Pacific Sniper - Battlefield 5 ( Final Update )

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Battlefield V gets its final update tomorrow. Let's Snipe on the Pacific and discuss everything new that's coming. Expanded Custom servers, new skins, Elites and more! LAST CHANCE for Merch - Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
Runtime: 12:02


Rafikov - 2 timer siden
Battlefield 5's maps look so good 🤩
Drknss_ 02
Drknss_ 02 - 3 timer siden
Does Bf5 has more players than bf1
Want to buy one of these games for ps4👌🏻
Twin-Nick - 16 timer siden
Still the best FPS to play when you want to feel like you're actually in war. Seeing this game coming to an end literally makes me sad.
kola moon
kola moon - 21 time siden
If dice rerelease some of bf best and fun maps this game wouldnt be half as shit.
The Drunken Bananas
The Drunken Bananas - Dag siden
Have you done the war story’s
Kyle Miske
Kyle Miske - Dag siden
Hey Jack can you do a video on the new Hamada easter eggs?
Swej 02
Swej 02 - Dag siden
I appreciate that you continue to post BF5 videos!
Slipsy 101
Slipsy 101 - Dag siden
I like how you describe the gameplay like it's realistic
Faze Emilsnipz
Faze Emilsnipz - Dag siden
Bro they dropped support for Star Wars bf2 and bfV for B6. I really hope battlefield 6 is worth dropping two games that could of become greater
BC 78 d
BC 78 d - Dag siden
JJAHROCKS HORTON - 2 dager siden
One of the funnest things i have found in BF5 lately is going onto solomon islands and getting 3 squad mates, dodging and weaving with katanas it's more fun on console since it's harder to aim on there but it's the most fun i've had in a while
Josip Starcevic
Josip Starcevic - 2 dager siden
The B5 looks so much more realistic than Warzone I would pick B5 over any other game for FPS
Dylan Tyler
Dylan Tyler - 2 dager siden
One with the jungle
Jerry003 Perez
Jerry003 Perez - 2 dager siden
Scope looks extra long lol
Darioϟϟo - 2 dager siden
I can’t watch a ww2 battle with a blue Springfield 😃 sorry
Joshua Lordahl
Joshua Lordahl - 2 dager siden
Still way better than any COD bs
chickenbot1 - 2 dager siden
This video kinda makes me miss BF5...
ミルクマン - 2 dager siden
BF5 ended up feeling like COD. I still think BF1 nailed it better than any-other of the series.
Alfred Sturges
Alfred Sturges - 3 dager siden
Why do your graphics look sooo much better than mine ( I play on PS4 btw) can someone tell me plz?
Alfred Sturges
Alfred Sturges - 51 minutt siden
@someone cheers
Alfred Sturges
Alfred Sturges - 52 minutter siden
@someone yeah
someone - 2 dager siden
because he is gaming on a PC (Personal Computer) .. PCs have better graphics if you build a good PC
Bampe - 3 dager siden
2:45 The moment you know you are dead and cant do anything about it.
YoAndrewChill23 - 3 dager siden
2:38 me when my mom drops me back off at school after an appointment
I'M SCHMIDT - 3 dager siden
Still love bfv still play the hell outta it today
Mr TwoZeroSeven
Mr TwoZeroSeven - 3 dager siden
Firestorm 2.0 in BF6 Please!!!
Rónán Stamp-Porter
Rónán Stamp-Porter - 4 dager siden
Any1 know what the next battlefield is
Ta Ab
Ta Ab - 4 dager siden
cheap advertising
Dominic Lee
Dominic Lee - 4 dager siden
Hope Dice comes in trumps with the new battlefield. Something similar to the epic BF1 game. COD is ok substitute for now but just doesn't have the BF1 epic scenarios
Christian Griste
Christian Griste - 4 dager siden
Had some nice kills bro
Bassin with Jackson
Bassin with Jackson - 4 dager siden
I hate sniping in this game. Sometimes I’ll hit someone in the chest 3 times before they die. If you hit someone in the chest or above it should be a one shot one kill
Imran Ali Jamal
Imran Ali Jamal - 4 dager siden
I cannot wait to see how wicked the next Battlefield game will look on next gen consoles
Freako68W - 4 dager siden
I just want a good Operation Overlord map to come out on a battlefield. One like Medal of Honor Frontline
Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith - 4 dager siden
How to make sure BF6 isn’t a crash: historic accuracy, include everything and everyone that should be in the game, get rid of the wait to be revived before dying screen cause that shi annoying af :)
HJ vdb
HJ vdb - 4 dager siden
try this its fast paced right up your ally, Door Kickers 2: Task Force North on steam.
ColdBoltz - 4 dager siden
Sad to see dice give up this game
CLASHOFBANDS S - 4 dager siden
It’s such a shame that BF5 was just getting good
Neeta Chaulkar
Neeta Chaulkar - 4 dager siden
I really love Pacific storm
Sondre Folvik Lyngstad
Sondre Folvik Lyngstad - 4 dager siden
If you play on a console YOU! Said that you need a beastly pc to play in the rap battle bf vs cod for 7 years ago!
Sondre Folvik Lyngstad
Sondre Folvik Lyngstad - 4 dager siden
Its true
Sondre Folvik Lyngstad
Sondre Folvik Lyngstad - 4 dager siden
If you play on a console YOU! Said that you need a beastly pc to play in the rap battle bf vs cod for 7 years ago!
Sondre Folvik Lyngstad
Sondre Folvik Lyngstad - 3 dager siden
Its true
Breezy Overkill
Breezy Overkill - 4 dager siden
Bro I love battlefield 5 so much, sniping so fun, but your voice makes it so much better🤗
Someone You don’t know
Someone You don’t know - 4 dager siden
This is one of the worst ww2 games Iv played I feel like they really shat the bed on the campaign but it’s only my opinion.
Ahh heavy I’ll go ahead and try again!
Seed of Evil Gamer
Seed of Evil Gamer - 4 dager siden
16x scope?
Seriusly.. i just cant play as sniper.. cant see the enemy.. 😭😭
timo puente
timo puente - 5 dager siden
is this played online?
Patches - 4 dager siden
@timo puente ok still I mean you can clearly see that that is multi-player, doesnt take a real battlefield player to see that.
timo puente
timo puente - 4 dager siden
@Patches I last played Bf 1942 online 15 years ago and don't know the new versions yet...
Patches - 4 dager siden
No campaign obviously wtf is that question
Борис Грибанов
Борис Грибанов - 5 dager siden
Woman characters are looking so cringy in game about ww2, I wish dice would learn from such shame. The game should literally be canceled
Xavier Mejia
Xavier Mejia - 5 dager siden
11:23 has me dead 🤣🤣💀
Skyler Montgomery
Skyler Montgomery - 5 dager siden
Ur a pretty good marksman 😁👍
ThatGamerGuyNL - 5 dager siden
The potential of this game was so high, yet we got an unfinished meh game ...
son - 5 dager siden
@ThatGamerGuyNL nice. Thanks 👍
ThatGamerGuyNL - 5 dager siden
@son played bf1 week ago, were a lot of servers running with people. Bf1 and bf4 are very good titles
son - 5 dager siden
@ThatGamerGuyNL would you recommend bf4 or bf1 on pc? Is the player count ok?
ThatGamerGuyNL - 5 dager siden
@son if the price is very cheap maybe, for me the campaign wasn’t worth at all. Don’t know if you play other bf titles, but I would suggest picking up one of the older releases.
son - 5 dager siden
Is it worth buying today? I haven't played a BF game in awhile and I want to get back into it
HMANDELUXE1 - 5 dager siden
You really can feel it , Jack is a huge Battlefield fan !
Michael Marais
Michael Marais - 5 dager siden
Jack hop on bf1 again I've been thinking about downloading it again🤔
Sawaski - 5 dager siden
Lets all ignore 0:53’s insane shot
Sped cRhist
Sped cRhist - 5 dager siden
It's pretty sad looking at the community game servers. To see what battlefield 3 and 4 legacy has become, and then looking at what "servers" are now creates a horrible feeling.
Unknown __
Unknown __ - 5 dager siden
Look kids, a dead game.
Choc rp
Choc rp - 5 dager siden
I’m just waiting for that new modern war setting battlefield man. Like battlefield 3 or 4
illstrumentals - 5 dager siden
the patch with server customisation reminds of the original battlefield with wake island and strike at karkand :) LOVE IT
Left Aligned
Left Aligned - 5 dager siden
Hey Jack, hadn't been watching much youtube content for a while but just went on a huge binge of your vids. Cheers for making them feller, really enjoyable stuff!
Southern Pixel
Southern Pixel - 5 dager siden
Wow that sniper looks so satisfying to use
ChowLOL - 5 dager siden
Have you tried the "The challenge" in combine arms? We need someone like you to help complete the easter egg.
Currin Cook
Currin Cook - 5 dager siden
Get woke, go broke! So much potential they just threw away, all to pander to the 1%. They just wanna run every IP into the ground :/ I still enjoy the game, its the fact they just gave up doesnt give me much hope for the next BF
Quarter Nipp
Quarter Nipp - 5 dager siden
I feel like he's just talking over the gameplay post edit.
Tophatcat - 5 dager siden
Dude, back during the road to bf5 event in BF1, I never realized that you had to hit 'claim reward' and I only realized that at the very last few days it was there so I only got like 2 skins
Roger Klotz
Roger Klotz - 6 dager siden
Hey Guys, how can i use the weapon inspect feature like jack did in the beginning?
CantoD1 DurO
CantoD1 DurO - 6 dager siden
Wellcome to Battlefield again Jack
Ixl4 - 6 dager siden
Why the hell do i have a 30gb update file on origin
StormBrendan - 6 dager siden
You make it look so easy!
Ramsify - 6 dager siden
He’s cheten
Johnny25k - 6 dager siden
This game deserved the outcry at launch but is definitely over-hated and underrated now. Hop back on if you feel like it - most of the bugs and glitches are fixed, the pacific maps are great and there's still a large active playerbase. Great fun.
MisiatyUszatek - 6 dager siden
If I could summarize BF V in 2 words I would say "wasted potential", if in 1 it would be "disappointment".
Joshua Varghese
Joshua Varghese - 6 dager siden
That flamethrower part was a very cinematic situation
Chris Pease
Chris Pease - 6 dager siden
Love your vids jack
Chris Pease
Chris Pease - 6 dager siden
I’m still playing bf4 the most cuz I love it so much and I’m so glad I see servers full of people night and day. But I also loved the bf1 and v. All great games. But to me bf4 is the best
Robert Wiringer
Robert Wiringer - 6 dager siden
Thanks Jack for the info ,your the greatest
Justin Franklin
Justin Franklin - 6 dager siden
This will be one of those games people will revisit and enjoy more.
I remember when BF1 came out...... people had fun on it, but also people got pretty pissed off Nd moaned about it very quick too.
Now I got a Series X launch day, and I tell ya, I went back to BF1, found a game on it straight away, and it is SO GOOD.
Even though there isn't a specific Series X patch, it still runs smoother and looks beautiful.
This will be the same I guarantee it.
Yaxan Uoker
Yaxan Uoker - 6 dager siden
Guy help:
I bought the game..and did not play it at all cuz it was boring.....but it looks awesome when jacks plays it ..whats the game mode and the maps and any guide hw to enjoy the game?
White Guy Da Vinci
White Guy Da Vinci - 6 dager siden
That was actually really entertaining, Thanks Jack!
Noss Njeppa
Noss Njeppa - 6 dager siden
So basically, these custom servers won't materialize into anything, since they're temporary.
Servers need to be permanent to fill up. I could wait an hour for 4 people to join and leave.
Still doa
Lidia Olvera
Lidia Olvera - 6 dager siden
Important message there is a new game called enlisted coming on consoles and pc. It’s is just like battlefield(has vehicle and destruction). It has eastern front. You guys should get it
Chris Weyers
Chris Weyers - 5 dager siden
@Noss Njeppa ok true, I guess, "free" is better
Noss Njeppa
Noss Njeppa - 6 dager siden
@Chris Weyers if you play war thunder, you know it won't be free on release. You'll have to pay thousands of _silver this_ and _gold that_ to "repair" your svt40 after every round
Chris Weyers
Chris Weyers - 6 dager siden
you left out the part that its free
Noss Njeppa
Noss Njeppa - 6 dager siden
I like it so far but I just want to turn off HUD.
Defl3kt - 6 dager siden
i5 6600k 1070 worth to get BF5?
TexasThib - 6 dager siden
I still play bf4 it was the last good one, they need to go back to the mechanics they used to have
nnslg - 6 dager siden
Thanks for BFV content, I still play it daily. Just feels so good even though there's issues with weapon/vehicle/team balance. That first knife of the day into some ZHers back ... mmm.
Sheldon Thamani
Sheldon Thamani - 6 dager siden
Scope looks like you can snipe someone on Mars
Kenneth Steel
Kenneth Steel - 6 dager siden
Made me laugh
Johnny25k - 6 dager siden
7:35 That was straight out of a movie
Cool Player
Cool Player - 6 dager siden
Hi,bro!Can you return squad?
Stretched Almond
Stretched Almond - 6 dager siden
Wow still no wheelchair female soldiers, this game isn't so inclusive after all.
Bradley Ross
Bradley Ross - 6 dager siden
if the war was a cartoon is what this game is
NikaA - 6 dager siden
Sometimes i wonder why i dont play bf anymore, its still very good game
Swagata Mukherjee
Swagata Mukherjee - 6 dager siden
No anti cheat is the biggest letdown for me Aisan servers are busted
thejovihead - 6 dager siden
Nice collateral headshot at the end!
Jose Olvera
Jose Olvera - 6 dager siden
The sniper god
Keegan Zarboch
Keegan Zarboch - 6 dager siden
God this made me miss my battlefield days. So sick of siege and its toxic bs.
Bryant Walton
Bryant Walton - 6 dager siden
I wanted Stalingrad
Brandon Bulaoro
Brandon Bulaoro - 6 dager siden
This game is not casual on Xbox. The players (including myself) are really sweaty and a good amount of people in a server can get up to 25 plus kills per match each. This makes it boring when I join a team with a full tryhard clan because our team just takes every flag and spawn camp till the end of the match. The game is actually enjoyable when there are just 3-4 good players on my team and the full clan is on the enemy team (for some reason this is actually balanced and any side could win the match). Especially when I can get a tank and the clan rushes me altogether.
Brad - 6 dager siden
i quid cod after bo3 and went to battlefield, loved bf4 and 1, 5 was ass i really hope the next battlefield is good
Carl Gauss
Carl Gauss - 6 dager siden
Can some one help me and my friend get the peacekeeper in bf1 we play on Xbox
Kylerick Gossard M. Bersalote
Are you using the malcom scope
andrew evolution
andrew evolution - 6 dager siden
Mam i still don't think this is a BF game... waiting for the true BF5 or BF6 to bring back all that modern combat from BF3 and BF4
Big Red
Big Red - 6 dager siden
Where was my apology for you being sick
Big Red
Big Red - 6 dager siden
Why do you sound like that
MrMuck - 6 dager siden
These female screams are just beyond annoying
CyberWolf - 6 dager siden
I wish they would make the model 1897 be able to slamfire like it could in bf1. It's literally what the gun is most iconic for and they remove the feature and give it to the model 37.
Quinn's retro computing
Quinn's retro computing - 6 dager siden
battlefield 3 got an update for me on xbox
Revenant - 6 dager siden
Hes ackin