Star Wars Squadrons Multiplayer Gameplay and Impressions!

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Star Wars Squadrons Multiplayer gameplay is a blast! Let's jump in and see how many Starfighters we can destroy! Check out the game here - Sponsored by EA! Will be dropping 9 CODES in the chat too! Become a member - noburn.infojoin Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
Runtime: 2:01:44


Muroo 058
Muroo 058 - 2 dager siden
No God Game
boobengarden666 - 2 dager siden
I'll say this about the campaign, do not play it for the dialogue
Scott Tootell
Scott Tootell - 5 dager siden
Imperials have no shields
DailyPlayers - 9 dager siden
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JPRO1400 P
JPRO1400 P - 23 dager siden
Fyi tie fighters dont have sheilds
L S - Måned siden
I think Starwars Rebels gave us a taste of the B-wings capabilities with an overcharged beam blast
Seth Ogier
Seth Ogier - Måned siden
Jonny B Good
Jonny B Good - Måned siden
A surprisingly fantastic game. Wasn’t expecting it to be so good tbh
Tommy BRO
Tommy BRO - Måned siden
Every dog fight games is gonna be always super cool with VR.
Kevin Tang
Kevin Tang - Måned siden
Can you choose your own ship or is it preselected?
Miguel Carneiro
Miguel Carneiro - Måned siden
Looks really awesome! But I think I prefer playing Ace Combat: Skies Unknown with the advanced steering options
yourbadday89 - Måned siden
its still ridiculous that they can't give us a real battlefront game, just these half baked mini games
The Proclaimed
The Proclaimed - Måned siden
@James Rivera without the things that made the original great
Spiritfox60 - Måned siden
I'm happy we even got a new X-wing vs TIE fighter game.
Anton Hallergren
Anton Hallergren - Måned siden
@James Rivera lol its not even as big as the 2005 game lol.
James Rivera
James Rivera - Måned siden
yourbadday89 ? Then why are you watching a video on it? And battlefront 2 is RIGHT THERE
lentokone toveriturbiini
lentokone toveriturbiini - Måned siden
War thunder have kill cam whit tanks
Rozwell Jones
Rozwell Jones - Måned siden
Bro you gotta get on that micro drifting, you can just destroy anyone.
foxtrone - Måned siden
Got it today... Looks really cool game.
Alex Crow
Alex Crow - Måned siden
I was expecting faster paced flying, this is a bit disappointing
Fife - Måned siden
Honesty I expected more and I wanted third person
Demon Kid
Demon Kid - Måned siden
There is nothing new on this game. They basically just Remake star wars star fighter. Ben walke sucks at video games.
racepnd - Måned siden
Does the game make you feel sick, motion sickness?
phoenixamaranth - Måned siden
You control your speed and rate of turn so it's totally up to how you play and what you can handle. You can opt to always be going full out and turning like crazy but that would likely make you sick after too long. For me, I try to keep my flying in long arcs or more strategic with my speed and distance from targets, but sometimes you have to haul ass and turn fast to avoid getting killed. Usually those moments are short and spread out which keeps the dizziness down.
Phil V
Phil V - Måned siden
Jack, I work at the Cantina and am DEVESTATED that I missed you
Samuel Bishop
Samuel Bishop - Måned siden
1:01. I've been looking forward to this.
AGEMO - Måned siden
1:21:36 - Killcam of the killer dying while killing.
Mad Haze
Mad Haze - Måned siden
I'm loving this game!!
g eb
g eb - Måned siden
I don’t see myself playing this for hours on end. Let alone spending $60 for this. This seemed like it’d be a good addition to battlefront 2 but not as a stand alone game. I literally cannot imagine sitting and playing this for 4-5 hours like I do other games.
Valcor - Måned siden
Good thing the games not $60 lol It's like 30
Masqerader - Måned siden
The Multiplayer is shit, it's just like battlefront, Rebel ship = auto win
Frodo bagins
Frodo bagins - Måned siden
Started hearing voices from Toomuch gaming with booze for months now , churs for the video man
BiscuitPuncher - Måned siden
Looks like a lot of fun but those graphics seem off to me.
Olsbijack2 - Måned siden
If lasers move at he speed of light, why did the game developers make it so you have to lead your shots? Makes no sense :)
FluFFyi - Måned siden
because the laser are not lasers, they are plasma that act similar to lasers. AND it's a fictional world so deal with it.
TagMarc - Måned siden
the chat is hilarious everyone saying "not as good as bf2" if you never played xwing or tie fighter then you have no idea what this game is meant to be doing. there is a huge amount of players that have been wishing for a followup for 20 years. hotas and space sim missions in 1st person, sign me up
h c
h c - 29 dager siden
It's the same type of people that think Fortnite is better than Quake.
Spiritfox60 - Måned siden
Hell yeah! I missed those games, so I'm so happy for this game. It's a dream come true!
FluFFyi - Måned siden
I never have played those games and loving the hell out of Squadrons, Reading the chat is frustrating from all those people that have never played it. I have to concur from a watching only perspective it does look slow. But when you sit down and play it and learn how to actually fly. It's faster pace then perceived and when things get hot, they get hot fast. As the time to kill can be super fast and exponentially so as more people or more skilled people are hitting you all at once where you don't have time to react. Those out there disliking it need to try it first, you won't last as long as you think.
Vlad Tepes
Vlad Tepes - Måned siden
Crossplatform is a must for the future of gaming, too many games just die too early due to the lack of active players.
aprilfoolscomcast - Måned siden
This looks mediocre
AGEMO - Måned siden
56:07 - There are NO shields on the TIE Interceptor, bro.😁
h c
h c - 29 dager siden
@Samuel Bishop TIEs don't have shields but they can instantly shunt power since they don't have to account for an extra stack. So to start ties have better accel and maneuverability without sacrificing power and they can redirect an overcharge from lasers to boost or back and forth whereas rebel ships can't do that.
Samuel Bishop
Samuel Bishop - Måned siden
Honestly it's quite strange that the empire didn't give them shields. Fly into a bolt at speeds like that and your cockpit is depressurized
Junior Soprano
Junior Soprano - Måned siden
where's the Cup holder?
Punk Funk Yeah Studios
Punk Funk Yeah Studios - Måned siden
“An absolutely bangin migraine” what did I just hear?
ady - Måned siden
Redjacc - Måned siden
sounds like a new version of xwing vs tie fighter.
Efficiency Gaming
Efficiency Gaming - Måned siden
Also hey Jack, if you wanna play this game more and take a break from warzone, I'd love to have you fly with my boys and I
Rick Kelmpre
Rick Kelmpre - Måned siden
I love being level 2 and going agensted level 20 players
Fake Japanese Gamer
Fake Japanese Gamer - Måned siden
It's the same fucking game as Battlefront 2!
FumblingPurse 45
FumblingPurse 45 - Måned siden
Will the game be for xbox gameoass aviable
spenceII - Måned siden
Learning curve is steeeep. I get destroyed within seconds of leaving the hangar
Ur-Quan Gamer
Ur-Quan Gamer - Måned siden
This is a very complex star fighter game but once you get the hang of it, it gets fun and enjoyable. I am now on the learning curve and can't wait to get some experience and enjoy myself playing this amazing game!
chicken prime454
chicken prime454 - Måned siden
See what that person did there, PanzerschRECKT
Shredd - Måned siden
Flat screen, meh. In VR, one of best VR games I've played
Shark - Måned siden
fyi the rebel side always wins
Nathan - Måned siden
I can't wait to sit in my imperial flight suit with a joy stick and play this game
Spiritfox60 - Måned siden
Dude... That sounds badass!
Angel Lance7
Angel Lance7 - Måned siden
Why not on vr using the suit (?
William Stephens
William Stephens - Måned siden
Goddamn it now you made me want an imperial flight suit🤣
canned soup
canned soup - Måned siden
no one liked it i hated it and refunded it and then watched streamers on twitch all complain about the horrible cursor movement
James Down
James Down - Måned siden
I remember playing the original x-wing on my Olivetti pc in 1996. Can anyone else remover the screen where you could see all your medals ?🏅
KODA EA - Måned siden
Imagine if they make gundam game like this
kid mizu
kid mizu - 24 dager siden
@h c gundam needs a resurgence
h c
h c - 29 dager siden
Imagine. 'The year is Universal Century 0082. The year long war has long come to a close, but the nightmare is only just beginning.'
leo cameron
leo cameron - Måned siden
why cant the flyers be flown by to players coop online against other teams of 2
WolfGambit - Måned siden
VR gameplay? So much better in VR.
My Stupid Channel
My Stupid Channel - Måned siden
i played this game before trying it in VR mode with a flight stick but i didnt like it because its so goddam plain and boring so i got a refund. thank god for refunds
Worst flight mechanics 2020 space ships won't stop when they collide.
Not buying
Joen Kjeld
Joen Kjeld - Måned siden
Thx for this ;)
David Umstattd
David Umstattd - Måned siden
Why are so many people thinking a simulator game will have third person?
Trav Plays
Trav Plays - 28 dager siden
any racing sim? it had 3rd person, i'd love this game a lot more if it had 3rd person. Feels to claustrophobic
Spiritfox60 - Måned siden
Yorkshire Man 1972
Yorkshire Man 1972 - Måned siden
Thought you were never going to start the game!
Sib Wraith
Sib Wraith - Måned siden
Unless all my friends buy it, i'm avoiding this. The game's supposed to be fantastic in VR, but it doesn't seem that amazing without that. It's just the crappy fighter mode from battlefront 2 expanded a bit. As a fan of the rogue squadron games and the x-wing games, this seems a bit lackluster compared to both. Maybe if it was a 32 player battles not 5v5
David H. de Bruno
David H. de Bruno - Måned siden
Nice game, star wars in 2020 with graphics of 2008 and gameplay of 2005, spectacular
Rufuz Mitchell
Rufuz Mitchell - Måned siden
I'm just playing pancake version on a base PS4 and if anyone knows of a good custom control setting where you have the right stick for freelook where you don't have to double-click it but still have all functions mapped out logically PLEASE let me know!
Rufuz Mitchell
Rufuz Mitchell - Måned siden
@NINE LIVES DA MOVEMENT yeah i think so. If you like Star Wars of course and flight sim dogfighters. Graphically it looks pretty good. Only peeve i have is the double click R3 for freelook
Is the ps4 version worth buying?
Outogetyou Gotyou
Outogetyou Gotyou - Måned siden
This game is shit.
fu hoo
fu hoo - Måned siden
the characters are lame. the story is mediocre. the multiplayer is ok so far. i would like to try it in vr someday.
Efficiency Gaming
Efficiency Gaming - Måned siden
It's the only way to play, if you're not in VR you're not getting the full experience
Gangamaya Chettri
Gangamaya Chettri - Måned siden
No ghost in here
Kaj - Måned siden
This game looks like it came out 15 years ago
A Champion
A Champion - Måned siden
Trikk - Måned siden
Fuck that looks shit as...
ATeamFan007 - Måned siden
No different than the star fighter battles in Battlefront, just avoid the players and attack the main ships lol
AG Sakura
AG Sakura - Måned siden
Matchmaking seems pretty low end and the wait times are atrocious.
Spirit 117
Spirit 117 - Måned siden
I've never had to wait more than 30 seconds for a match.
zlkimagenX - Måned siden
well I mean the games not out yet, so of course there are not a lot of players.
Tubz - Måned siden
I go d this game terribly borimg to watch. But playing it is actually great. Its a good balance between arcade and simulation. Although, its not for everyone. If you dont like this game, I recommend Elite Dangerous.
Shannon Patten
Shannon Patten - Måned siden
That game looks pretty good
Strong Wimen
Strong Wimen - Måned siden
Why is the video in 30 fps? :(
HUNTER GAMER - Måned siden
Pls check my channel pls just see it pls pls
CamG4Real B
CamG4Real B - Måned siden
Elites Dangerous Star Wars universe multiplayer merge would be crazy
Leo Schuh
Leo Schuh - Måned siden
ahhh finally not a COD warzone video xD
Bansheedo - Måned siden
I can do this in battlefront 2 and also fight in it this game is absolutely garbage sorry but it is
Tubz - Måned siden
But you cant drift
Mankmemes - Måned siden
Is this canon?
Nun Ya
Nun Ya - Måned siden
The reason the Interceptor is so fast and powerful is because it has NO SHIELDS
Spiritfox60 - Måned siden
He keeps saying he puts shields forward, and then there's me like "ummm...TIE's don't have shields..."
Hari Slade
Hari Slade - Måned siden
Never seen Spaceballs!!
SublimeSparo - Måned siden
Another migraine/headache cure is to dab a little salt on a fingertip an let it dissolve under your tongue
CFC Ralph
CFC Ralph - Måned siden
The game is so shit don’t get it just battle front fighter squadron
Gabriele .Colombo-Dj
Gabriele .Colombo-Dj - Måned siden
graphics are really cheap even for a 40$ game. this thing should be free with microtransactions, it's a multiplayer-centerd game
Lion_Turtle - Måned siden
So far, it seems most of your deaths in this game come from people who just completely throttle down and just sit still while rotating to shoot. That seems really dumb in my opinion.
Cruster Master
Cruster Master - Måned siden
Thats the meta
Spirit 117
Spirit 117 - Måned siden
That tactic is super easy to counter in a TIE, shunt power to engines and boost/drift off, they won't be able to lead you properly, you can countermeasure (or try to dodge) a missile, and they likely won't be able to follow/catch you in time because they probably don't have any power to engines. Come around for another pass when you are turned around and out of range.
Andrew Landreville
Andrew Landreville - Måned siden
Lol, that's how I get my kills. Lol
Cody Lucas
Cody Lucas - Måned siden
this was one of the worst reviews I've ever seen
Byron Gibson
Byron Gibson - Måned siden
Im loving this game just wish u could look behind you starfighter and fly in reverse
MatrixOfDoom - Måned siden
Jack you really need to get a hotas you'll crash into stuff way less
I was Here
I was Here - Måned siden
I avoided Star Wars for so many years but honestly after playing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.
I definitely want to get back into Star Wars. Just watched The Mandalorian which was a fun show.
Slykillful - Måned siden
Fallen order was so good! Loved it!
Vibez - Måned siden
Same , Star Wars battlefront was free for ps plus and got me really into Star Wars watched all the movies and almost done with rebel’s
I was Here
I was Here - Måned siden
Id love a steam code
Death_Chef 420
Death_Chef 420 - Måned siden
Hi everyone I just made a bf4 quickscope montage if anyone likes that stuff
AK TREVOR - Måned siden
Hey Jack!
I would like to see you play warzone with @metaphor
Navylian - Måned siden
The fly on the the same spot floating makes no sense and breaks the inmersion tbh. The rest seems ok but it should be a BF2 DLC xD.
Orange Rithley
Orange Rithley - Måned siden
interceptors are made for dogfights
Orange Rithley
Orange Rithley - Måned siden
you know you're screwed if you're up against War thunder pilot
Panda Ramsey O'driscoll
Panda Ramsey O'driscoll - Måned siden
This doesn’t look that good sorry to say I won’t be buying it
Talbot Spraker
Talbot Spraker - Måned siden
Day 2 of Calling Jack a QT until he notices
glen herron
glen herron - Måned siden
you should do at least one run with vr
Marco Nadal
Marco Nadal - Måned siden
I hope it become F2P, for to play it all togheter.
Shredd - Måned siden
Lol it won't
The Tension is Palpable
The Tension is Palpable - Måned siden
People should take into account that this is practically half the normal price of a new game before hating
Tubz - Måned siden
@Chris C. Thats why i havnt had it then. I play on console
Chris C.
Chris C. - Måned siden
@Tubz It's a PC problem. One that makes it impossible to enjoy if you're used to playing at 144FPS.
Tubz - Måned siden
@Blayne Plessner I see. This is a PC problem I would presume? Thats probably why i dont have it. If its not a PC problem, then i am just lucky.
Blayne Plessner
Blayne Plessner - Måned siden
@Tubz ATM the 144hz bug everyone has going on. but even after that. I get it running smoothly on 60fps. Then I get in a new game and it's like it just reset my settings
NICK - Måned siden
@Jojo Taro the game isn't made to be a story game, its multiplayer centric
عباس هيبة
عباس هيبة - Måned siden
Asimilar game on android from 2 years called star combat online but after 2 year its stil in alpha
medovk - Måned siden
siri really likes you, when i watch your videos on my ipad it sometimes turns on as well
PotatoesNinja - Måned siden
Is it just me or that graphics look worse compared to Battlefront 2?
Nice Me
Nice Me - Måned siden
it does. its kind of weird actually
Derek Moore
Derek Moore - Måned siden
They had to water down the graphics for a decent VR experience on consoles and midrange PCs because it's cross platform. But they still botched it and the game is internally capped at 60fps despite what it reports which results in a terrible VR experience. But there are a lot of people who don't notice because they're not sensitive to ghosting and low frame rates.
RAS - Måned siden
The game looks quite boring.
Callsign Ohmitted
Callsign Ohmitted - Måned siden
Loving the YT comments full of yes men when this game is literally reheated battlefront 2 content. It'll be free on origin by Christmas.