Lewis - 3 dager siden
*Everyone is speaking American*
Devan Elkins
Devan Elkins - 5 dager siden
I hate DMR users with a fiery passion. As an LMG user, my 4-5 shot kill using the same round as your "automatic sniper rifle" is bollocks and getting 1-2 tapped at the same ROF as half the automatics is dumb as hell. The only way to counter DMRS is either Snipe them, or shotgun them.
Sam Purdon
Sam Purdon - 9 dager siden
“Everybody’s speaking American”😂
Smug Fence Sitter Watching His Society Burn
Josh Guevara
Josh Guevara - 9 dager siden
Dude fuck PS4 official servers. I redownloaded the game and didn't even know this map existed.
donutranger - 12 dager siden
did u use chet?
Bran - 13 dager siden
Such a good game
Craig Hellwege
Craig Hellwege - 13 dager siden
I have no idea what servers you play on, there is no way I could stay in one spot sniping/marksmanning for that long on servers I play on. You sure these aren't populated with cooperative fanbois?
Ted Bundy
Ted Bundy - 13 dager siden
These graphics look better than Cold War.
maico van de wiele
maico van de wiele - 14 dager siden
WHY did i get kicked wel ur playing as a sniper look at bf 1no 1 plays that game cus of al the snipers
Masterincommander - 14 dager siden
i installed bf4 the other day and uninstalled after 15 mins kept getting kicked by punkbuster
fulSTakk - 15 dager siden
JackFrags + BF4 = Lots of fun
typingbacon - 15 dager siden
What game is this? Call of Duty Modern Warfare almost looks as good as this
j reyes
j reyes - 15 dager siden
brilliant. always watch your battlefield videos!
Michele Aria
Michele Aria - 16 dager siden
Remember when we were complaining about BF4? and then we got all that shit after...
Samuel Gonzalez
Samuel Gonzalez - 17 dager siden
Yeah you can definitely see the age in this game, nonetheless it holds up pretty well in the gameplay department
Jay Sohal
Jay Sohal - 17 dager siden
What is the plot of battlefield?
Brad - 17 dager siden
i remember getting banned from all the operation locker 24/7 servers for being good lol
cris solis
cris solis - 17 dager siden
Are the servers still live for console? I never got to play bf4
Mr Starman
Mr Starman - 18 dager siden
Less chat more kills tho
Mr Starman
Mr Starman - 18 dager siden
Bf4 is my love
drobillka - 18 dager siden
dmrs are ok for midrange combats and infantry maps like this
Spymaster 001
Spymaster 001 - 18 dager siden
how did u lanch the game with out battlelog
Nontouchable - 19 dager siden
but.. did you say hi back to [g]umball?
Nicolas Bocchino
Nicolas Bocchino - 19 dager siden
I loved the rfb in bf4
Remilia - 19 dager siden
I had the same punkbuster error
You just have to download from punkbuster website and it will fix it
mgproryh - 21 dag siden
You have to reinstall punkbustr goto the website and download it. Does it to me after a fresh install
Bo Jibbidy
Bo Jibbidy - 22 dager siden
I used to enjoy this game but the community ruined it.
Benjamin Jones
Benjamin Jones - 23 dager siden
US 712 US 0
Oliver Fasola
Oliver Fasola - 23 dager siden
USvsUS= Civil war
H 8Bit
H 8Bit - 24 dager siden
man i miss good battlefield games
Lulu Adness
Lulu Adness - 24 dager siden
The DMR’s are easily the best firearm class in the game, they work best when you match the fire rate to the recoil curve, you’re welcome!
Grigoris Panousis
Grigoris Panousis - 24 dager siden
Had the same problem with punkbuster when u uploaded this
Tanner Miller
Tanner Miller - 24 dager siden
Rather watch battlefield than warzone tbh 🤷‍♂️
Cason Woody
Cason Woody - 24 dager siden
Promised comment
Matthew Burgner
Matthew Burgner - 25 dager siden
Looks like it has ONLY vertical recoil, no left or right. Time them right, and it's just click click kill
利品睿 - 25 dager siden
Battlefield 4 is still way more developed than Battlefield 1 and 5, so sad.
Pierrick Boulanger
Pierrick Boulanger - 25 dager siden
Oh there you have it, you changed your hardware ID by changing the MotherboarD. You have to delete all the cache then install Punkbuster.
Raymond Basa
Raymond Basa - 25 dager siden
🤞🏾 🤞🏾 Fingers crossed in the comments
Afonso Santos
Afonso Santos - 26 dager siden
Hey jack, I know how you can fix the Punkbuster issue, just go to battlefields 4 file location, and instal the pbsvc file, that should fix the problem. Cheers!
randy fox
randy fox - 28 dager siden
Man I miss this Battlefield... I stopped buying BF games after the BFV trailer. they lost touch with reality
Alfr Ed
Alfr Ed - 29 dager siden
When u Think about it bf 4 was such a great game i mean look at this graphics so nice can still compete with other games today.
Honor Foss
Honor Foss - Måned siden
Marksman rifles ruin hardcore servers.
Johan Utby
Johan Utby - Måned siden
Why arent you using the Battlelog for Server and Soldier management when playing BF4?
Mare Perisoare
Mare Perisoare - Måned siden
I completely forgot that this map existed....
Purple Void
Purple Void - Måned siden
Miss battlefield 4 and the grind that you had to do to get dlc weapons
HalfSack_Club - Måned siden
“There all speaking American” - jack
Dylan Speer
Dylan Speer - Måned siden
Nothing like some jackfrags playing BF4
Jonathan Rabcewicz
Jonathan Rabcewicz - Måned siden
Bless you jack for releasing awesome bf4 videos in 2020
The Toaster
The Toaster - Måned siden
BF3 is best
The Toaster
The Toaster - Måned siden
BF4 is best
The Judge
The Judge - Måned siden
"and as an assault player, I have been kicked from the game"
bpapao - Måned siden
Kha0sV4ktor - Måned siden
i hope the next battlefield is in the present again
Bork Bork
Bork Bork - Måned siden
Jordan Wade
Jordan Wade - Måned siden
Haven't watched you in ages, feels good to be back watching some bf4
Jose Flores
Jose Flores - Måned siden
Hit your shots kid
Chukky aka Ian
Chukky aka Ian - Måned siden
Scar H with angled grip, best long range DMR, get some hate from snipers...
Arthur Cooperman
Arthur Cooperman - Måned siden
DMR’s have always been dominant in bf4. Been maining the SKS since 2015
Marinesgalaxy - Måned siden
Love it
maning04 - Måned siden
I can't believe this game is still active to this day!
Oliver - 29 dager siden
not surprising considering how down hill it went from bf4 onwards...
Elijah Mayhan
Elijah Mayhan - Måned siden
Man watching these makes me wanna get back on bf4 been quite awhile since I played it but man I loved this game
thamer646 - Måned siden
Is Bf4 available in PS5?
DANIEL BAAZOV - Måned siden
Btw, bf4 was apart of my childhood memories and not being able to play it five years later even though I have the disc sucks, could you imagine if you were me? The game is perfect and I loved it so much. I washed the disc and everything, whenever I turn it on it says it’s downloading multiplayer but it’s stuck on the same percentage and then it says the disc is damaged so I have to clean it again. Could anyone help me?
Madly Jumping Exo
Madly Jumping Exo - Måned siden
The blue cat said Hi at the end. Lovely
Wmyers - Måned siden
Here for the BF content!! Thanks so much for the quality videos!
justin adair
justin adair - Måned siden
Yoakah - Måned siden
Be nice to have a decent battlefield... been years
I'M SCHMIDT - Måned siden
Never leave Battlefield
RK-900 - Måned siden
Wait, “Everyone is speaking American!”
Max Murray
Max Murray - Måned siden
Absolutely love the BF4 content.
Weta - Måned siden
It seems Punkbuster doesn't like a piece of software on your pc and gives out false positives. Happened to a lot of people including me.
john potato
john potato - Måned siden
Please do more videos on bf4 and 3 we love them
Morten Orre
Morten Orre - Måned siden
Spent SO many hours in this excellent game. Nice to see this map again.
legaroojack 12
legaroojack 12 - Måned siden
punkbuster is broken af, i sent an email to them asking for help and its been 4 response
Tony Gibson
Tony Gibson - Måned siden
About to redownload bf4
D-Sled - Måned siden
The DMRs in BF4 are NASTY
Kai - Måned siden
they should make a remaster of bf4
Derek Jung
Derek Jung - Måned siden
getting kicked by PunkBuster is a glitch that a lot of people are getting. there’s a tutorial on how to fix it though just google it and it should be the first thing that comes up
Javier Becerra
Javier Becerra - Måned siden
Still no hardcore gameplay. What a joke
moralesjadecm - Måned siden
I've gotten so good with the a drm I can out snipe snipers
Lucas José
Lucas José - Måned siden
DMRs are so good... im a mk11 fan haha
Lucas José
Lucas José - Måned siden
Killed an admin = BAN
Fernando Henrique Andrade Vasconcellos
Idk How BF4 have Guns and maps perfectly balanced and other games Just can't get even close to that
Austin Nadotti
Austin Nadotti - Måned siden
English accent is great for commenting
Austin Nadotti
Austin Nadotti - Måned siden
When will they bring anew modern battlefield 🥺 I miss this shit my squad was fun
Ian Neighbor
Ian Neighbor - Måned siden
Jack you said you might do the spider man game will that happen?
Lucker - Måned siden
Nice job wall-e hahah what ana amazing game, there was a nice time
Death by Click
Death by Click - Måned siden
Unlike COD, Battlefield was meant to be played in hardcore. That's where all weapons, especially marskman, shine.
the goat 2020
the goat 2020 - Måned siden
The only difference is in cod hardcore game mode player's cant heal our self and bring team mates back to life 😂 and be able to throw unlimited ammo packs and health packs like noobs
hanglewster - Måned siden
Moar bf4!
ChiliWilly T
ChiliWilly T - Måned siden
DMRs in bf4 hardcore are mean mfs
Conor Thornton
Conor Thornton - Måned siden
I was a god at this game, never have I been so into a game. Was ranked 2nd of out 28,000 ppl on my fav server. Just such a fucking great game.
Conor Thornton
Conor Thornton - Måned siden
I was a god at this game, never have I been so into a game. Was ranked 2nd of out 28,000 ppl on my fav server. Just such a fucking great game.
Aaron Sanchez
Aaron Sanchez - Måned siden
I used these on hardcore mode way back. 2 shot kill any distance
Clarence Smith
Clarence Smith - Måned siden
Play hardcore buddy🤔