Star Wars Squadrons Single Player Gameplay in 4K!

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Star Wars Squadrons gameplay in 4K looks incredible! Let's play through the first few hours and pew pew some ships! Become a member - noburn.infojoin Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
Runtime: 1:53:43


Fog's Kiss
Fog's Kiss - Dag siden
I bought this and am really loving it so far. It's always been a dream of mine to pilot some of these ships, which is a dubious proposition given that they're fictional. 🤔
Fgg koff
Fgg koff - 3 dager siden
I like Jack said "Do it" haha
Wo Yo I'm Ben
Wo Yo I'm Ben - 3 dager siden
Really?.. they couldn’t get James Earl Jones?
DailyPlayers - 9 dager siden
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TheViKingTW - 13 dager siden
Rebel squad: ugly aliens.
Titan squadron: sexy women. :D
Travis Wirth
Travis Wirth - 13 dager siden
Rebel Assault II memories... Missed the iconic music tho.
wout _0432
wout _0432 - 15 dager siden
This game look terrible star wars b2 is so much better
Berlian Syafaat
Berlian Syafaat - 16 dager siden
that tie-fighter thruster sound man, goosebumps
Tre Wright
Tre Wright - 18 dager siden
The time medals are the hardest ones to get IMO
Anton Dutsov
Anton Dutsov - 21 dag siden
The plot and gameplay reminded me so much for Starlancer. . .
N A - 23 dager siden
Looks unfinished. Ship destruction animations are janky. The smoke effect in cockpit is janky. Cockpit rendering looks ok but rushed. Gameplay looks rushed and twitch based which is fine but lacks the depth the original game had.
Overall I’m glad I didn’t buy but thanks for doing this playthrough!
Zer0kbps - 26 dager siden
I'd feel the need to run this game at vga res lol
Trump - Måned siden
“Muh diversity!!!”
Ghostx357 - Måned siden
looks good though is there afull empire campaing?
Kubilay Koyuncu
Kubilay Koyuncu - Måned siden
26:30 He lied to you yesshh :D
Hornet Gaming
Hornet Gaming - Måned siden
Looks like Star Wars: X-wing vs Tie Fighter, had some great times as a kid playing that.
Yorutamashi - Måned siden
I wanna play this game in VR for immersiveness, but in the psvr everything looks like 1980's graphics :/
Ted Draper
Ted Draper - Måned siden
Looks pretty repetitive. You'd have to REALLY love flying and Star Wars. Thanks for the video, Jack. Saved me some fish.
Michael D.
Michael D. - Måned siden
This must be legendary in vr
The not responder boi
The not responder boi - Måned siden
If you want to know more ship's you should watch star wars rebels
L0ngbon3 - Måned siden
What 4k Monitor does jack use?
S4WT00TH - Måned siden
i think it "looks" great but...the gameplay seems REALLY repetitive.
Mera Numonpur
Mera Numonpur - Måned siden
There is sound in the vacuum of space since there is no air. Wtf lol
cody leslie
cody leslie - Måned siden
Its starwars... it's a tradition to have sound in space
PM Jannot
PM Jannot - Måned siden
That humanization of imperial soldiers is just not understanding what Lucas intended. And forced diversity makes it worse. They’re supposed to be space nazis, figuratively, so machine like soldiers with no individuality. Disney does not understand Star Wars and is destroying it...
PH5121 - Måned siden
(Paelleon and Dalla look at you disapprovingly.)
Marcelo Santos
Marcelo Santos - Måned siden
Hi Jackfrags! Hi guys!!! It´s to worth to buy for USD35,93 / 30,40 euros here in Brasil? I thought that is...thanks to this Jackfrags "show and tell" on the campaign!!!
For me @jackfrags it is like a "Sir David Attenborough" of video games!!! Thanks a lot!!!
Armando viana avo
Armando viana avo - Måned siden
Tanks for sharing was great, hi from suisse
ARTY FOXY - Måned siden
when i downloaded: Error
Your nvida driver is... Nvm just play something else like Just Cause 3
MrKaataan - Måned siden
What a shitty game
K h
K h - Måned siden
the woke affirmative action is strong in this one😂
debonairgallant - Måned siden
Should have used cut scenes from TIE Fighter anime, missed opportunity
Lordp00m - Måned siden
It looks great, probably even better in VR. But not being able to walk around is really a bummer. Also not being able to choose your replies makes the character relations seem somewhat shallow. The flying seems kinda nice though.
Vlad Tepes
Vlad Tepes - Måned siden
I think this game was complete garbage! I'm a starwars fan boy, but.. This was just terrible!,.. Refund!!!
Stealthy Beaver
Stealthy Beaver - Måned siden
Looks good but feel like the destroyers seem too small and would be cool to actually fly next to them and appreciate the size and detail
Tyrannis - Måned siden
Javes: Ramirez, take out that Star Destroyer!
Forrest Charles
Forrest Charles - Måned siden
Is this game vr only ?
Jason Vega
Jason Vega - Måned siden
wish they could make an open universe sandbox like this
Flavio Sonanini
Flavio Sonanini - Måned siden
they rather work on battlefront 3 this looks like it gets boring after one day playing
Chris Morris
Chris Morris - Måned siden
Enemy Mine Dude....
Maximus Eads
Maximus Eads - Måned siden
Excellent! Now, everyone go play Elite Dangerous
Jaime-Wolf - Måned siden
That one ship isn't a venator looks similar to a acclimator class but doesnt have the oval on top
Jaime-Wolf - Måned siden
Man this engine needs to be brought over to mechwarrior lol
Zachary Sage
Zachary Sage - Måned siden
Absolutely captivating!
Alihan Tavşan
Alihan Tavşan - Måned siden
this game makes me headache man
Hamza Zahir
Hamza Zahir - Måned siden
Jackfrags @ 28:24
Crimson's Beard
Crimson's Beard - Måned siden
My soul died during the dialogue scenes
ToBeOrNotToBe - Måned siden
Did you play as We or They? Haha
Hisame Symouri
Hisame Symouri - Måned siden
I really hope they make a clome wars DLC or another one based in the clone wars.....would be badass to play as a clone pilot through the entire clone wars.
Good Putin
Good Putin - Måned siden
They aren't.
Sparky - Måned siden
I will buy it tomorrow...looks great 🤩
Den of Dragons
Den of Dragons - Måned siden
i cant get it to stream on OBS.. anyone have any clue how to get it to work?
Jesala Ålander
Jesala Ålander - Måned siden
why the intro kinda gives me a assassins creed vibe ahahaha lol xD
CottonClips - Måned siden
"My Echo 2..not like this" 😄
SG-8 - Måned siden
Why they never give us a choice to one of the other? like me I’m a empire fan why do I need to fight against them it’s sad! but looks good and I will try it out
TheeJeffrocco - Måned siden
Looks super boring to me, sorry
Luke Forgan
Luke Forgan - Måned siden
Vaders voice completely mashed Jesus
Dr Bullet
Dr Bullet - Måned siden
A new unrushed star wars pod racer is what i for this..its rushed.
Doğukan YEL
Doğukan YEL - Måned siden
lauritz Tangen
lauritz Tangen - Måned siden
This looks absolutely crazy wtf
Andre Alexander jr.
Andre Alexander jr. - Måned siden
You really didn’t pay attention when they said follow
George Hillier
George Hillier - Måned siden
Is the whole game in first person, or can you shift to 3rd person view at all?
Mattt - Måned siden
In game cutscenes look far better than the cinematics. A lot of screen tearing though, did you not have Vsync on?
The Spartan19
The Spartan19 - Måned siden
Wait a second...was that an Asian Jon Snow?. lol
Phill2K - Måned siden
give us more of that single player
Benny Nunn
Benny Nunn - Måned siden
Looks like an android phone game
Badm1234 - Måned siden
Is there a fixed battlefield in SP?
Vale Too
Vale Too - Måned siden
battlefront II is better
AyaneOfDeath - Måned siden
I just couldnt resist and bought it even thought i have many many Games before me sigh.
Tony 289
Tony 289 - Måned siden
Dude my game gets stuck on that drift tutorial
Michael Grady-Dent
Michael Grady-Dent - Måned siden
on playing this in VR with Thrustmaster hotas one and wow amazing! Give it a go Jack
Grim - Måned siden
That screen tearing.
Ondra Kindl
Ondra Kindl - Måned siden
It looks like Elite Dangerous with autism...but loot more expensive
blasted - Måned siden
vanguard 5 is literally Ramirez in star wars
DimmerSteam - Måned siden
All this video has done is show me that jack doesn't know how to read or listen
Justin - Måned siden
i dont know if its appropriate say this or not but.......... (spoiler alert)

frist looking kinda sus
Anton Swedberg
Anton Swedberg - Måned siden
Have you ever seen Daisy Riddley? xD
Anton Swedberg
Anton Swedberg - Måned siden
@PepeHands he said he chose that girl character because "she looked like daisy riddley", which I find is not the case at all
PepeHands - Måned siden
Anton Swedberg huh
Maťko McQueen
Maťko McQueen - Måned siden
Love your vids
Farhang Shekhani
Farhang Shekhani - Måned siden
Looks bit boring
jeremy peterson
jeremy peterson - Måned siden
i watched first mission and your idoit self could not even figure what to do. the commander tells you what to do
jeremy peterson
jeremy peterson - Måned siden
can you shut up and just play
Jose Manuel Saavedra
Jose Manuel Saavedra - Måned siden
Looks so boring and basic.
Mr AllenIverson
Mr AllenIverson - Måned siden
I can not get past the part where you follow frisk in space. He goes a certain way and quits talking before he says its imperial or something. Then just flys in circles help..
Apo Pao
Apo Pao - Måned siden
I need VR
S J - Måned siden
I wish star wars did a game like star citezen be amazing mmo
yahuganja - Måned siden
The TIE fighter cockpit looks like a design fail. The pilot cannot see either to the left or right.
yahuganja - Måned siden
@Trigger Still sounds like an imperial designer who hasn't finished school 😂
Trigger - Måned siden
That's...what a TIE cockpit looks the other material, they were meant to be cheap and expendible.
override83 - Måned siden
I really hope this game re-ignites the love and interest in flight sims, especially for Star Wars.
If it does, it could lead to a potential remaster of TIE Fighter and X-Wing, and everything else that was released during the 90's.
I still play TIE Fighter from time to time. The music and game play really draw you in. I hope this game succeeds enough to warrant post game releases.
Titanium Ursa
Titanium Ursa - Måned siden
Frisk's voice reminds me of Ghouls from Fallout 4 specifically.
Jsweizston - Måned siden
Charon from Fallout 3 is what they remind me of.
AfTeRhOuRs9 9
AfTeRhOuRs9 9 - Måned siden
Are you going to carry on with this
mocaxu - Måned siden
can't play as imperial exclusively?
μ0riaL - Måned siden
3:04 Lmao is this Darth Vaders voice...!?!? O.o Only Disney would do this blasphemy. Nothing new here... Casualy Disney fucking things up xD
Tyler Maxwell
Tyler Maxwell - Måned siden
It feels like watching the movies
mr_ako - Måned siden
what a shit story...sw is forever doomed
Julien Verveer
Julien Verveer - Måned siden
This looks so realistic man... At first I thought I was looking at an acted cutscene!
Yoni Rais
Yoni Rais - Måned siden
I'm pretty sure gunny is a mimbanese
we really haven't seen much of them at all but their planet Mimban appeared on the solo movie (the mud planet where Han meets chewie and the rest of the crew)
haya combine haylayf2
haya combine haylayf2 - Måned siden
pew pew pew
Rayrulesohye - Måned siden
looks awful lol
Droidz Hunterz
Droidz Hunterz - Måned siden
what a boring ass game
Tamás Kerecsényi
Tamás Kerecsényi - Måned siden
Looks like writing is still retarded. I mean how did the star destroyer shoot down the imperial carriers without any targeting systems.... so looks like plot armor is best armor, rebel ships can't be shot without targeting but not imp ships .......
Also enemy TIE fighters dying the 2 shots, X-Wing can take hundreds of hits xD
Can Gadirli
Can Gadirli - Måned siden
Have this game story mode?
Tommy Thärning
Tommy Thärning - Måned siden
Its a shame theres no music, that really set the mood in Tie fighter and xwing. but maybe its just due to copyright its shut off?
Noa Karlsson
Noa Karlsson - Måned siden
Yeah he turned it off, otherwise he would be ruined by NOburn
Jispy - Måned siden
What is this man's specs
John B
John B - Måned siden
45 mins in and not a single white dude shown. Yikes.