PUBG 2020 Gameplay and Impressions.

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PUBG just released a new map, Paramo, and made a few gameplay changes. I wanted to jump back in and check it out! Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. LAST chance to get merch -
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Sagar Gandhi
Sagar Gandhi - Dag siden
Tried PUBG after so long, but the movement ah - feels like walking with iron feet
Valentin Bonnier
Valentin Bonnier - 2 dager siden
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zzzrenda cvvvccBrenneman
zzzrenda cvvvccBrenneman - 3 dager siden
The game stocks
Noir - 3 dager siden
2:59 cool so the game's still broken
Kenson Finker
Kenson Finker - 3 dager siden
5:12 cheater.
Attila Ambrus
Attila Ambrus - 4 dager siden
They did mention a revival system but it's still in the development stage.
Tùng Phó
Tùng Phó - 4 dager siden
Let's bring back PUBG again =33
ColInSKiPuFf - 5 dager siden
Respawns would ruin the game. I play this game because it requires skill, patience and it doesn’t reward impulsive thinking.
Ian Stuart
Ian Stuart - 5 dager siden
I don’t know what it is but man is pubg looking outdated
Matyáš Wojewoda
Matyáš Wojewoda - 6 dager siden
PUBG is kinda boring for me because it’s just easy. I like to play Warzone which is just harder.
chris hancock
chris hancock - 8 dager siden
We been playing again for a while. Havnt seen any cheats since MW came out!
Pantelis Mihas
Pantelis Mihas - 8 dager siden
How can you shoot in auto mode without recoil ?
tyler hall
tyler hall - 8 dager siden
pubg just doesnt have enough player count.. its day is over. Thats why you cant pick your own map because most of the other maps would be dead so they need to bunch everyone into a matchmaking game. Bots are ridiculous and it has its problems
play time
play time - 8 dager siden
Good Game
Austin Justice178
Austin Justice178 - 9 dager siden
There is just to many hit makers in war zone on pubg if you hit a guy a few times he is gonna die
reid rob
reid rob - 8 dager siden
That’s not a good thing, low ttk= low skill
jeffy paul
jeffy paul - 9 dager siden
Jordan Thiessen
Jordan Thiessen - 9 dager siden
PUBG: new clothes
PUBG MOBILE: hand me downs
Texasbud1994 - 11 dager siden
Neva liked it
Lathen Wetzel
Lathen Wetzel - 11 dager siden
Can you post a new battlefield 5 video soon please.
Gaming York
Gaming York - 11 dager siden
PUBG mobile got an update and now it’s called METRO ROYALE because of the
*”Metro Exodus”* mode
Jacob Jaramillo
Jacob Jaramillo - 11 dager siden
Nothing but complaints. Back in the day we had to make custom hunger games game modes in Halo to play battle royal. And we had to share the TV!
ཀ༑༎༑ འལ
ཀ༑༎༑ འལ - 12 dager siden
I still love pubg. I don’t play it but feel like when it came out was one of the most groundbreaking BR’s. I wish it aged better & more people supported it
cfgvd - 12 dager siden
Jack i cant believe you cant understand the simple fact about game pace. If you up it like you talked about here then what happens? It feels less rewarding.
Vanderlan Chaves
Vanderlan Chaves - 12 dager siden
*Feelings to die*
*Satisfaction in killing*
xxoul xxeller
xxoul xxeller - 12 dager siden
jesus christ it looks and sounds like a game that came out on the ps3🤣💀
AlmostApe - 13 dager siden
Pubg is just fast paced dayz
Plan Bee
Plan Bee - 13 dager siden
I got like 4 of my friends back on now we play more
EaterOfDogs - 13 dager siden
The payload mode on mobile allows you to revive your teammates.
Anik Khandoker
Anik Khandoker - 13 dager siden
Thanks man for the og pubg once in a while.
PakPowerBoy - 13 dager siden
Zero recoil? 🤨
SargeanttheVR - 13 dager siden
Just play the mobile version...make sure your phone works fine...they have two new modes.."Metro" and "Payload 2.0"...check it out.
Razor Raiden
Razor Raiden - 13 dager siden
Too many map with less player
DEV GANG - 13 dager siden
dead game leave it alone LOL
M'aiq the Liar
M'aiq the Liar - 13 dager siden
M'aiq used to be excited when a new PUBG gameplay video was released by Jack, but this one has also moved on from that game. M'aiq currently only focuses on Warzone videos, but this one would like to see more gameplay from the co-op/battle royale demon bounty hunting cowboy game that's name currently slips M'aiq's mind.
Tyler Angel
Tyler Angel - 14 dager siden
I just re-installed PUBG after a long time and the input lag is threw the roof. it wasnt like this before all the way back near its first seasons and i dont understand why it is unplayable. does anyone else have this problem
Cainwerth - 14 dager siden
Totally forgot how doo doo this game is
mohmmad kareem
mohmmad kareem - 14 dager siden
So cutee
Ivan Ruža
Ivan Ruža - 14 dager siden
i got fckin sad when he said he don't have any PUBG mates for squads anymore...
Alex M
Alex M - 14 dager siden
Man i miss PUBG. I even played on Xbox and i still loved it. Best BR ever imo
MOHAMED HAZZAM - 14 dager siden
I would sub just to see more fresh vids
kw Gibb
kw Gibb - 14 dager siden
atleast other Br’s is getting new maps.. Warzone haven’t changed a bit when it comes to the whole map..
Kyle Wheeler-Adams
Kyle Wheeler-Adams - 14 dager siden
Jack, go take a look at Ring of Elysuim! It’s a free PUBG and one fucking strong competitor
DeadMERC - 14 dager siden
Yeah I went back to it again recently and felt the same way. They just refuse to really update the game in meaningful ways. I played the bigger maps solo and my god is it boring. Unless you hot drop, you just run around forever, fully geared but dont see anyone. I wish there was another game similar to this but polished. I do like warzone but would like a more realistic game as well.
_BornKingChairman - 13 dager siden
That's exactly why I stop playing 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
MC-P ( 303king)
MC-P ( 303king) - 14 dager siden
Plus solo ranks are back up on consoles;) oh yeeee
Mason Opick
Mason Opick - 14 dager siden
MCPRO 1346
MCPRO 1346 - 14 dager siden
pubg is like poop in front of warzone
Pungkoy - 14 dager siden
i dont know i really cant take this game seriously the movement seems like your in moon hahaha
Trilochan Hansdah
Trilochan Hansdah - 14 dager siden
bro surviving is never fun.....
Ryan628jpn - 14 dager siden
Other BRs: *perfectly work in 4K/60FPS setting on PS5
50cal. - 14 dager siden
Erangal will always be my favorite map- It being the OG map, they nailed it from launch. I haven’t had as much fun on any other map other than Erangal
Guddu OP
Guddu OP - 14 dager siden
pubg is dead game. atleast they should remove slowness of character
Joker - 14 dager siden
I hate the sluggish movement in pubg
dragonstalking - 14 dager siden
"serious recoil control"
sorry but coming from the Squad/PS/RS2 universe i had to laugh
Abstrakt - 15 dager siden
Going back to PUBG was so strange... everything felt smooth and actually seemed to work for a change. That was what gave it character lmfao
Francis griffin
Francis griffin - 15 dager siden
You wanna die and respawn. Tfoh then play cod. That’s what makes pubg heart pumping, one chance. Smh.
Baysav 11
Baysav 11 - 15 dager siden
Played it for free and it was fun. Idk about buying for 30. Rather get a new skin on cod 😂😂😂
TheTargetlockon - 15 dager siden
PUBG doesn't have much population mostly bots now
Шикио - 15 dager siden
I mean warzone is free am not a rich guy so that's plenty of reason for me not to play this game and stick with warzone lol
CelestialWolf - 15 dager siden
Pubg sucks! The running mechanic feels like your sliding on the ground. It is shit! Warzone is the best!
henry stritzke
henry stritzke - 15 dager siden
you should try playing VIGOR, it a lot different from warzone and PUBG but somtimes something different is nice
Horangs714 - 15 dager siden
I think the style of play in PUBG is refreshing compared to CoDWZ. It's way more skill based though it is punitive when you aren't succeeding. I think that is part of the love/hate charm of the product. I agree having a more accessible, 2nd chance style addition can extend gameplay but its not everyone's cup of tea.
The Cosmic Owl
The Cosmic Owl - 15 dager siden
You should make live comentery game play
dananab 1
dananab 1 - 15 dager siden
Wow I recently went back and played some pubg last week after not playing for about 6 months the game looks better plays better and is still a great game but unfortunately still very buggy and crashes often
cooper houchin
cooper houchin - 15 dager siden
Didnt know pubg was still a thing
M Corder
M Corder - 15 dager siden
How is there grass and plants inside the temples that have roofs?
Zac Figlehorn
Zac Figlehorn - 15 dager siden
Oh I remember this game. This is the one with the bushes that shoot right?
lll 12
lll 12 - 15 dager siden
When was this game released? Which year? Because it feels like 2006
Louis Anthony Reyes
Louis Anthony Reyes - 15 dager siden
What about playing this on series x??
Truth Speaker
Truth Speaker - 15 dager siden
Pubg is soooo much better than war zone
War zone is an arcade game
Pubg is epic and requires skill
Truth Speaker
Truth Speaker - 15 dager siden
I still play this better than arcade cheater games like war zone also pc players require no skill
Thunder Invader
Thunder Invader - 15 dager siden
What an ugly game
Berg82 - 15 dager siden
The issue for me with PUBG, is that i never felt they ever implemented the sensitivity, scaling, movement good enough for the First person perspective mode. Still have issues with good enough/stable map performance, audio never really been all that great, especially distance and directions/above/under sounds. If they fixed those things i could see myself play PUBG again, but i do not think that day will ever come.
Nathan Sparks
Nathan Sparks - 15 dager siden
PUBG will never be a polished & good game! I like everyone played it for a while but after experiencing other BRs the game is horrendous! The game is still as clunky & horrible to play as it was when it first released! & for the people saying 'its realistic' just stop, nothing about that game is realistic! If in real life I'm being shot at it wouldn't take me 5 mins to lay down or Bob & weave! The game is a joke.
SonsyWhale - 15 dager siden
i wanted you to play this
Azuan Atoya
Azuan Atoya - 15 dager siden
sea server is thrive with aimbotter and waller LOL! chinahackernummawannnn
STICKYMASK - 15 dager siden
Pubg is so weird right now
simplyPOLO - 15 dager siden
I loved the pace of Karakin and used to play it nearly every week until this season. Other maps just aren't as entertaining for me and i won't choosing random until I get karakin.
The Unrivaled
The Unrivaled - 15 dager siden
PUBG Mobile do have a mode where your teammates can revive you and you drop back in, its call "Payload"
Tax Dodger
Tax Dodger - 15 dager siden
Warzone only has one map, no attachment pickups, no inventory system and is still more fun than this
Tracy Morgan's Belly
Tracy Morgan's Belly - 15 dager siden
This video is 90% negative. Begs the question as to why you even made a video about a game you don't play
Inflatable Peas
Inflatable Peas - 15 dager siden
Diz game wak
White Hat Rabbit
White Hat Rabbit - 15 dager siden
yesssssss a warzone player playing pubg nice this is content for me
hansdietrich83 - 15 dager siden
This confirms my thoughts. PUBG was only so popular, because they had no competition, not because it was a great game
Gerard McCormick
Gerard McCormick - 15 dager siden
Thats way I dont play anymore cause u can't pick a map.
Tint ornet
Tint ornet - 15 dager siden
tabg > pubg
StealthElectronVIP - 15 dager siden
I played again yesterday. Still laggy and shit.
Nibba Skittle
Nibba Skittle - 15 dager siden
Wait what you got a game on the new map? I couldnt get into one
Jonathan D. Snutz
Jonathan D. Snutz - 15 dager siden
Got me thinking of the days when me and the bois just got back from school and actually wanting to play this game
fu5ionazzo 18
fu5ionazzo 18 - 15 dager siden
Man this sure takes me back
J - 15 dager siden
Still love pubg, but I only love it because I've got 3 other mates who love it as well, and we all play together.
Without those friends, I doubt I'd be kept interested long-term.
Bristlehead Bornean
Bristlehead Bornean - 15 dager siden
Looting still feels like 500ms
NBS Exilus
NBS Exilus - 15 dager siden
On PS4, this game is FILLED with bots. Makes the game more boring than a single player game and it’s mind numbing as fuck. I’d love to try this game again but unless they do something about the bots I’m not coming back to this game.
Spebaa - 15 dager siden
Saying there is a problem with cheaters in pubg when you play warzone is like saying you have a problem with people that have chlamydia when you have gonorrhoea.
VINOD KUMAR - 15 dager siden
Pubg and warzone is like cs go and valorant
Cs go is esport game and valorant is a fun game
Aldrich Hebert Firjatullah
Aldrich Hebert Firjatullah - 15 dager siden
This guy voice made me want to clear my throat
Aiman Hafeez
Aiman Hafeez - 15 dager siden
havent play this game for a long time now and tried it last night , i completely lost all the skill that i once had on pubg after i have been spending like 6-8 hours a day in modern warfare
Goaty Goat
Goaty Goat - 15 dager siden
Is it still full of cheaters?
Lexos aka alex
Lexos aka alex - 15 dager siden
2 days for cold war and I'm here watching pubg
Flying Shiba
Flying Shiba - 15 dager siden
Pubg was good until they added bots.......
Tug Dog
Tug Dog - 15 dager siden
Best game ever