Playing Battlefield games on Xbox Series X

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Battlefield V, 4, 3 and 1 on Xbox Series X is pretty awesome! Let's take a look at how they run and what this could potentially mean for the future. Let me know your thoughts below. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thank you for watching.
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Eli Vangarde
Eli Vangarde - Dag siden
definitely a step in the right direction as far as performance & visuals, but I agree it'd be great to see Battlefield games (especially BF1 + BF5) leverage the hardware to best degree. I like how the new consoles are quite powerful, but I'm hoping to see native 120hz 4kdr become the standard & not the occasional exception.
THUND3R - 3 dager siden
Does bf5 have a fps counter on xbox series x?
FantasyNero - 4 dager siden
I don't think BFV running Native 4K on XBox Series x Reason Why BFV Native 4K on PC Look Sharper and crisper?
Jonah - 6 dager siden
actually jack, battlefield 4 runs at 900p on xbox.
Felix Grabenhofer
Felix Grabenhofer - 6 dager siden
Did you also play Hardline on the SeriesX
KJbrackins - 6 dager siden
I really think battlefield 5 runs fantastic on series X. It absolutely runs better than Cold war.
Patricio Linhares
Patricio Linhares - 6 dager siden
I don't think most people understand how big just a steady 60fps with native 4k is for console players the whole 120fps at 1440p or 1080 for ps5 is nice to have the option but isn't necessary👍
Matt Walter
Matt Walter - 7 dager siden
BF1 and BFV look really nice on series x... I have been really enjoying them again ... especially the native 4k at 60fps you can really feel the difference.
Johnny Estacado
Johnny Estacado - 8 dager siden
well, the most noticeable thing with next gen (for titles that haven't received a real enhancement update) are the lightning fast loading times! Damn! Was in a BFV match in about 1 minute from booting up the game to actually playing.
Bradley Nelson
Bradley Nelson - 9 dager siden
Played BF3 a few years ago there were so many people
Black Trick
Black Trick - 9 dager siden
What about Bf1 on the ps5?
Дмитрий Савельев
The game is still Alive???? I really want to play, but I'm afraid there will be no one to play
Guddu OP
Guddu OP - 10 dager siden
BF1 is the Real war. so amazing of all bf games
Starlesslemon - 10 dager siden
BFBC3 when?
HD esarias
HD esarias - 11 dager siden
Do you intend to do a ps5 video on the batttlefield series?
— Judy Álvarez ீ੭
— Judy Álvarez ீ੭ - 11 dager siden
all the world: battlefield V
youtube: not this is fallout 4
이승재 - 9 dager siden
nikolygtx - 11 dager siden
Its specifically written smooth gaming experience up to 120 fps 4k , 60 does not mean up to 120 its up to 70, they need to be sued for false claims, both consoles
6pan - 11 dager siden
Most of the stuttering probably isn't due to the console but probably the game being online and not yet properly optimized
LolekBezBolkaShow - 11 dager siden
Good skills for a gamepad gameplay 👌🏻
Michael someone
Michael someone - 12 dager siden
Is the ray tracing working?
Oliver - 12 dager siden
MC-P ( 303king)
MC-P ( 303king) - 13 dager siden
They make a big deal umma still have fun with my xbox one x spend all more time with it
Dmitriy Alyoshin
Dmitriy Alyoshin - 13 dager siden
bf1 graphics looks better than bf5's and that is surprising
GhostPrime12 - 13 dager siden
You haven't tried the 120 hertz limit for the fps?
8blr Brian
8blr Brian - 13 dager siden
Someone has to do metal gear solid v on the series x
Liam Johnson
Liam Johnson - 14 dager siden
I still prefer 120FPS at 1440p honestly.
LJ Roos
LJ Roos - 14 dager siden
No crossplay is pretty sad.
PS5 & Stuff
PS5 & Stuff - 14 dager siden
BF4 is the best one
Jorge Colon
Jorge Colon - 14 dager siden
Looks better than my ps4.
JDMxAccordx - 14 dager siden
How do you play battlefield 1, inserted the game disk but nothing happens. It doesn’t instantly download, any help?
Yo Bama
Yo Bama - 15 dager siden
To find a match on BF3 on 360 you use quick match. :|
Don't Worry
Don't Worry - 15 dager siden
BF1 is still to this date one of the best looking games on console. On XB1X, its really unbelievable how good it looks for a 2016 game.
Ecz V.
Ecz V. - 16 dager siden
The game locked60 for 4k? But if i use 1440p high refresh rate monitor still lock 60fps?
Ecz V.
Ecz V. - 16 dager siden
I really like bf4 still many players is there asia server?
Cam Cooolback
Cam Cooolback - 16 dager siden
Cross play would be great !!
Cam Cooolback
Cam Cooolback - 16 dager siden
No talk of Auto-HDR ?? I want to play BF4 with Auto-HDR at launch 🚀 I am
UUB Repus
UUB Repus - 17 dager siden
Im disappointed, Series X cant keep it stable at 60 fps
Matt Hun
Matt Hun - 18 dager siden
Test Battlefield 3 on the Series X
Fenrir Drift
Fenrir Drift - 18 dager siden
I do still play battlefield 3 Multiplayer but people playing at certain times
Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny - 19 dager siden
battlefield 1 also more beauty than bf V on the PC, bf 1 have more poligons
Juan Rios
Juan Rios - 19 dager siden
Battlefield V looks like shit in BFV. It needs more. What a shame of game
Robert Heron
Robert Heron - 19 dager siden
the graphics here are beautiful can't wait
DanteGE - 19 dager siden
Even if most people won't have a HDMI 2.1 TV to play 4K@120hz, a lot of HDMI 2.0 TVs and monitors can already play games at 1080p or 1440p@120hz, so unlocked framerates for Battlefield games could still be beneficial.
MyGreatSnacks - 19 dager siden
Hey he has doom eternal
Almost Soon
Almost Soon - 19 dager siden
How about the load times?
Jason Treagust
Jason Treagust - 20 dager siden
Hi Jack. Have you installed these on the series x, internal hard drive 💾?
MarkoY27 - 20 dager siden
ps5 is better
Crypto Orell
Crypto Orell - 20 dager siden
Remember this version does NOT have raytracing activated.
SheepAmongGoats - 22 dager siden
or stay 60fps and up settings to ultra.
Paul Erlingheuser
Paul Erlingheuser - 22 dager siden
No noticeable difference from the X. You will not notice
Wi Fine
Wi Fine - 22 dager siden
4Heed Indeed
4Heed Indeed - 22 dager siden
4K 30 and 4K 60 should be the target for these new machines. At 120fps, I'd gladly play at that fps even if it's 1080p or 1440p.
Medicborn House
Medicborn House - 22 dager siden
it looks so goooooooooood
Peter Ofori
Peter Ofori - 23 dager siden
3:21 I like your cut g😂
Joker Siam
Joker Siam - 23 dager siden
Hey can I play battlefield 1 on the series x ?
Altschauerberger Hilfssheriff
of course
The flying Dutchman
The flying Dutchman - 23 dager siden
From having a Xbox one from 2014 to now I am super excited to have a consistent 60fps. I would of course appreciate 120 but I’m just happy to get above 30fps.
Sebastien Plourde
Sebastien Plourde - 23 dager siden
I rather have RTX at 60/30fps than having 120fps
Mark Davenport Jr
Mark Davenport Jr - 23 dager siden
Awesome cant wait to get one! :D
mampo 69
mampo 69 - 24 dager siden
console PepeLaugh
e vj
e vj - 24 dager siden
Can it reach 120hz at 1080p tho? I mean 4k is cool and all but 120hz is were the real deal is
nigel gates
nigel gates - 24 dager siden
Stupid question here if i upgrade to the x will i have to repay for bf1 and 5? Bf1 is disc based on my 1 but bf 5 is pure download
Filipe Gomes
Filipe Gomes - 24 dager siden
BFV is garbage
iSlash -
iSlash - - 24 dager siden
Hmmm I wonder where Hardline went...
NonsensicalVids - 24 dager siden
Man I miss how battlefield used to be.
Mr. Noodles
Mr. Noodles - 24 dager siden
if anyone here needs beats or music (SOME FREE)
hmu !!
INSTA: pord_mr,noodles
BloodDJ Gaming
BloodDJ Gaming - 25 dager siden
How comes you get the new xbox
warframedeaths - 25 dager siden
Laughing Man
Laughing Man - 25 dager siden
Oh wow, it's like a mid range PC! That you can't upgrade! That you can't use for work or efficient web-browsing! That limits you to less games than is available on PC, and the exclusives are coming to PC anyway!!
Altschauerberger Hilfssheriff
i dont want to pay 1200€ for gaming pc. Just to play with cheaters...
Laughing Man
Laughing Man - 22 dager siden
@Rix Zin Name me an Xbox exclusive that's not coming to PC that anyone cares about. And it's not a high-end PC, it's a mid-range PC in spec and performance (and that's WITH easy optimization). I never said anything about PC master race, but consoles are for kids, families and the low IQ.
Rix Zin
Rix Zin - 22 dager siden
More like a high end pc that's meant for media consumption not working. And they are plenty of exclusives on console that won't see the light of day on pc. You pc master race weirdos need some friends
Chase Wagner
Chase Wagner - 25 dager siden
Isnt BattlefieldV getting a MASSIVE update when xbox series X comes out?
Chase Wagner
Chase Wagner - 25 dager siden
I might actually get back into bf5 again. After the very first ttk changes I havent placed since. Until now...
AceticTWO - 25 dager siden
I'm thinking like I want PS5
ThatViRatio - 25 dager siden
40-60 fps is pretty good for this game. I mean, 64 players, everywhere explosions.
nate - 25 dager siden
what about how fast you load and can get on the map compared to regular xbox one's
T. Hanks
T. Hanks - 25 dager siden
Man I wish Battlefield 5 wouldn't look like a clown costume party, otherwise I would still be playing it
Went back to BF4 but the gameplay isn't that smooth anymore
theyoutuber - 25 dager siden
where is the backwards list of games?
zeus1117 - 25 dager siden
Maybe it's Youtube but i am noticing quite a bit of stutter here and there. It looks good though...although this game is running good on a medium PC as well nowadays.
NZ-FASHION7 7 - 25 dager siden
So you still cant change graphic settings on console ?
Ren Nohara
Ren Nohara - 25 dager siden
Love you man
Steve Coates
Steve Coates - 25 dager siden
Nice vid. Nice to hear framerates are good....but are the graphics noticably better?
Ashley B
Ashley B - 25 dager siden
Hey Jack, you got to set the filters correctly on BF3 to find a server if you look at your screen when you showing bf3 Server Browser it says '! Limit Reached. Use filter to get better results." Set them to Players=Any Mode=Any Map=Any Preset=Normal+Custom+HC no map Ranked=Yes Region= All accept south US then X on the show premium maps and X Include and show............... The servers start to fill up at around 8pm your time and are there fullest at about 1am. Would be awesome to see you in a game soon. thanks for all the great content,
Elijah Jenkins
Elijah Jenkins - 26 dager siden
Got mine pre ordered
I can’t freaking wait
JESUS LOVES US *v* - 26 dager siden
“Humanly speaking, it is much easier to dislike someone than it is to love him or her. Grudges and resentment come easily. Yet bitterness toward others is a poison. Not only does it affect our relationships with other people, but it spiritually blinds us as well. Worse yet, harboring bitterness toward other people is sin that can lead to other sins.”
BBP BakedBeansPodcast
BBP BakedBeansPodcast - 26 dager siden
Yo is bf1 on the next gen
Adam Hoch
Adam Hoch - 26 dager siden
Wait, you can play with Xbox one on the series x???
DAN - 26 dager siden
Nope nowhere near native 4k on xbox one x, check out vg tech , digital foundry is lying
peterjrcoolidge - 26 dager siden
I hope Titian fall 2 can be backwards compatibility
Sutton Bailey
Sutton Bailey - 26 dager siden
Adelania Aponte
Adelania Aponte - 25 dager siden
General Jen Eral
General Jen Eral - 26 dager siden
I just got my friends into BF1. They absolutely love it. We're all millenials. I wish the game was still consistently updated and supported. I think it could have been extremely popular. Best I've played since BF1942
Austin Blevins
Austin Blevins - 26 dager siden
I miss bf3 so much
Jester DEWIT
Jester DEWIT - 26 dager siden
just play on PC...
Dutch Sweden
Dutch Sweden - 26 dager siden
Why is the description says its fallout 4 lol
Scorpion - 26 dager siden
Lmao I had to double check but apparently this is fallout 4. Not complaining. I wonder how itll look like in Series X....probably not much different tbh
HAWKbest - 26 dager siden
So much need a patch for BF4 for powerful consoles!
Rusty Rogue
Rusty Rogue - 27 dager siden
Ah yes fallout 4
adri1688 - 27 dager siden
What about raytracing in bf5?
Just4Kicks - 27 dager siden
I don't know if my TV is outdated or if im tired or need my eyes checked on again, but I genuinely can't see a difference between this and my current xbox. Then again I'm not well versed in technical aspects but visually I can't tell a difference.
My House.
My House. - 27 dager siden
cant wait to see gameplay on PS5!
James Baker
James Baker - 27 dager siden
Battlefield 3 is still very active on the PS3, you can find full custom servers immediately
happy kush bush
happy kush bush - 27 dager siden
Can you show all the backwards compatible games or would you get a copyright strike or something like that?
J - 27 dager siden
What screen do you play on?