Playing Call of Duty Warzone on PlayStation 5!

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COD Warzone PlayStation 5 gameplay... It works! It runs really well too although I do expect more Next-Gen features to be added in the future. Fast load times and framerates, let's take a look. LAST CHANCE to get these designs - Use code JACKFRAGS in the cod store. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. PlayStation 5 provided by SONY #gifted
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AndPodePah - 4 minutter siden
I have a very high delay on ps5, in cold war mainly, does anyone know what it is?
Cisco Tap
Cisco Tap - Dag siden
Question, he mentioned in the beginning that he seemed to just download the game. If I have disk version of MW, but plan on buying Digital PS5, can I still transfer the data and play?
Cisco Tap
Cisco Tap - Dag siden
disk version is on PS4**
snoop Boy tiger
snoop Boy tiger - Dag siden
GG RELOADED - 3 dager siden
Wow, 60FPS? I might have to give up playing on PC at 100+ frames for that sweet 60, lol.
Jacob Williams
Jacob Williams - 2 dager siden
That's cool. My pc gets 80-90 fps at a lowered resolution. So, I'm excited to play this game on ps5. Hopefully they'll allow 120fps at 1080 in the future.
קורן נחום
קורן נחום - 3 dager siden
Do I need to buy MW again if I want it on the PS5? I’ve already have it on my PS4..
Chiii Baniii
Chiii Baniii - 4 dager siden
Witch tv ore monitor are you gaming bro?
Hagurm - 5 dager siden
6:08; wait you guys use aim assist on console?
Heikki Karstu
Heikki Karstu - 5 dager siden
Can you play with PS4-players when you are using PS5 without enabling crossplay?
Arjiexxc - 5 dager siden
Oohhhh yeessssss, i love watching this type of videos that i know of i cant afford any of this. :(
Kaan Sağer
Kaan Sağer - 5 dager siden
Ps5 is 8300 turkish liras in here turkey and that is 1150 us dolars thats not worth it
Irving Jose Paulino Abac
Irving Jose Paulino Abac - 6 dager siden
Tus is pc
Real Talk
Real Talk - 6 dager siden
Consoles will never beat computer game quality and gameplay 😎
Supra - 6 dager siden
How do i download warzone on my ps5? It’s not on my playstation store.
dale oliver
dale oliver - 7 dager siden
Does it have discord or summat for crossplay chat
My Hero
My Hero - 7 dager siden
Do I need to have moder warfare to play warzone in Cold War?
Barrett Williams
Barrett Williams - 8 dager siden
Lol good luck finding a ps5
Gaming mrbeast
Gaming mrbeast - 8 dager siden
Nice playing man. Impressed. Who likes to get all tips and tricks of Resident evil 3 remake gameplay? Join with me😊
Vape - Three Swords Vapour
Vape - Three Swords Vapour - 8 dager siden
Can you use a PS4 scuf controller on the ps5??
Magido89 - 8 dager siden
Is there any support for the haptic feedback or the adaptive triggers?
Vince Michael
Vince Michael - 9 dager siden
I'm most curious about the controller how it response to a certain scenario!! What game are you guys planning to get???
Colin Carle
Colin Carle - 9 dager siden
Hi, can you party up in game and on party chat with a friend who’s still on PS4?
Coby Coby
Coby Coby - 9 dager siden
The graphics on this compared to my PS4 are cray cray
DAILY UPDATES - 9 dager siden
Is this free on ps5 ?
Aldo Durán
Aldo Durán - 9 dager siden
The intro music sounds like The Last of Us 2 music.
GammonDwarf - 10 dager siden
Is it 120 frames? Once again PS is behind Microsoft (both Xbox and PC) but fanboys are too dumb to realise it.
stillnoob 6969
stillnoob 6969 - 10 dager siden
Does adaptive trigger works with warzone?
Alive but not living
Alive but not living - 10 dager siden
Imagine buy a PS5 and you can't change your FOV ;-;
Florian Gashi
Florian Gashi - 10 dager siden
Hei people why not have now zombie royal in warzone ??
Psandoval85 - 10 dager siden
If it doesn't show up under "PS5" games, then its obviously the last gen version.
Walking Freeman
Walking Freeman - 10 dager siden
to demonstrate the speed of the ps5 / ps4 hardware, it needs to be off line, if theres a slow connection to the server , then it will loads slower, this applies to anything, also when you load up there maybe data going up line, with the file sizes varying, i.e. preferences in game...... variable that make the results user and location dependant. Load a game ofline.
EXORI - 11 dager siden
Change FOV?
Deniz Yılmaz
Deniz Yılmaz - 11 dager siden
Did you installed the higher texture pack as well?
William Knowles
William Knowles - 11 dager siden
You cappin with that grenade 4:01
tahir ahmad
tahir ahmad - 11 dager siden
Conclusion: ps4 vs ps5 = same shit
AirexSK - 11 dager siden
Is warzone on digital version too???
Brennan Martini
Brennan Martini - 11 dager siden
Should be
Bellacapella *
Bellacapella * - 11 dager siden
I’m an idiot! If I get the ps5 does that mean I’d have to buy another version of modern war?
javy Granados
javy Granados - 11 dager siden
hahahahha is a shit... better in pc
Kyle Karlsson
Kyle Karlsson - 11 dager siden
Transferred ps4 data to I cant play online on CODMW...need help plz
Sparkii UTH
Sparkii UTH - 12 dager siden
Anyone know if there are any monitors that can play @ 4k and 120fps at the minute cant find any on amazon or google even a tv that supports both?
C J - 12 dager siden
Ps5 will have 120fps 2
ItsJoeDaddy YT
ItsJoeDaddy YT - 12 dager siden
No FOV for war zone :(
Mr Bob
Mr Bob - 12 dager siden
There’s no way this will play at 4K...if it is it’s a dumbed down detail version..try a pc at 4K and you’ll understand 😯
Olle sund
Olle sund - 12 dager siden
So its just like the ps4 with a 5 instead. I was hyped for some new graphics and less lagg... just same shit
zoleelvnv SPJ
zoleelvnv SPJ - 12 dager siden
FOV slider is a must have for COD, I'll wait for confirmation or leave the console to PC
NotSp000n - 12 dager siden
So basically get a ps4 it’s the same
Aiden Arkham
Aiden Arkham - 12 dager siden
Googly eyes 😂😂😂
tg_0076 - 12 dager siden
Me sitting here with my new ps4 😐
Mr Nub
Mr Nub - 12 dager siden
Your tv is making the ps5 small
kevin vicente
kevin vicente - 13 dager siden
That tv is huge , what’s the size?
Rich Brady
Rich Brady - 13 dager siden
Didnt know there were TAB and ALT buttons on PS5 WOWOWOW
Steven Williams
Steven Williams - 13 dager siden
No diff to me
MountainDew - 13 dager siden
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sirmank 99
sirmank 99 - 13 dager siden
How many fps ps5 provides
Odysseus1776 - 13 dager siden
Just answer the question Jack is it at 30 or 60 FPS?
Nand Gini
Nand Gini - 13 dager siden
I pressed no in the first place and now I want to download it, where do I find it ?
So So
So So - 13 dager siden
Walmart jooo me all day
Humza Iqbal
Humza Iqbal - 13 dager siden
Do you have to enable cross play to play with Ps4 friends?
Isla la Muerte
Isla la Muerte - 13 dager siden
Ps5 next to that tv looks like a little mini Playstation
Unknown Beast Gaming
Unknown Beast Gaming - 13 dager siden
There’s no NVMe drive inside. The SSD is soldered on the board.
YuzKie - 13 dager siden
3:28 Is this dude okay??
Hyper-Sabo - 13 dager siden
Is there adaptive triggers? I hope there isn’t
Yj Paperboy1
Yj Paperboy1 - 13 dager siden
Where that 120 FPS tho 😭😂
Miguel Benitez
Miguel Benitez - 13 dager siden
How many fps/resolution works?
IboGetsu - 13 dager siden
hes Playing on pc.
MarcoTheGrand - 13 dager siden
Oh look, it's like playing on PC...something we've had since WZ was released!
whitenight jr.
whitenight jr. - 13 dager siden
Yes! Ps4 games even load way better!!!
DnB-Merchant - 13 dager siden
This is pc footage ? Is it not?
Yuuup puuuY
Yuuup puuuY - 13 dager siden
So that means xbox won this again
Ballistic GamerMan
Ballistic GamerMan - 13 dager siden
Now COD Cold War! O:
ابو علوان
ابو علوان - 13 dager siden
No 120 fps ?
No Command
No Command - 13 dager siden
Lobby loading is server side so it doesn’t have to do with hardware as much
Man Onrun
Man Onrun - 13 dager siden
What if I told you warzone is a garbage game
jaspal singh
jaspal singh - 13 dager siden
Will cod Cold War run best on ps5 or Xbox X ?
Zakaria CHOUKCHOU BRAHAM - 13 dager siden
We need fov
Alex gartelmann
Alex gartelmann - 13 dager siden
The gameplay isn't ps5
Anthony Hamilton
Anthony Hamilton - 13 dager siden
Frostbite engine?? Looks like Battlefield: Hardline.....
Travis Ybarra
Travis Ybarra - 13 dager siden
How do I get warzone on my ps5. On cold war it say can't load game or app. Plz help anyone
Spikedjft - 13 dager siden
So I’m playing warzone on my PS5 with my hyperx cloud 2 headset and the game sounds terrible. Sounds amazing like always on PS4 but on ps5 just no good. Anyone else having this problem? I wouldn’t think it’s my headset but wondering what others think
amtzc90 - 13 dager siden
did you manage to get your controller mic working?
The-Snake84 0
The-Snake84 0 - 13 dager siden
gros ' joueur ' qui joue sur un ecrans de 6 metre x) ... on aura tout vue ..
oDieseLz - 13 dager siden
Seeing as it has the same specs as a mid to high end PC, I don't think it will have any trouble playing a game at 60 FPS. Unless you're trying to play at 4k res.
Soyeol - 13 dager siden
jackfrags gameplay is insane
Holla Daze
Holla Daze - 13 dager siden
It looks and seems the exact same.
Denarie Rawlins
Denarie Rawlins - 14 dager siden
Im tired of these dull colors on my ps4 in warzone like damn
Matthew McMayn
Matthew McMayn - 14 dager siden
PC will always dominate
Alan O'Brien
Alan O'Brien - 9 dager siden
If you have a card and rig to do so, which the majority don't
Gerardo Ramos
Gerardo Ramos - 14 dager siden
P 1
P 1 - 14 dager siden
Can you play with yr friends if they are on ps5?
Kriptic Nova
Kriptic Nova - 14 dager siden
Skill base match making in full action in the background gameplay Lok
Amadeo Bon
Amadeo Bon - 14 dager siden
Hi every one! I passed from ps4 to pc and i looking to go back to ps but ps5 but idk.
The thing is that watching this and reading comments i see that ps5 is not actually 4k 120fps although in my pc i can still play 2k or 4k 60fps or more depending of the settings. Is it a good choise the ps5 rather than pc? Or just slowly upgrade my pc?
dabeev - 14 dager siden
Warzone released a 15gb "HD Texture patch" for the xbox when I got my series x on Tuesday. I noticed a massive difference before and after the patch.
Mr Graft
Mr Graft - 14 dager siden
‘Yes the PS5, I can’t wait to play Warzone at 120fps now I’ve got my great new console!!!’
went from 60 FPS to 60 FPS. Oh
Hummus Papi
Hummus Papi - 14 dager siden
console players are jealous of PC players lol
Jalen Dukes
Jalen Dukes - 14 dager siden
Dang it’s looks the same
MNinja 249
MNinja 249 - 14 dager siden
wow that looks so good
Olivier Messiaen
Olivier Messiaen - 14 dager siden
They have one up date now for PS5 . Is 25 G of download !
beugen2001 - 14 dager siden
I don’t care much about resolution but I do care about FPS. 120 FPS it’s a must
ya vang
ya vang - 14 dager siden
FOV slider!!!! For Warzone! 120hz
JensonSnow FN
JensonSnow FN - 14 dager siden
Playstation is so ass
Issa Envy
Issa Envy - 14 dager siden
I love having a PC!
Killjoy.Z - 14 dager siden
If the entire Modern Warfare game releases on next generation consoles it will solidify even further that Cold War is nothing but a sideshow appetizer while MW is the REAL CoD game.