SQUAD 2020 - Gameplay and Impressions

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SQUAD has actually released now with an epic map, Fallujah. Let's jump back in to the spiritual successor of Battlefield 2 Project Reality, and take a look at everything new and on offer here. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
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TF_ RECRUIT - 9 timer siden
i would like more gun customization though you only got 1 gun per loadout and 3 setups for the gun
FWDC Norac
FWDC Norac - 23 timer siden
Look up [TASQ] on Discord and/or Steam. We have 40 + members and active duty and vet players in leadership positions. Last match we fielded a full squad, had over 30+ confirmed kills and zero deaths.
MrASemik - Dag siden
Can you play this game with an controller?
Chris D'oulmeth
Chris D'oulmeth - Dag siden
Hey Jack, can i run Squad if my pc can barely run arma 3 koth?
MingTuck Chung
MingTuck Chung - 2 dager siden
What I hate about "realistic" games is that they all seem to have this vaulting crap. What if I want to stand on the wall or lay prone on it like a dumb ass?
MagicalFrame9 - 3 dager siden
"fallujah was impressively large"
Falklands: "am I a joke to you?"
EarL - 4 dager siden
too much bass in your voice.
Jxntxn - 4 dager siden
Where can I download the game?
The king 23
The king 23 - 5 dager siden
Is this on ps4?
vulcan rider
vulcan rider - 5 dager siden
I've had this game for. A couple of years and man has it changed but it was for the better it is frustrating at times but nothing beats a firefight in squad love this game
hamas extremist
hamas extremist - 6 dager siden
“It’s an incredibly in-depth game”
haha motorbike ied go boom
BKL - 7 dager siden
What's a good mic to get? Getting this game when I finally ship back home tomorrow!
X x
X x - 7 dager siden
I realy liked to play BF2 PR some years ago i need to test squad it looks like a lot of fun
Es Un manta
Es Un manta - 8 dager siden
Project reality is still Better. Reason: The best comunity i saw in a game. Now go to squad and put your FOB right no the flag. Be greedy not only medics can revive you ;)
31Hosaf - 9 dager siden
This makes me think of BF2.. BOUGHT STRAIGHT AWAY
1911doc - 10 dager siden
Still can't understand how you have 3.5M subs with that atrocious audio quality....
Rex Quite
Rex Quite - 10 dager siden
2:27 nope I am a lower to mid pc olny about 700$ put into it and it runs fine on medium
License to Chill
License to Chill - 11 dager siden
Squad is a unique game that will make you appreciate what it takes to make a realistic yet enjoyable fps.
No ID - 11 dager siden
Even playing it in 4k is lack luster, must have been a small graphics team
alfie bloomfield
alfie bloomfield - 12 dager siden
is this just a pc game or can you play/buy on ps4?
Cool Gamer
Cool Gamer - 12 dager siden
Lower the graphics and I think this game would be amazing in Nintendo switch
Eddie - 12 dager siden
Man i need to try this game soon, I love Post Scriptum, and I understand this is similar?
The Barch
The Barch - 9 dager siden
made by the same guys post scriptum is a side project that comes from squad it is very similar
MT gaming
MT gaming - 12 dager siden
My favorite memory of this was seeing a trailer for it and it said super realistic gameplay but in the trailer the bipod was floating off the ground when the gun was stabilized.
Hemulenssis - 13 dager siden
You mention you're supposed to stick with your squad and that's true. However I find it odd that in this whole video you were just lonewolfing the whole time....
Imraan Zaki
Imraan Zaki - 13 dager siden
How can I get this game please
nepnepguy the greatest of all
If only these kinds of game were on console
hamod bevo
hamod bevo - 16 dager siden
Whay are you in my house ايها الوغد
Jonathan Kidd
Jonathan Kidd - 16 dager siden
One question, why is he wearing woodlands in the desert??
The Barch
The Barch - 9 dager siden
they are middle eastern militia they have shit gear brought off other nations
ابن عبدالله
ابن عبدالله - 17 dager siden
Fallujah is the city of men and warriors they defeated the us army with AK’s and RPGs while their enemy used all kind of weopons air support Vehicles tanks and artillery!!!!
iKURD - 17 dager siden
available for ps4?
Hans - 18 dager siden
What battlefield should be
sagem210x - 19 dager siden
best game ever, i have over 2000 hours and i love Squad, been playing Project Reality since forever also was an admin
The Barch
The Barch - 9 dager siden
@ArtilleryFire there are milsim groups that do stuff at certain times but constant rp servers no
ArtilleryFire - 17 dager siden
are there rp servers like arma?
Bassianus Baslan
Bassianus Baslan - 21 dag siden
First man I ever heard saying you can dislike the video if you didn’t like it
G -smith
G -smith - 21 dag siden
The graphic look a game from 09-2010,
Hieuoy - 16 dager siden
Graphics arent god tier but they are definitely nice looking.
Hyptek - 21 dag siden
Waiting for playable A10.
Ali Fakhrulddin
Ali Fakhrulddin - 22 dager siden
Fallujah is actually is a real city and it is in Iraq Al Anbar
فهد سلام
فهد سلام - 22 dager siden
Iam from iraq and i saw places in fallujah i saw before
009thereal gaming
009thereal gaming - 23 dager siden
Come to the mobile versione
Awoken Ghost
Awoken Ghost - 23 dager siden
Is it free and will it be out for consoles
S Gamingz
S Gamingz - 21 dag siden
no and no
Alfiano Damanik
Alfiano Damanik - 23 dager siden
Is it weird how Ive been watching this game ever since it was Project reality? Yet however I have never played it (i3 laptop doesnt rlly suggets I can run the game)
SharkTank - 24 dager siden
It is so sad that the admins ruin the entire experience sometimes....
JD Engel
JD Engel - 24 dager siden
I love the game I have only benn playing for a month but it is great better than ARMA 3 in some areas
Garth Green
Garth Green - 25 dager siden
How come every time i watch Squad videos it shows people running and gunning alone. Probably should stop talking about milsim really. It’s not ARMA 3. People seem to be playing it like COD.
themasterofhoy - 25 dager siden
Dammit, I need a PC
Sumbat - 25 dager siden
Hey Jack! Just a question, what microphone do you use?
Janko Mudrak
Janko Mudrak - 25 dager siden
If your computer is poop play project reality instead
Two Tone Cloud
Two Tone Cloud - 26 dager siden
Bro I got a problem running csgo on my dell I’m good
ᴀʙᴏ ᴅᴀнᴍ :
ᴀʙᴏ ᴅᴀнᴍ : - 26 dager siden
Xbox 🤔?
Ian Holl
Ian Holl - 27 dager siden
If you part of the Master Race why would you want Squad to come out on consoles? It'll only get dumbed down like every other cross-platformed game FFS!
Millsy - 27 dager siden
The graphics are pants
The Barch
The Barch - 9 dager siden
tbh i doubt anyone who plays games like this care about graphics
1029racers Compilations
1029racers Compilations - 27 dager siden
Yo anyone got any suggestion every time I try to start up the game it crashes when it gets to the loading screen
Iama Sillygoose
Iama Sillygoose - 27 dager siden
Jack as a long time viewer i really hope to see some of your quality shine here in the next few years.
Shubham Pandey
Shubham Pandey - 28 dager siden
make it free for everyone, and you'll have a master piece
Hubbleton - 28 dager siden
When you said 2015 I suddenly went more balder.
Tommy hk
Tommy hk - 28 dager siden
im from fallujah
DietWoke - 28 dager siden
But here is the real question: Is there an a-10?
name ̈
name ̈ - 27 dager siden
@DietWoke yes
DietWoke - 27 dager siden
@name ̈ hmmm, is there a respectable brrt?
name ̈
name ̈ - 28 dager siden
yes but you can't pilot it
Mathew Wolves
Mathew Wolves - 28 dager siden
Is this coming to the next gen consoles?
S Gamingz
S Gamingz - 21 dag siden
dogboy0912 - 29 dager siden
I think it's funny how Project Reality, running off an engine from the early 2000s, with all the settings cranked up looks about as good or slightly better than Squad on UE4 with all the settings turned down.
Adapa - 29 dager siden
Toxic team leaders in Squad are brutal...
DopeX69 - 29 dager siden
Hey Jack !!
Come and play with us on [FM] Full Metal server
HypnagogiX Gaming
HypnagogiX Gaming - Måned siden
I cant find an answer anywhere... how does this game work rank wise.. how its decided who is squad leader... is it random or there is some progression system? Leveling up, kill/death ratio?
Tim Burykin
Tim Burykin - 27 dager siden
There is no progression system. Anybody can create a squad and become a squad leader. However by doing so the player assumes certain responsibilities that are enforced through server rules (essentially players are kicked if they create squads but don't intend to lead)
Pierre schoeman
Pierre schoeman - Måned siden
I got 3 words for ya.
John Stoner For Life
John Stoner For Life - Måned siden
We need something like Squad on console 👌👌👌
Kraztec - Måned siden
Found a killer server and have been addicted to squad lately
Colonel Indiana Longnuts
Colonel Indiana Longnuts - Måned siden
Looks fun and realistic
Somantha Nayak
Somantha Nayak - Måned siden
Matt Unknown
Matt Unknown - Måned siden
Anyone play this game with a 5700xt on a 1440 ultra wide monitor
80sOutrunFan - Måned siden
Best teamwork and funny moments in a game ever :D
Sick Read
Sick Read - Måned siden
Pc Only?
Pajeet Singh
Pajeet Singh - Måned siden
I bought in 2015. I play as Sapper.
Barkoot Geleta
Barkoot Geleta - Måned siden
Falluja was a reall battle in 2004 in Iraque,
And mr narrator the game was not like cod because , real war is not like that ,
I think you never been a reall gun fire
Cayce Clay
Cayce Clay - Måned siden
Thanks for your video!
Tapanjeet - Måned siden
Are there any active Indian/SA servers for this game?
epicwarding - Måned siden
i actually think its a blessing if game dosent go to consoles
SamAdams PaleAle
SamAdams PaleAle - Måned siden
I hope someone makes a WW2 mod
Hieuoy - Måned siden
Post scriptum was originally a mod for this game, now it’s a standalone game.
RunToLiveHD - Måned siden
Nurul Fakhri
Nurul Fakhri - Måned siden
I played project reality many years back
Mefenamic Bry
Mefenamic Bry - Måned siden
Where can you play this game? Is it on steam or something?
Hieuoy - Måned siden
Gul Pathfinder
Gul Pathfinder - Måned siden
Is there a single player campaign for this game?
Hieuoy - Måned siden
Studio Edin
Studio Edin - Måned siden
Is this project reality mod with changed name?
Studio Edin
Studio Edin - Måned siden
nevermind it is =) I'm bying it now, Used to play this for hours and hours, building bunkers. Should be fun!
Purely. Antho.
Purely. Antho. - Måned siden
Boomers and media: Video games spread hate and violence
Me: 7:40
Marcus Dias
Marcus Dias - Måned siden
I prefer Project Reality, I play this shit for 12 years.
LilGary - Måned siden
How is this vs Hell let Loose besides being from WW2? I mean as a whole.
John doe
John doe - Måned siden
I need this on console 😩
The uggster
The uggster - Måned siden
More vids of this pls
Zero Six
Zero Six - Måned siden
Best milsim game out there. And they are only getting started on content if your pc can handle it definitely buy it. Iv played aloot of games but this is it.
Dyn - Måned siden
this game has great community overall but this game might be not for everyone cause casual player always get handed by triple A company, Acti*cough*vision
Michael Galle
Michael Galle - Måned siden
Falluja West ??
Looked like Baltimore, MD at first ...
Artur Gujuman
Artur Gujuman - Måned siden
Squad is one of the best games I ever played
SaltySkramz - Måned siden
Can you imagine a communication heavy game like squad on console where everyone is either in a private chat or not talking?
Daniel Menez
Daniel Menez - Måned siden
Can I get a complete list of the best pc gameing parts/tower looking to build my own pls and thanks
The Barch
The Barch - 9 dager siden
just google it my guy
SOLID KREATE - Måned siden
I feel buyers remorse now having bought Insurgency: Sandstorm. I want this game now. I remember PR on BF2.
Guan - 27 dager siden
Insurgency is quite good aswell tho, but yea get Squad when you can it's awesome!
fresh frozen
fresh frozen - Måned siden
Lol at the very start of the vid they were Iranian marines!!
Krypto Cyde
Krypto Cyde - Måned siden
God i love this game, these types of games, and this community.
Joseph Wainwright
Joseph Wainwright - Måned siden
I built my new rig to play Squad spent about €900-ish
Ryzen 5 2600x
16gb Corsair Vengeance ddr4
RX 590 8gb fatboy oc
650w psu
I'm enjoying it so much, hands down one of my favourite Milsim shooters
Conor Norton
Conor Norton - Måned siden
Aint no way this game is coming to console. Its not a matter of performance but a matter of sheer amount of button inputs that controllers don't really have the mapping for.
Clungemagnet - Måned siden
Those scenes at the end of the video are like what I wish squad was, 90% of the time I play it’s me just running with a squad then dying and respawning.
Angel Acosta 22
Angel Acosta 22 - Måned siden
For some reason all the serve show to me blocked can anyone help me?
Shisui Uchiha
Shisui Uchiha - Måned siden
One of the best games out there at the moment!
Louie Stenner
Louie Stenner - Måned siden
I think I met you in squad once. Guy sounded exactly like you but denied it.