Snow Assault - Battlefield 5

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Battlefield V going back to the first ever map I played with arguably the best all around weapon in the game, the STG-44! What a beast... Assault in the Snow World War 2 game. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
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Wolfdog - 17 timer siden
The main downside of this game for me is the lack of rental servers
Circenn Gomez Gascon
Circenn Gomez Gascon - Dag siden
Hey I just want to say that I really love you videos of BF5! You teach me a lot of stuff just by watching them :) Keep going! A huge hug from spain :D
Bob Smith
Bob Smith - 3 dager siden
If the southern 90% part of Africa sank to the bottom of the ocean and disappeared, there would be no difference to the rest of the world
Littleman Fishing
Littleman Fishing - 4 dager siden
6:43 “Peculiar” *rinses an enemy*
Razor Parker
Razor Parker - 4 dager siden
I have tried to use the stg-44 but it is not allowing me I have leveled up To were i can use it
Freddie Read
Freddie Read - 4 dager siden
I play it
mr egg
mr egg - 5 dager siden
blacmadesjb 2750
blacmadesjb 2750 - 9 dager siden
This game will never be good or age well. Its unfinished but had so much potential, its a stain on the franchise.
Travis Behrendsen
Travis Behrendsen - 9 dager siden
stabs artifact under the stairs intresting, … oh yea, I'm in a middle of war; proceeds to frag 3 dudes straight out of a closet.
Rob Nijkamp
Rob Nijkamp - 14 dager siden
Hey Jack, I'm looking for a 1440p monitor, which one are you using?
Soggy_Apple - 15 dager siden
I remember when I first played this and on my first match it was my favorite and I play it everyday, my first match was grand operations and I saw the starting cinematic for attackers about jumping out the plane, this game is great and I have most battlefield games,BF4, BF5, BF 1943, BF3
Jakob Love
Jakob Love - 16 dager siden
I wish the game had more dlcs like bf1 and bf4 also more countries
Kieron Simons
Kieron Simons - 18 dager siden
Honestly I played bf5 upon release and from what I can remember it was okay iv started to play again recently on a new acount and it’s unbelievabley fun and atmospheric, I just don’t understand the hate
True2022 - 19 dager siden
Stat is a medical term and short for Statim which is Latin for immediately.
aligator stuff
aligator stuff - 20 dager siden
Please more that videos ! 😖
Jason Doyle
Jason Doyle - 22 dager siden
I dont get the hate for this game everyone is entitled to their opinion i was sick of ww2 games doing the battle for Berlin , D-day , battle of stalingrad and other iconic ww2 it was over done it was nice to see more lesser known battles like the map panzerstorm that was based on the battle of hannut in Belgian and the map twisted steel was based on the fortified sector of the river Escaut in 1940 on the border of france or mercury it was based on the battle for greece in 1940 I enjoy playing bf5 and I think it's highly underrated
jason coladonato
jason coladonato - 22 dager siden
game sucks
Scuba Boy
Scuba Boy - 22 dager siden
I still play bf1 over this, bf5 was just disappointing
David Zimmer
David Zimmer - 23 dager siden
I miss this game so much. Makes me sad it didn't come out with good updates until the game was nearly dead already
Amrane2k - 23 dager siden
this game has a lot of fun tho , i play it nearly everyday and its so good
Bryan Abicht
Bryan Abicht - 24 dager siden
Servers still kinda dead huh..
gutter baybiez
gutter baybiez - 24 dager siden
love that chicken from popeyes
Nik - 24 dager siden
It's my go to game min PS4. Still loads of people on it.
Stian Brudvik
Stian Brudvik - 24 dager siden
I think it's a fun and enjoyable game even if it isn't the best Bf game, bf4 will always be my favorite tho. But yeah I've started to play bf5 on Ps4 not long ago and I'm enjoying it.
Brad Badau
Brad Badau - 24 dager siden
Someone do a should I counter ! I’m to lazy
ThoRn StrikesBack
ThoRn StrikesBack - 25 dager siden
Jack..... the bfv community as had a big resurgence. Would love to see you back to your roots a bit more often mate.
zeus1117 - 26 dager siden
Is it running on PC?
Sarah Kocus
Sarah Kocus - 27 dager siden
It is on gamepass
Jose Diaz
Jose Diaz - 29 dager siden
Bf1 was a better experience than bfv
Saify - Måned siden
Player count is still in millions. I love this game
RetroSplash - Måned siden
Please more bfv!
Mare Perisoare
Mare Perisoare - Måned siden
Jack shouting medic is giving me PTSD
LahSouljacutzup - Måned siden
What specs do you use on the stg? Right side or the hip fire
Vin Cloud
Vin Cloud - Måned siden
I still play everyday
Vogel Strauss
Vogel Strauss - Måned siden
The second I heard a French dessous model (framed as a ww ii soldier ) scream when killed, I had to stop watching this atrocity of a would be wwii game.
If I wanted to play a steam punk game I would do so
GingerNinja53 - Måned siden
Even though this game is not trending anymore, it’s still really fun to play!
Anthony Dodge
Anthony Dodge - Måned siden
Loved this game.... getting sick of warzone. Time to revisit BF5
bastardlemonade - Måned siden
16:16 ohhh that Battlefield moment is so perfect!
Sam Gieser
Sam Gieser - Måned siden
Plz do more bf5
David Xu
David Xu - Måned siden
Post BF1!
Prasath MGM
Prasath MGM - Måned siden
So all the before 3 battlefield videos you made are for promotion for the game as it was returning to Steam .i thought that you are done with bf and you are gonna move to Cod
CrimsonRed - Måned siden
No gun feels powerful to use in this game. Every gun is boring.
Takeoff - Måned siden
I had a lot of fun when the game first came out. It feels weird now. It just feels like such a sanitized take on ww2 and battlefield for that matter
Dan Phillips
Dan Phillips - Måned siden
I've been playing it again recently and quite enjoying playing, I feel that enjoyment is really restricted to certain maps though.
João Oliveira
João Oliveira - Måned siden
And I will see you all "in the next one" ✌
BF- GRIZZLY - Måned siden
There’s that watch again
James Boulgouris
James Boulgouris - Måned siden
Day 1 of asking Jack to play Firestorm
Isak - Måned siden
Is there much cheaters on bfv eu servers? Is it worth to buy the game
a Man
a Man - Måned siden
It's one of my favorite games to play in my free time
SOUPY FALL Lt. - Måned siden
NEW VIDEO Every Night 🌙! I5 alert!
Jack Bauer
Jack Bauer - Måned siden
“Stat” is a shortened form of “Statum”, which is Latin for immediately. It is most often used by medical professionals because Latin is basically a prerequisite for success in that field. My father forced me to take Latin for 4 years during my school age years, and though I despised then, I’m eternally grateful now. Since Latin is the foundation that dozens of languages were built from, I can read, write and speak (with moderate proficiency) at least 6 languages (not counting English). I would highly recommend anyone who has the opportunity to study Latin do so. Sorry for the rambling nerdy comment...
Nugget Playz
Nugget Playz - Måned siden
I’m rusty he says 😂
ChriWiSan - Måned siden
I start playing this game next week, a friend gave it to me. Psyched because I have not touched it before :D
Brett Lawrence
Brett Lawrence - Måned siden
I play BF5 all the time. But I play on XB1
FROSTYNIlPS - Måned siden
After not playing bf5 for over 6 months now it has reminded me even though the game was a flop it still was quite fun and had good gameplay (after they stopped changing the TTK) I hope to see in the next battlefield. main thing that was a let down was the lack of content and no big historical settings with also changing the TTK too much
satnav1980 - Måned siden
At the start of the video the snow falls off the roof. That was a cool ideal. Unfortunately it wasn't followed through as it just disappears and doesn't pile up on the ground. In past BF games the debris would hit the ground and sit there for a moment. This game could have been amazing. Sad really. I was a big BF fan. But not anymore. I have lost all interest in the series. I don't even care about BF6.
AmbushOnYT - Måned siden
just bought BFV on xbox cant wait to try it out
Soupy Fall
Soupy Fall - Måned siden
90 days hold -3:15t24hrs until Battlefield v Helicopters? LIGHT vehicles! 4:3.
Ange - Måned siden
Pacific War trailer made me play this game otherwise i would NOT play it
demelucifer - Måned siden
This is a great game. I only hope more people would still play it.. So few players on ps4...
JoMcD21 - Måned siden
It's sad that I have a feeling of nostalgia. What a shame.. 😔
Frank Conrad
Frank Conrad - Måned siden
Yesterday marked the day *I finally gave up on BFV. Im done... back to BF1..... AGAIN....* 🤦‍♂️
Pat - Måned siden
Come play on our Underground only server in EU.
Goes live around 3-4 CET everyday.
Bentron Collectors
Bentron Collectors - Måned siden
I still play! :D
bipolit the fighter
bipolit the fighter - Måned siden
*hears buzz* JACK! ROCKET!
I love bfv and was so sad when content stopped flowing in
Vincenzo Mario Saltamartini
Battlefield 💚
william mesquit
william mesquit - Måned siden
This was the first bf game I every played and it's still my favorite
william mesquit
william mesquit - Måned siden
Favorite game period
Kontrah - Måned siden
This map is amazing, it was epic playing the BETA. I love this map, but this game fucking suckssss noooooo. It had so much potential, so sad.
Jason Bond
Jason Bond - Måned siden
Why penetrate when you can obliterate
SoCal Rc Guy
SoCal Rc Guy - Måned siden
Now if only cod2020 can have a beautiful graphics like this
Alejandro Vailes
Alejandro Vailes - Måned siden
My buddy and i use to play this map and while everyone has was at war we were swimming with the whale 😂
CecDog3 - Måned siden
I’m still playing BFV fairly often, really enjoy the gunplay and squad gameplay
Darren Nelson
Darren Nelson - Måned siden
Yes!!! Thanks for playing.. I play everyday still and I love ur vids.
christoffer hjalmarsson
christoffer hjalmarsson - Måned siden
played the shit out of bf5..around 250 hours then something happened and i hated every second i was playing. i couldnt stand it..deleted the game but im still playing bf1 from time to time.
Tayfun Güner
Tayfun Güner - Måned siden
people still playing this game? lol
Gee Gee
Gee Gee - Måned siden
Where does he stream so I can follow and support please?
hhrey1 - Måned siden
I'd love to see some BF5 squad up
Gill Greetley
Gill Greetley - Måned siden
"stat" is short for "statim", which is Latin for "immediately"
Glenn 9K
Glenn 9K - Måned siden
I still play regularly. Very good game, this. Gunplay, movement, sound etc if the best BF has ever been. Maps are good too. Only thing missing really is helicopters.
Tyrone Shoelaces
Tyrone Shoelaces - Måned siden
This game just didn’t have the sauce like BF1 did. Really a shame.
BF1 is quite possibly the most intense shooter ever made.
The Bloody Doctor
The Bloody Doctor - Måned siden
Probably one of the best Battlefield games made, too. It'll take a while, but people will really start appreciating it in a few years.
Cole Tanner
Cole Tanner - Måned siden
I have it on steam, and I absolutely love it. While there are the occasional bugs, I love it for what it is, a ww2 game, and I think dice excelled at that
Romulo Melo
Romulo Melo - Måned siden
More BFV Videos !!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
IIHellionII - Måned siden
I’ve played this a lot more than Bf1 and Hardline. Less than BC2 and BF3/4. Yeah they screwed up the marketing and the early lack of content, but the mechanics and gunplay are top notch. And yes even this lower tiered Battlefield effort still drops a deuce on Modern Borefare.
Lee Everett
Lee Everett - Måned siden
The most wasted and disappointing game of the decade I swear.
bipolit the fighter
bipolit the fighter - Måned siden
I take that personally Bfv is great
Dan Vigliotti
Dan Vigliotti - Måned siden
stat is short for statim - Latin for immediately
عبدالله العتيق
man the sound track made feel like i had a lot of memories with this game, i didnt touch it actually
michael diaz
michael diaz - Måned siden
Sad no panszershreckt
michael diaz
michael diaz - Måned siden
Only faust
Kerem Saraç
Kerem Saraç - Måned siden
Sorry but Hell Let Loose is much better... after buying ALL BF series from the 1942 to BF5 i left it for Hell Let Loose. Battlefield STOP trying to be a glorified Call Of Duty!...
Keihoop - Måned siden
I was in this game! One of my first BFV games so was excited to see you in one. Sad we lost though.
Wes - Måned siden
I love the gunfight on BFV, no effective supression or random recoils, TTK feels good now
Australian Fool
Australian Fool - Måned siden
Drunkkkkk as fk just lost at 10pin bowling butt I will notttt lose in battlefield CDMG rep
Sparta beer reviews Sparta beer
This map sucks
Michael Wright
Michael Wright - Måned siden
Still Love this game so much.
Boovis - Måned siden
Jackfrags is leading the assault on my hometown, oh no!
Hussain Ahmed Jihad
Hussain Ahmed Jihad - Måned siden
gun fight in this game was insanely fun to experience. just a shame the game had one too many bugs
epoxone - Måned siden
Let it die.
Rangona TV
Rangona TV - Måned siden
Absolutely fantastic video I am really impressed. .
Arjen Vander Sleyen
Arjen Vander Sleyen - Måned siden
Are you going to play B1 again its absolutely my favorite one.
:/ thonk
:/ thonk - Måned siden
if only the bfv devs had added the eastern front as the final update..
Griffin - Måned siden
watching that in 1440 is amazing, gg