Watch Dogs Legion - 4K Gameplay and First Impressions!

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Watch Dogs Legion gameplay Walkthrough. Let's play through the start of the game and explore London! Become a member - noburn.infojoin Thanks to UBISOFT for the early code. Leave a LIKE and a comment, cheers for watching.
Runtime: 2:23:34


huntii - 12 dager siden
He drives like a britain
Rover Koech
Rover Koech - 13 dager siden
31:12 braap
Dave Kerryvane
Dave Kerryvane - 14 dager siden
Best part of this vod was your impromptu beatboxing dude!!!
Johnny - 16 dager siden
The House of Commons looks like when they voted on the NHS pay rise. No fucker there.
JM Ayala
JM Ayala - 20 dager siden
What PC components and settings are you using for this at 4K? Seems like you're getting a smooth framerate.
noobinator Simelane
noobinator Simelane - 20 dager siden
Random Karen: @25:33
Travis Wirth
Travis Wirth - 21 dag siden
The British accents were better in AC Unity....which was set in Paris!!
NaHleBNicK - 22 dager siden
How u installed this game?
User_NekoPoi - 24 dager siden
1:45:32 my last brain cell during math exam.
Mr Sin
Mr Sin - 25 dager siden
Pov: your looking for the f-word count
phuzzz82 - 25 dager siden
so this is like pre-programming us to what the future holds
PipBoy - 27 dager siden
Game looks super dull, boring and most importantly its ugly as f.
James Ryan
James Ryan - 28 dager siden
wow what a load of tripe
Aayush Pandey
Aayush Pandey - 28 dager siden
ting go.....BRAP!
Paul Clark
Paul Clark - 28 dager siden
The robot voice is worse than Peter Dinklage in OG Destiny.
Paul Clark
Paul Clark - 28 dager siden
Really grinds my gears.
Scott Princep
Scott Princep - 29 dager siden
To recruit the Queen she'll ask you to assassinate someone she doesn't like lmao
Jason Soares
Jason Soares - 29 dager siden
Wow Dalton sounds like Tom Hardy 😂
GraphicsWhore - 29 dager siden
henry stritzke
henry stritzke - 29 dager siden
the voice acting sucks but the rest of the game looks good
Aaron Simkin
Aaron Simkin - Måned siden
Getaway vibes anyone?
Dark Frame_123
Dark Frame_123 - Måned siden
374819203647352 bye bye in 3 mins alles weg
Dark Frame_123
Dark Frame_123 - Måned siden
Dark Frame_123
Dark Frame_123 - Måned siden
Dark Frame_123
Dark Frame_123 - Måned siden
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Dark Frame_123
Dark Frame_123 - Måned siden
Sollst deine Mutter anrufen
Nordkiinach - Måned siden
Damn Jack, it seeme like you have an Anti-Semite problem in your live chat.
Don't know if it's a problem to you though. Sounds like you're quite spiff about it.
Ben LeBlanc
Ben LeBlanc - 14 dager siden
Tf u taking about.
Sugar Hill
Sugar Hill - Måned siden
its always midday like skate 3
Raiden - Måned siden
Never again am I buying another watch dogs
Mish14 - Måned siden
JackFrags stealing a car: “get outta hea, get outta hea.
Player Character: GET THE F*** OUTTA HEA
Jack frags: 😳
segev - Måned siden
looks kinda weird but also ok i least no e3 lies....(wd1 e3 gameplay still looks better than wd3 "next gen" game)
Chris_ Robby
Chris_ Robby - Måned siden
The graphics seem kinda off. I can’t put my finger on it. The character models as well don’t look very well
5yen - Måned siden
This game puts WD 1 and 2 to shame with how horrible it looks and performs at launch. Another low for bugisoft
Gaming kid
Gaming kid - Måned siden
I'm definitely getting that game on Christmas

Is it the right decision???
ohmyremi - Måned siden
i need your version of game bljad
Cedric A. MIJARES - Måned siden
Gta in the future
Mr Jones
Mr Jones - Måned siden
The voice sync and voice talent used for the cringy characters have to be the absolute worst I've ever had the misfortune to hear in a top flagged video game. There's a laughable mixture of caricature cocky London wideboy mixed with Soho drag queen, stirred with good ol Brummie West Midlands soy boy and flamed over with Scooby Doo voicing just to completely wreck the franchise for good measure on what you may have liked from the straight laced WD1 and funny colorful WD2. Anyone buys this game needs to be waterboarded with soggy Scooby Snacks till Christmas.
FuMu - Måned siden
What an absolute cringefest
tuvtuv - Måned siden
What is your pc specs mate?)
Geomancer09 - Måned siden
Good thing is ray tracing only looks a tad better so 🤣😌
Brian Hutchison
Brian Hutchison - Måned siden
The work that must of went into that world! The scale is off the charts and the detail is awesome!
Superdelphinus - Måned siden
St James park not Hyde park
A YouTube Guy
A YouTube Guy - Måned siden
an of course it was downgraded
Rejo George
Rejo George - Måned siden
Horrible driving 😂
Default Dan
Default Dan - Måned siden
Am I the only one that thinks the graphics don't look that good?
DragFire - Måned siden
IN WATCH DOG LEGION WHAT WILL Happend if i turn OFF PERMADEATH?? reply if you know!
Tim - Måned siden
26:16 Pewds and Jack talking in their eastern European accents
William Hopp
William Hopp - Måned siden
The color grading in this game is whack.
Joshua Ripper
Joshua Ripper - Måned siden
Man you are such a badass beating up those female guards.
Steven Robinson
Steven Robinson - Måned siden
This comments section is full of entitled children who don't like anything.
That Dutch Guy
That Dutch Guy - Måned siden
Is it me or did Jack no exactly where to go, what to focus on and what to ignore up front?
Ad Zamree
Ad Zamree - Måned siden
Looks awesome
StevEazyB - Måned siden
I'd like to watch Jack play more of this, found it funny and entertaining.
Adele Steele
Adele Steele - Måned siden
If your are going to purchase or use a Uplay subscription, don't , I have a fairly 'beefy' gaming PC and has crashed twice before I even got to Safe-house after opening Prologue!
UltraJack299 - Måned siden
L Mazo
L Mazo - Måned siden
Am im the only one find London daylight lighting effect look dim, flat and unpolished
Sean H
Sean H - Måned siden
JACK! Do the whole game please!
TokyoKazama - Måned siden
30:20 wtf is this voice 😂😂😂
I can't tell if these games are a joke or not
DragFire - Måned siden
WHY IS IT SAYING - Pre-Purchase not ''buy'' ????????
whitenight369 - Måned siden
Is this with Texture pack installed?
The Uncommon n00b
The Uncommon n00b - Måned siden
voices dont sound right with ur characters its weird
I Do It All
I Do It All - Måned siden
Downlaod the game from my channel :D
Vignesh Kannan
Vignesh Kannan - Måned siden
I get anxieties everytime you start driving.
PDesigner - Måned siden
Are you play with ray tracing on? Which graphics card do you use to play this game RTX 3080?
Kenneth Billings
Kenneth Billings - Måned siden
So why is it not Londanstan yet? Like the real London
Texas Viking
Texas Viking - Måned siden
The car you were driving is a clone of a civic type r
Alex Sp
Alex Sp - Måned siden
This looks pants.
Rando Stuff
Rando Stuff - Måned siden
Those lies "iv never played it from the start" goes into menu where it says "continue game"...
ThEfextor - Måned siden
Xaxos92 - Måned siden
British GTA
Jonas Dietrich
Jonas Dietrich - Måned siden
I have to admit, unlike the trailers, the actual gameplay doesn´t convince me too much.
Mladen Milicevic
Mladen Milicevic - Måned siden
Looks amazing!
10whiten99 - Måned siden
Textures seem a bit flat
NeedyDawg - Måned siden
12:12 another fkn game where bullets come out of the crosshair and not the weapon, can nobody get this right for third person games? jesus christ
Leevi Heiskanen
Leevi Heiskanen - Måned siden
So this is like Shadow of War but more realistic ?
NLrenzo - Måned siden
So what is your skill?
“Full auto SMG”
Tsetso Angelov
Tsetso Angelov - Måned siden
this game in 2020 wtf :D
Kayoken - Måned siden
KI are tooooooo easy and dumb . no challenge. . you feel anytime like godmode
Liam Johnson
Liam Johnson - Måned siden
Did he have AA turned off? Would rather play Ultra 1080p with AA than 4K.
C Wood
C Wood - Måned siden
I want to buy this today but I’m going to wait until I get my series X to see the true potential.
3-Y Ɩןן
3-Y Ɩןן - Måned siden
What a asshole game
Jade Lettherd
Jade Lettherd - Måned siden
GK GAMING - Måned siden
Looks kinda underwhelming
Dom Krall
Dom Krall - Måned siden
40:35 Ah yes, tower bridge
Agriculture Nivithigala
Agriculture Nivithigala - Måned siden
After lion kolla
ExecutorQ3 - Måned siden
the game looks for way too stupid... so yeah, it's watch dogs.... i'm gonna pass again
joel russell
joel russell - Måned siden
Looks too easy
KING 1 - Måned siden
I cant wait to play this
DDG 28
DDG 28 - Måned siden
Game is gonna get boring fast...
אלון ראובן
אלון ראובן - Måned siden
i wonder how london people like this game what do they think about the story ?
secondly your pc seems to run it really smoothly what graphics card do you use?
Linda Thompson
Linda Thompson - Måned siden
This games visuals and character design look really ugly
The Defector
The Defector - Måned siden
1:47:31 ehm... don’t try Ignore that Jack
Kera Maria
Kera Maria - Måned siden
Reminds my playing saint row 2
Bruce Moffat
Bruce Moffat - Måned siden
Not everyone from London talks like this ffs
Bruce Moffat
Bruce Moffat - Måned siden
It’s building suite, that’s why they are so high. Have to by law have a loo on site
David Slinger
David Slinger - Måned siden
Is swearing every other line of dialogue really what people want? Seems unsophisticated to me.
Yousif AlYaqoub
Yousif AlYaqoub - Måned siden
me begs my mom for a gamming pc
27:25 finds one in sewer
Leah Cudna
Leah Cudna - Måned siden
Maybe Judith is trans :P
Johan Svensen
Johan Svensen - Måned siden
Definitely a man
Matt W
Matt W - Måned siden
FPS ???
Buckhead Blue
Buckhead Blue - Måned siden
Why is was everyone hating on it in this livestream the graphics are pretty good but just cuz it doesnt look like rdr2 doesntvmean anything. I mean I saw people saying to uninstall the game I mean you haven't even played stop making some stupid opinion about it. Its focused on gameplay and overall the gameplay is good it's just that we didnt see alot since jack was mainly driving around. Jesus