Marvel's Avengers Gameplay and First Impressions!

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Marvel's Avengers Gameplay and First Impressions! Let's check out the new Superhero game! Become a member - noburn.infojoin Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
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David Lagos
David Lagos - 2 måneder siden
buenas la verdad amazing video me encanto deseo el proximo video me despido les dejo besitos muchas gracias
Camden King
Camden King - 2 måneder siden
God of war ps4 has the same problem. Kratos can punch through walls but can't take out a skeleton. Every game with super powered protagonists faces this problem. I for one really like the game. It's not for everyone tho.
Richard DeRusha
Richard DeRusha - 2 måneder siden
“Can I do a curly-wurly?” Hahaha you’re the man Jack! Can’t wait to play this game!
turbo investigator gamemaster
turbo investigator gamemaster - 2 måneder siden
Back in my day we would watch avengers, smoke some weed and then dream about a Real avengers video game
MY. - 3 måneder siden
Im am very unsatisfied that these arent the real actors (looks & voice)
Nemidoonam 69
Nemidoonam 69 - 3 måneder siden
People say this game is button mashy… well you can choose to mash buttons but you can also choose to do some really cool combos. I watched gameplays and I thought it was boring, especially the hulk gameplay. But I downloaded the beta and it was WAY better than I thought
Benjamin Jinright
Benjamin Jinright - 3 måneder siden
It's on the left hand side marked with an x cut out of the wall
Benjamin Jinright
Benjamin Jinright - 3 måneder siden
You missed a secret spot back at that gate you couldn't figure out how to get up
Appo - 3 måneder siden
I wish they either just picked movie characters or comic book characters instead of making weird knockoff movie characters. Don’t think I’ll be getting this game.
Brainless - 3 måneder siden
All I see is nerds in the comments 😂😂😂😂😂
ZPCIPRODUCTIONS - 3 måneder siden
Remember how cool taskmaster looked in Spider-Man ps4....cause I do
J Spence
J Spence - 3 måneder siden
Oh boy another game where all I have to do is press one button and requires no skill and offers no challenges this is almost as fun as punching random numbers into a calculator
Silver Fox
Silver Fox - 3 måneder siden
Is it just me or every gameplay videos of Avengers game looks jarring? Whenever any fight starts it's hard to see what's happening on screen. Comparing to other super hero games like Batman Arkham series and Spider-Man PS4.
QuebZgaming - 3 måneder siden
funny to see everyone complaining about the game when they didn't even try it, personnaly i have played the beta and it was fun, sure rough a little but fun
ThatOneChristian - 3 måneder siden
Same I don’t get it. I played the beta and this game seems very fun, looks good too. I don’t get the complaints.
Sam Lim
Sam Lim - 3 måneder siden
Will Spider-Man be on Xbox?! And Captain looks like a Private Catholic school student
UnderwoodGaming Fr/Eng
UnderwoodGaming Fr/Eng - 3 måneder siden
Hey guys wanna know why this game is gonna be trash? Just go watch the early review of it in the channel worth a buy the video is short and speaks for itself...
Vanz Who?
Vanz Who? - 3 måneder siden
Why does iron man look like a chinese off-brand toy?
Liam Peters
Liam Peters - 3 måneder siden
Taskmaster is actually Task manager with years of training
alex marques
alex marques - 3 måneder siden
Can’t wait to get this at 70% off
SuperStardart - 3 måneder siden
Nah fam this ain't it
Chris Marvin
Chris Marvin - 3 måneder siden
They misspelled "Mjolnir" in the closed-captions 2:15
frazer jenkins
frazer jenkins - 3 måneder siden
Bit disappointed with the lack of variety in attacks and also from gameplay it doesn’t look like you can chain attacks as well as you can in Arkham, spider man etc.
GreenLid Gaming
GreenLid Gaming - 3 måneder siden
is this another linear console game if yes I am not interested!
Spooky24 - 3 måneder siden
Uncle roger, will show you how to make egg fried rice
kidraiin - 3 måneder siden
what is this? 2013 game?
Cinematic Series Gaming
Cinematic Series Gaming - 3 måneder siden
-Mom, can we have Avengers?
-No, we have Avengers at home.
Avengers at home:
Sydney Thornton
Sydney Thornton - 3 måneder siden
@Jack Richards I know right it's like everyone forget there comic book characters not movie characters
Jack Richards
Jack Richards - 3 måneder siden
u do realize that they don’t look like the mic actors on purpose right? They’re supposed to look like that
Pep sea
Pep sea - 3 måneder siden
This gamelooks like it was made in 2012
Kradx X
Kradx X - 3 måneder siden
It curly Whirley is that the technical name for it?
Joseph Aboutara
Joseph Aboutara - 3 måneder siden
So ready to see Rocksteady come out and show Marvel how to do a real game 😂
C.Haggis _
C.Haggis _ - 3 måneder siden
Even with your excellent commentary, this was hard to watch without feeling a bit bored.
It looked frustrating to play, hats off to you Jack 🙌🏻
james Long
james Long - 3 måneder siden
Dylan Patterson
Dylan Patterson - 3 måneder siden
Honestly this game just doesnt seem great, I feel like I'd enjoy playing the Lego avengers games more than this... I could be mistaken of course since I haven't seen all the game mechanics but it just sorta seems mediocre in every aspect
Phillip Johnson
Phillip Johnson - 3 måneder siden
Not a fan of how the game briefly pauses when Thor (or any of the avengers) makes contact with an enemy. It's like it kills the flow or something
David Nichols
David Nichols - 3 måneder siden
Looks.. tedious
William Wilkinson
William Wilkinson - 3 måneder siden
Looks like an awful game.
Yarders - 3 måneder siden
This looks so shite hahaha
Steven Doody
Steven Doody - 3 måneder siden
This is excellent Jack, really love the diversity on the channel. I'd buy this game
Daniel Mann Andersen
Daniel Mann Andersen - 3 måneder siden
Wow what a horrible combat system, clunky and slow
Seymore Butts
Seymore Butts - 3 måneder siden
Ironman looks pretty cool gameplay. The rest meh
Gabriel Rodriguez
Gabriel Rodriguez - 3 måneder siden
I truly felt Jack's disappointment at 11:29
Astral'o Pithecus
Astral'o Pithecus - 3 måneder siden
As opposed to the movies, the game seems like a lot of fun :)
Zig - 3 måneder siden
Man... i dont get it... you people like what you see from this game?
Patrick Sor
Patrick Sor - 3 måneder siden
You should be equipping the gear not dismantling
Gabrielle - 3 måneder siden
Tbh. I would rather see insomniac do this as they did to spiderman ps4.
Because this looks meh. Tony stark doesn't even look like Tony stark and captain America and hulk etc. Thank god this is beta
Sami - 3 måneder siden
Can you free roam in this?
Devon Powell
Devon Powell - 3 måneder siden
I'm seeing a lot of hate in these comments, personally, I think this game looks pretty good, it's still in beta so it could be better when It's finished
Erik Huntoon
Erik Huntoon - 3 måneder siden
This has convinced me that I'm not paying full price for this... Maybe not paying any price. Character animations are super janky.. hate that character models don't like like either MCU or comic accurate. Sad I was pretty stoked when this was announced and this looks so mediocre.
ThePhenomf4 - 3 måneder siden
Does Kamala have some sort of ability to float or hover?
Broetoev - 3 måneder siden
High quality mobile game
King Smooth
King Smooth - 3 måneder siden
Why tf is hulk obese?
PAULIE FREESTYLEFPV - 3 måneder siden
This would be great in VR
Mr Robs
Mr Robs - 3 måneder siden
Got a lot of Batman Arkham vibes
Aeiden gtfo
Aeiden gtfo - 3 måneder siden
Ugh i seriously hate over lengthy hold x to do blank sorta time waste-y prompts in games like this. Ff7 remake, rdr2, tlou2 looking at you.
BeastBro - 3 måneder siden
This looks like something I’d find in the clearance bin at Walmart.
_SHASWAT _ - 3 måneder siden
Where is hawkeye
Gonzalo Hernandez
Gonzalo Hernandez - 3 måneder siden
the designs are so dogshit. like it seems its got no life
AtomicKaiser193 - 3 måneder siden
The avengers def kill. Only one that doesn't is spiderman.
Jack Carroll
Jack Carroll - 3 måneder siden
Idk what to think. I think the graphics look kinda outdated looking and the gameplay is ok. I’m kinda getting the same felling I had with halo infinite and that game was meh
Jack Carroll
Jack Carroll - 3 måneder siden
Grape Abbas i can respect yours as well
Grape Abbas
Grape Abbas - 3 måneder siden
@Jack Carroll oh ok i can respect everyone's opinion.
Jack Carroll
Jack Carroll - 3 måneder siden
Grape Abbas ye anything looks better than halo infinite. But I don’t really like the graphics style. It’s just my opinion
Grape Abbas
Grape Abbas - 3 måneder siden
No offense but are you blind or something? This game doesn't look outdated at all. In fact, it looks better than halo infinite.
fullr herr
fullr herr - 3 måneder siden
Does the game only have subtitles for deaf people? why is it narrating everything
Perceverance Busisiwe Onyemepu
Perceverance Busisiwe Onyemepu - 3 måneder siden
How did you get the Avengers game did you buy it or did you download it
Micah Owensby
Micah Owensby - 3 måneder siden
Gameplay looks like the movies. Derivative, uninspired, by the books drivel. Cheap one-liners and generic action set pieces are all that's on the menu.
Bullet55NL - 3 måneder siden
The moment when you realise a iconic bridge in The USA is a ''Avengers level treath'', but one in London isn't.
Mantis_Riger - 3 måneder siden
Are you guys excited for the election this year? I hope Obama gets a second term.
Respawn Crew
Respawn Crew - 3 måneder siden
Looks shit.
Donald Obama
Donald Obama - 3 måneder siden
I know it’s just the beta but the game seems very disappointing. The game developers of the latest Spider-Man would’ve done a 1000x better job if they had the rights for Avengers.
StraightupGamer - 3 måneder siden
looks like a fun kids game!
Lets go Mexico
Lets go Mexico - 3 måneder siden
The game is meh and how do you not know abomination he is from the hulk movie the first one I think
Ronaldo Lelis
Ronaldo Lelis - 3 måneder siden
This went from a game about that avengers to some Indian chick that stretches
SeparatioNxiety - 3 måneder siden
I wish you could customize your fighting combos more.
Originalclarky - 3 måneder siden
Game looks trash.
Ox - 3 måneder siden
This looks like a game that would be really popular and good 5 years ago
Diego Milca
Diego Milca - 3 måneder siden
Game was really repetitive and boring while I was playing it, hopefully the full game is much better. Writing could also be better.
OwO Nuzzles
OwO Nuzzles - 3 måneder siden
yall really hate this game for no reason it looks fine the graphics are good gameplay looks fun yall realize this is only beginning of the game of course its gonna look a little weak and not that exciting
Switch - 3 måneder siden
PG Game about superheroes...
Everyone: *seems a bit childish and glossy to me*
Well fucking duh its not for you...
Angel Baker
Angel Baker - 3 måneder siden
This game looks incredibly boring.
David Cuh
David Cuh - 3 måneder siden
If anyone trynna play avengers together on ps4 Hmu psn:itzdavidbish
Switch Emcee
Switch Emcee - 3 måneder siden
Disney thinks that hiring the best CGI people on the planet (Pixar, Square/Enix) they will get the best results. Which is true because visually their movies & games looks brilliant, but diehards will always criticize linear storytelling & repetitive gameplay. That is great if you’re a kid + easy to follow if you’re a parent with no clue (which is 75% of Disney’s demographic) Fans want more story depth. Diehards want it accurate to the letter. The one thing they can all agree on; is that we all want awesome Easter Eggs 🥚 🐣
G8tor Gaming
G8tor Gaming - 3 måneder siden
Ok I'm gonna buy this game for sure
Frankie Rollins
Frankie Rollins - 3 måneder siden
This looks amazing. Stop being so negative.
Switch Emcee
Switch Emcee - 3 måneder siden
Nolan North FTW 🤘
Zones - 3 måneder siden
Christ, you people are obnoxious. The game looks fun. Does anyone not know how to have fun anymore?
Richard Lee
Richard Lee - 3 måneder siden
Enough of this noise, Give me deus ex 3!
Who is I ?
Who is I ? - 3 måneder siden
Lego Marvel Super Heroes (Missions only) + Jump Force (Graphics) = This.
We needed Prototype meets the Avengers , not this linear check "Insert Hero" box type of game .
Mt Panda
Mt Panda - 3 måneder siden
When someone says "avengers" i think about the movie and i like it, but in a game? Idk im just not really interested in it in that way. But i hope they gonna make the game better, and listen to people. A little better graphics, better fight mechanics. The physics now, is like a better mobile game or smth.
Refight - 3 måneder siden
I might get tomorrow 😁
Lime Crewmate
Lime Crewmate - 3 måneder siden
TheTrueElo - 3 måneder siden
Fun Fact: 99% of haters are people that havent played the game (Edit: or cant afford it)
Oscar Garza
Oscar Garza - 3 måneder siden
I see UK mothers and grandmothers do the same thing as Mexican moms and grandmothers, that flying shoe would always hit its mark XD
Big J
Big J - 3 måneder siden
Same lame ass civilians since the first spiderman
Tyler Broughton
Tyler Broughton - 3 måneder siden
I thought this was suppose to be a Super Hero game, how is THOR of all people needing to hit regular people so many times!!!
Annual Leopard
Annual Leopard - 3 måneder siden
Thors voice actor does a terrible job imo.
NitroCorn - 3 måneder siden
Good video. But I'm so dissapinted in the game, I just.. expected more?
Kriptic Cobra
Kriptic Cobra - 3 måneder siden
We all did
jacob vedia
jacob vedia - 3 måneder siden
When the gaming company lets you release a 2 hour gameplay video you know theyre really trying to get you to buy it cause it’s trash
04vanegas - 3 måneder siden
I’m only here because I support your lifestyle to just play video games. Not for this game at all....
MSG Productions
MSG Productions - 3 måneder siden
They definitely did a better job with Spider-Man than they did this one
Colin Robertson
Colin Robertson - 3 måneder siden
The dialog is terrible lol
Maximum Carnage
Maximum Carnage - 3 måneder siden
Why can’t marvel fans just accept something new? Probably the worse fan base I’ve ever been apart of lol.
Noah Simon
Noah Simon - 3 måneder siden
So we should just accept this mediocre junk?
한창희 - 3 måneder siden
The graphics look good and gameplay seems pretty okay but I hoped that Thor and Hulk's gameplay to be more like Kratos from God of War 4. Also, sound effects sound so weak. It's like they are punching a pillow or something.
DJ - 3 måneder siden
I like how the grunts are able to take more of hulk's punches than the tank.
Texas Viking
Texas Viking - 3 måneder siden
Literally any other super hero could have killed taskmaster in like half a minute