Spider-Man on the PlayStation 5 is INSANE!

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Spider-Man Miles Morales Playstation 5 gameplay. This blew me away, actually feels like the first Next-Gen game I've played. My Review of the game plus some impressions of the PS5 and the controller. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching. Console and game supplied by Sony #gifted
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Kamogelo Leshaba
Kamogelo Leshaba - 5 dager siden
It felt so natural when he started talking about the controller I forgot he was originally talking about Spider-Man miles morales
Prasad Krishnan
Prasad Krishnan - 6 dager siden
This is the true next generation game from either consoles.glad i got my ps5 ,series x got shit exclusives ..playstation exclusives NEVER fail.
Ross B
Ross B - 9 dager siden
I didnt think much of Spiderman game, purely hearing about it. But that looks fun! Also, very excited for the PS5 and all Sony's effort to create a whole different kind of controller. It seems loaded with surprises. Cant wait. Thanks Frags
TheReapersSon - 11 dager siden
WOW! The pilling on the sweater fabric!
ADontPlay - 13 dager siden
Imagine the new GTA🔥
Mcloving McMuffin
Mcloving McMuffin - 13 dager siden
The older Xbox one x has been doing native 4K 30 FPS for a while nothing new definitely isn’t the best next gem game 😂😂
vahid Aria
vahid Aria - 13 dager siden
Very flashy when you fighting ✨🤮🤮
Thudi guy
Thudi guy - 13 dager siden
Tbh I’m very jealous
OscubaSteve g13
OscubaSteve g13 - 13 dager siden
Am i the only one w post malones song playing in your head watching this :)
Andrew - 14 dager siden
Looks super boring.
Justin Benjamin Hammann
Justin Benjamin Hammann - 14 dager siden
"Playing-k, ray-tracing-k, think-k, launching-k." Fucking-k annoying-k. :p
A Snack
A Snack - 14 dager siden
Just a Quick question, is this 7 hour game really priced at 60USD?
ScoutiverTTV - 14 dager siden
Car instantly stopping, wow.
Next gen
Alex - 14 dager siden
This is the only system seller for launch on either consoles Lol
Fabian Jäger
Fabian Jäger - 14 dager siden
30 FPS???
Johan Larsson
Johan Larsson - 14 dager siden
Holy crap, the amount of rasism and white hatred needed in order to delete a white character just to "diversify" him. I will seriously cancel any friendships with anybody playing this game.
hansdietrich83 - 14 dager siden
Probs to the character and environment artists
Rambo Bambo
Rambo Bambo - 14 dager siden
30fps? still :D HAHAHAHAHAHA insane how they don't progress
Todd Aglibot
Todd Aglibot - 14 dager siden
what should i get, a pc or a ps5
The Joker
The Joker - 14 dager siden
I’m sad because I can not afford a ps5 but I am getting a Xbox series
C - 14 dager siden
Thoughts on the PS5 without a 4K TV? Can’t afford both unfortunately...
David Berrocal
David Berrocal - 15 dager siden
great content
please turn on the captions
Sk4te PunX
Sk4te PunX - 15 dager siden
Mike McAllister
Mike McAllister - 15 dager siden
There's nothing about these games that drop my jaws, I've been playing games with this quality for years now on the Pc. Wake up people.
Rando Stuff
Rando Stuff - 15 dager siden
30 fps ROFL 1999 called it want's it frame rate back.
___DeXoRzz ___
___DeXoRzz ___ - 15 dager siden
He got a free ps5?
Weird Lemur
Weird Lemur - 15 dager siden
I know we are with the amazing graphics of the ps5 but uh... what about the ps6 or ps7 OR FRICKIN PS8, ps9, ps10, ps11, ps12, ps13 , ps14, ps- I HAVE TO STOP BUT SERIOUSLY HOW COOL ARE THOSE GONNA BE! But uh I think some of us are gonna be dead.. and we are gonna be older.
playstationRLZ - 15 dager siden
That final scene on the car was amazing. I know it was just a "press this button when we tell you to" scenario, but when spidey swings through the window and boots the guy out the door... sick.
Gary - 15 dager siden
Did you really say 4K at 30 fps...
BangThaBazie - 15 dager siden
With Ps3 and Ps4 I had the console pre-ordered for launch, but there weren't any good launch games.
This time around it looks like there are good launch games, but I didn't get a preorder.
Proof that God isn't real.
GeoTern - 15 dager siden
Now I know how the trophies will pop on the new PlayStation... 1:50
varun ghosh
varun ghosh - 15 dager siden
No next gen games or exclusive on xbox at release😁
Chris Buxton
Chris Buxton - 15 dager siden
I feel like a kid patiently so excited
Soul Intent
Soul Intent - 15 dager siden
Wait, there are games that arent first person shooters?
quamb - 15 dager siden
TLOU2 stIll reigns supreme of greatest graphics in a console game.
Sydvicious - 15 dager siden
If only actual consumers could get the system.
BornUnknown - 15 dager siden
I wish this was 4k60fps !!!
Greb Nitty
Greb Nitty - 15 dager siden
30fps? No thanks.
Mr noob
Mr noob - 15 dager siden
Its a single player game not a hardcore multiplayer fps shooter where you need 300fps
Emre Bahcivan
Emre Bahcivan - 15 dager siden
you can't leave this empty
you can't leave this empty - 15 dager siden
So it’s basically a shinier version of the Xbox 360 game Prototype? Cool.
Mr noob
Mr noob - 15 dager siden
That was the best xbox ever and always will be.Its a shame that xbox is not the way they were back then if so i would have bough the xbox.
anexr I
anexr I - 15 dager siden
xRoMo_ NaTioNz
xRoMo_ NaTioNz - 15 dager siden
Beautiful 🤩🙌🔥🔥🔥
RS1 - 15 dager siden
Looks the same to me..

I watch in 144p cuz data limit peasant.
Intravenous Burger meat
Intravenous Burger meat - 15 dager siden
Just wish I could get my hands on a ps5
EpicGamer123 /Livestreams
EpicGamer123 /Livestreams - 15 dager siden
I personally prefer the xbox series x for game pass but man that controller looks hella nice.
Mr noob
Mr noob - 15 dager siden
The game pass is a hella tempting deal but when i went through the catalogue and researched more into it i found out most new games wont be on game pass and would be 70bucks.There are some great games but im more interested in next gen titles like cyberpunk and god of war 2021.But different people have different tastes.
Tom Mellor
Tom Mellor - 15 dager siden
7 hour gameplay? What's this a demo
Mr noob
Mr noob - 15 dager siden
I mean its better than nothing.
M N - 15 dager siden
Cannot wait to see bf6 on ps5 oh man 😧
front1989 - 15 dager siden
Next gen 30 fps hahaha
Halo epic
Halo epic - 15 dager siden
Yes but it’s a current gen game not next «  gen » hopefully god of war and horizon is ps5 only
Mr noob
Mr noob - 15 dager siden
It is.Its confirmed and also btw the tester who tested god of war said that its game of the year material.
Professor Booty
Professor Booty - 15 dager siden
The one game I wished was on PC
josiah crawley
josiah crawley - 15 dager siden
Only thing that worries me with the feed back is someone shooting and pressing to hard and actually breaking the triggers
Corey Goldwaves
Corey Goldwaves - 15 dager siden
Looks like Ps4
Alders0n - 15 dager siden
LOL im sorry but why on earth would you Miles Morales without playing the first game?!?!
I am Anonymous
I am Anonymous - 16 dager siden
Im a Xbox Player and im considering keeping my current gen Xbox one s and buying the ps5 digital purely for the exclusives
Martz Entertainment
Martz Entertainment - 16 dager siden
Great Video 👍
Kōhīman - 16 dager siden
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson - 16 dager siden
Ill pass on this kids game
Mr noob
Mr noob - 15 dager siden
Its rated T on ESRB meaning its only for teenagers.Stfu and stop fanboying and just admit that this game is good because you know it it.
arbiter3904 - 16 dager siden
Just really wish it was on pc ;(
Burrito Blaster
Burrito Blaster - 16 dager siden
I don't know about you but the lady painted on the wall at 3:24 reminded me of gwen stacy (into the spider verse)
Miles Morales
Miles Morales - 16 dager siden
hgfgh gfhfffh
hgfgh gfhfffh - 16 dager siden
the graphics are so good
Lydonfox - 16 dager siden
7 hours of story? Thats an exspensive dlc.
Mr noob
Mr noob - 15 dager siden
Well its a aaa title supposed to start the next generation for sony but i dont see halo infinite anywhere around.Its almost like 343 dosent know how to make a good game.
Avean - 16 dager siden
I feel like "Most Next-Gen Console Game" is not needed cause PC have nothing near this level of quality. Feel the last years consoles have been killing it. Not only good quality games but visuals have been out of this world. WTF has happened to pc gaming?
Bean Schlong
Bean Schlong - 16 dager siden
No joker? 4/10.
francois landry
francois landry - 16 dager siden
Mr noob
Mr noob - 15 dager siden
Asassins creed xsx 4k30fps rtx.Ps5 4k60fps RTX.sit down kid.
MagicWeedBus - 16 dager siden
- 30fps
Blunt Ape
Blunt Ape - 16 dager siden
It's like gta 6 being in Los Santos again. Same shit different story. People are going to be done with it in a month and will just be waiting for the next ps5 exclusive at the end of next year or when ever that will be.
Mr noob
Mr noob - 15 dager siden
Well 2021 has a lot in it.God of war,Ratchet and clank,Gran turismo 7,Resident evil village etc
Tomer Talmor
Tomer Talmor - 16 dager siden
Oh god the new consoles already can't really keep up with 4K 60FPS... Good luck in 3 years and thanks for slowing down PC gaming, consoles...
Mr noob
Mr noob - 15 dager siden
Дима Лучьников
Дима Лучьников - 16 dager siden
i completed Spiderman 2018 9 times
AHZHD - 16 dager siden
Imagine you’re playing siege, its a 1v1, and someone on the enemy team hacks into your ps5 and locks your trigger buttons
iffy Saqibi
iffy Saqibi - 16 dager siden
30fps lol
Jadyn Escobar
Jadyn Escobar - 16 dager siden
Series x day 1
MrMurmandramas - 16 dager siden
Jack is saying that he played with HDR on. So, does it correlates somehow with this YouTube video? Because it looks colourful as hell.
James Smith
James Smith - 16 dager siden
looks the same as the spider before.. smh
eXuuberant - 16 dager siden
30FPS KEKW. New console. Still no 60fps KEKW
Aidan Whittaker
Aidan Whittaker - 16 dager siden
you lost me at locked at 30fps...
r0beh - 16 dager siden
Got both lined up for day one but I'm really only excited for the ps5
Bor - 16 dager siden
Vic Stevensøn
Vic Stevensøn - 16 dager siden
Looks choppy?
PS Reiss (AKA The Original Black Gamer)
What you said at 2:50 reminds me of original Watchdogs and The Division
JDolande - 16 dager siden
I only know Jack from battlefield videos, lol and now he is like I guess I will take a ps5 and do videos lmao
A Dude
A Dude - 16 dager siden
boring Spidey
Yenomie - 16 dager siden
Jack you mind telling me how you recorded the ps5 gameplay? Like with what capture card?
TheMagicPloder - 16 dager siden
“Xbox one series x” lol guys we need to talk with Microsoft about there names.
Greg - 16 dager siden
Ray tracing is a step forward but I don't think its as important to have as reviewers say it is. I can almost guarantee if nobody was told about it, they wouldn't have even noticed. I definitely know I wouldn't. Im curious to see how good it'll get in the future.
Mike Webb
Mike Webb - 16 dager siden
So next gen is 30fps
Drinkyoghurt - 16 dager siden
Still sucks that it's an exclusive. I don't like exclusives and I really don't like the PS controller so I'm going to skip this one too. 240FPS gang represent.
Jacob Warner
Jacob Warner - 16 dager siden
Looks great but it's a shame this is locked at 30 and to go above 30 you loose ray tracing and native 4K. Not a good sign for the future
Lond - 16 dager siden
Spider man miles morales graphics: its cool

RTX on: oh its fine my game is crashing
Alexander Alfonsson
Alexander Alfonsson - 16 dager siden
Jack: Blowing in the controller, this is something we've never seen before in gaming.
Me: Looks at my Famicom. You are forgotten my friend.
John Pozitiv
John Pozitiv - 16 dager siden
30fps kinda sucks
LaK SL - 16 dager siden
Hi Macklemore .. 🤣
Pray for Mojo
Pray for Mojo - 16 dager siden
There is a lot at the beginning your forgetting, with all the side missions it's well over 80 hours of gameplay....
impatientfire - 16 dager siden
I preordered a PS5 and the wait is killing me. 😭😭😭 3 more days to go.
Misho - 16 dager siden
I guess i was dumb thinking the PS5 would be able to run a game in 60 fps with raytracing on
Murray McMillan
Murray McMillan - 16 dager siden
Great video, loving the enthusiasm for the game-you should play the remastered Spider Man for it when finished, the first one is absolutely brilliant. However MM just looks ridiculous. I am so excited for next week!
Mario Looney
Mario Looney - 16 dager siden
2021 will be the year of shiny puddles ..
Elan Must
Elan Must - 16 dager siden
So y’all screaming that this game is so good but playable time is 7 hours, so what you can do with your exclusive after 7 hours?
GlaciusDreams - 16 dager siden
I really hope naughty dog makes something inventive and fun. Sick of the fucking dark games all the time. Plus their gameplay loop is so tired. Like soooooooooooooOoooooOoOOoOOOoOOOoOo tired.
Nisco Racing
Nisco Racing - 16 dager siden
Jack always says he is incredible lucky to get stuff, but we all know he have been begging really hard to them.