Watch Dogs Legion - 4K Gameplay is NUTS!

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Watch Dogs Legion in 4K 60fps is nice! Playing on an RTX 3090 and continuing the game. Thanks to Nvidia for Sponsoring, learn more about the 30 series - Become a member - noburn.infojoin Leave a LIKE and a comment, cheers for watching.
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RESPONDI433 - 6 dager siden
I used the freight drone to get around this one, drones next to this stadium.
There's so many ways lol.
Rob zombieX
Rob zombieX - 7 dager siden
Why are there so few videos of this game its like everyone just stopped playing or streaming 🤔
l33t4288 - 17 dager siden
All those autonomous cars driving around but no one in the back-seat. What a joke Ubi. I would’ve bought Valhalla if you hadn’t fked me over for this game. And the audacity of IGN/Gamespot giving this 8/10...
kn1ght_616 - 17 dager siden
captain america winter soldier this. also, when will stream the rest of it, if indeed you plan to?
adrian lawson
adrian lawson - 18 dager siden
So this is what Romesh Ranganathan does when he’s not on TV.
Jim - 18 dager siden
Hey Jack, as someone who loves driving in games like GTA I got some tips:
- look ahead for obstacles
- ALWAYS make sharp turns with the handbrake for dramatic effect.
- play music that makes you feel like baby driver.
- be conservative, it's better to maintain speed by slowing down sometimes than it is to drive like max Verstappen and come to a very sudden stop against an oncoming car.
MARP00N - 15 dager siden
delete this
Galaxy YT
Galaxy YT - 18 dager siden
America: rtx 3090
Britain: ryx firty nighty
CrazySmash Vlad
CrazySmash Vlad - 19 dager siden
2:05 Carbox... really? I knew this is a joke of a game but that takes it to the next level of weird.
r g
r g - 19 dager siden
imagine the new GTA.
Bryce MacGillivray
Bryce MacGillivray - 19 dager siden
This guy over here imitating/ mocking the Bri-ish voice acting like he isn’t one himself 😂😉
TheGamerZak - 19 dager siden
That 'ahmm ahmm' in the beginning of video was 😂😂
BossProductions - 20 dager siden
Was gassed to hear a game was set in my city, but after looking at the gameplay I couldn't be less interested. Looks wank
itsnova Louise
itsnova Louise - 20 dager siden
The puzzles always kill watch dogs . Just kills the flow
tgrkiller - 20 dager siden
Honestly I'm screaming at my screen watching you do the puzzles.. they aint that hard xD
naz shugufta
naz shugufta - 20 dager siden
Pls get off and play warzone
-AbPz- Gaming
-AbPz- Gaming - 20 dager siden
Hmm. No
ThothHeartMaat - 20 dager siden
Nice little visit to chaz...
Oliver 01
Oliver 01 - 21 dag siden
This game is a boring peice of spunk bubble
Ginja Nuttah Gaming
Ginja Nuttah Gaming - 21 dag siden
Alright bro I've founded the MILLIONAIRE EXPLOIT on my new channel bro feel free to use my content bro 👍
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha - 21 dag siden
Seems like a boring version of the getaway, less thrills less urgency!
Kadir Bullang
Kadir Bullang - 21 dag siden
25:16 that grandma just parkoured the wall. 🤣
DarkLord tK
DarkLord tK - 21 dag siden
The entire watchdogs franchise requires a specific play style to enjoy the games that being said it's literally assassin's creed in a modern setting they're stealth games where using guns should always be a last resort
odotsheaman - 21 dag siden
I really wanna see if you can go to my house in this game
Dovahkiin KhajiitMaster
Dovahkiin KhajiitMaster - 21 dag siden
Are the hacking puzzles annoying like in Watch Dogs 2? Some of the puzzles got really repetitive and annoying.
Funk Sunbeam
Funk Sunbeam - 21 dag siden
Damn this game is whack af. Leave you a like anyways.
S Pahad
S Pahad - 21 dag siden
do you have a driving license? lol
SwissBro1400 - 21 dag siden
you could easy get 60fps without dlss which looks crap...
BadgerLovingFluffster - 21 dag siden
The gameplay is amazing as the geography is spot on, but those accents!
Hibah Shahzad
Hibah Shahzad - 21 dag siden
Watch dogs legion might be good but it can never beat gta 5
Valentino NJ
Valentino NJ - 21 dag siden
movements look so shit
D Jam
D Jam - 21 dag siden
how are you running this so smoothly at 4k max settings?? iv seen other 3090 videos running this game and the fps tanks in the 40s...
Abe Hartshorne
Abe Hartshorne - 22 dager siden
Nice, it's always good to see some different games
Ivan Nikolov
Ivan Nikolov - 22 dager siden
Ngl the last sounds in the catacombs had me shook
gazaine wise-one
gazaine wise-one - 22 dager siden
1:07:18 Yeah Jack... Even Jamaican Voice sounds force...
Rhodri Kneath
Rhodri Kneath - 22 dager siden
Living these streams. Good pace for for midweek watching. Plus always helps when it's a good looking game (the store has caught my interest) keep up the good work I hope there's more parts to this watch dog.
Marex Ciecinski
Marex Ciecinski - 22 dager siden
1h 9 min 20 sec Polish language 🤣
Carl Matalote
Carl Matalote - 22 dager siden
apart from the voice acting being off, the game is pretty fun. I have not progress through the story cos I have been recruiting and getting tech points hahahahaha
Robonator - 22 dager siden
I cant quite agree because to me, Legion is a weird game. Its so beautiful, yet so ugly at the same time. Its really inconsistent
Timothy Giron
Timothy Giron - 22 dager siden
Bruv you're killing innocent people while driving 🤣
MrFireVirus - 22 dager siden
Graphics are OK i guess, but i realy don't like the style
Luke Hannon
Luke Hannon - 22 dager siden
Wow yet another shower of shit of a game
R Slickerz
R Slickerz - 22 dager siden
Around 5:00 reminds me of the division 2
6401gabriel - 22 dager siden
This game is what antifa think they are
the ping
the ping - 22 dager siden
people : u should never hit a lady.
jack: unless they push you while playing darts. Then you go john wick on her.
_Hamzaplays_ - 22 dager siden
Jabba Barrz
Jabba Barrz - 22 dager siden
Luke Murphy
Luke Murphy - 22 dager siden
Jack next episode find mi6 and get a John wick recruit
nnn - Ryk c.a.
nnn - Ryk c.a. - 22 dager siden
wtf that was boring as hell.
Miirakk - 22 dager siden
this game is ass, games coming out now all they have is graphics, cant break cars, knock down trees, some plants are like rocks, its grabage.
Thomas Leaf
Thomas Leaf - 22 dager siden
the more i see of this game the more soulless and toothless it feels. the contrasting tone of that goofy AI and proc-gen NPCs clash with the grim-dark aspects of the world and narrative. But watching Ozzyman do playthroughs is always good for a laugh.
Devansh Parmar
Devansh Parmar - 22 dager siden
At beginning I was like "is my headphone not working"
Bralen Dennis
Bralen Dennis - 22 dager siden
What I like about this game is the combat, you actually get to kick people ass. And its not automated combat.
DarkLord tK
DarkLord tK - 21 dag siden
It's an improvement over 2s one hit melee thats for sure and im glad they brought back the gun executions/takedowns from the first game
stin987 - 22 dager siden
This game looks boring.
OneDay - 22 dager siden
I can't get over those facial animations they are just awful.
Kevin Shelene
Kevin Shelene - 22 dager siden
Nice stream!!! Plot was from Star Gate SG1 show. Daniel Jackson. I remember it clearly. Same plot exactly. In show they used, what they called Alien Technology but he learn that much post is to much for one person much like the plot of this game.
Annon_ - 22 dager siden
It feels good to play watch dogs again.
Danius CA
Danius CA - 22 dager siden
Game is not good!
beakerman007 - 22 dager siden
Watching you do the puzzles is super painful.
atomic rabbit
atomic rabbit - 22 dager siden
Love your single player playthroughs. I'm so busy nowadays I rarely get to play games anymore. Guess you can say I'm living vicariously through you. Keep it up.
ringosis - 22 dager siden
51:00 someone asks how accurate it is. Have to say, as a Londoner for the past 15 years, the locations are unrecognisable. Big buildings are in the right place so stuff in the distance generally looks ok, but the up close detail is severely lacking. Most of the stuff at the street level just seems to be randomly placed. I actually used to work in a building that should be on the road he drove down after getting off the drone. Despite being extremely familiar with the location, probably walked/cycled down that road thousands of times, I couldn't tell it was meant to be Stamford Street until he got to the iMax.
As an example, after he goes under the bridge after the iMax, the circular blue building, the next left is the bus/taxi/loading lanes for Waterloo station. In the game it's just another road. Then there's a big steel foot bridge over the road directly after that which isn't there. None of those buildings look like that. After that the road turns left into pure fantasy, that place does not exist at all in real life.
Basically it looks cosmetically similar if you aren't paying attention. Not much more than than that. Not even the layout of the roads is accurate. It's iconic buildings and roads plonked down, and then the rest filled in to look vaguely correct.
Modern Blaster
Modern Blaster - 22 dager siden
I just made a Review of the game come check it out.
Vasily - 22 dager siden
it's Romesh
ikey07 - 22 dager siden
How does the map ends ?
Devlin Mason
Devlin Mason - 22 dager siden
Sounds like Richard Herring ..
BadMunkey 2.0
BadMunkey 2.0 - 22 dager siden
"My frames won't drop from 60"
чупакабрик - 22 dager siden
чел ты....
SKILL3TR - سكيلر
SKILL3TR - سكيلر - 22 dager siden
if the game is as good as it looks am happy
jackfrags - 22 dager siden
cheeky mic test at the start you weren't supposed to hear 👀
njuey - 12 dager siden
Just worried if you had something from last surgery. Keep healthy mate
super simp
super simp - 22 dager siden
Now that is quirky
Joan Zuniga
Joan Zuniga - 22 dager siden
it's ok i do that to
plopfish - 22 dager siden
I thought you were just role-playing as the guy on the motorcycle.
viraj Pawar
viraj Pawar - 22 dager siden
You can start every video like this 😄
Mr_fluff20 - 22 dager siden
If I didn't read the title I would have thout that this was gta v from the beginning
Christiaan van Arum
Christiaan van Arum - 22 dager siden
Sorry Jack, not going to buy this game, doesn’t seem intresting
JOPLAY X - 22 dager siden
O grafico desse jogo esta insano
desipher 0
desipher 0 - 22 dager siden
Geoff Leven
Geoff Leven - 22 dager siden
Hey @jackfrags, max fps aside, how is the consistancy of fps? Whats you set up, how smooth does it feel when you play, notice any stutter?
Ljuba I
Ljuba I - 22 dager siden
That poor girl at star of the video trying to pass throw wall
Watch dog shit...
Cirkux - 22 dager siden
OMG that graffiti. "Toast" - of London.
walter - 22 dager siden
Cirkux - 22 dager siden
Supressed weapons aren't very quiet though. Just less noisy.
Pixelock - 22 dager siden
Bullshit game
asapas8 - 22 dager siden
A 15e worth game
xXx xXx
xXx xXx - 22 dager siden
Jack is great but when he does the puzzles I scream at the screen like "JACK NO, NOT THIS ONE, YOU TURN THIS ONE, JACK NO, PLEASE AAAA". I still love you Jack, no homo
DairyFarmers III
DairyFarmers III - 22 dager siden
6:53 iT izzzz whattiitttt izzz
THE 53414
THE 53414 - 22 dager siden
Mason Troxler
Mason Troxler - 22 dager siden
this game looks so terrible it’s comical
Mason Troxler
Mason Troxler - 21 dag siden
@walter it really does lmao
walter - 22 dager siden
It kinda looks fan made lol
metalhead2550 - 22 dager siden
"Floating in the The-ames" Shame about the pronunciation!
Bob Marley
Bob Marley - 22 dager siden
Love the content but pls play Insurgency
Custard Captain
Custard Captain - 22 dager siden
Nothing bothers me as much as the voice and dialogue of Bagley. It is the absolute worst.
Oliver Wade
Oliver Wade - 22 dager siden
A tour of London with Jack Frags ❤️
Brian Montes
Brian Montes - 22 dager siden
Please keep the play through going...... don't let the flame die out
Ranger gamer
Ranger gamer - 22 dager siden
1:51:46 South African flag lol
The Late Shift
The Late Shift - 22 dager siden
You can collect everything and do all story missions in about 18 hours. It is brutally lacking content.
Niels X
Niels X - 22 dager siden
You left Motion Blur on Jack, I'm disappointed.
BoxOfCurryos - 21 dag siden
it’s a third person game dude
DAkAR - 22 dager siden
i wouldnt find shit either if i was running around blinkered :D
Phuc Uong
Phuc Uong - 22 dager siden
Watch Dogs 1 is even better compared to this shit.
Phuc Uong
Phuc Uong - 22 dager siden
This game feels like it was developed 6 months ago instead of 2 years. It's like Anthem all over again :(
Tomáš - 22 dager siden
Whats nuts about that? looks like 2012 game
gogreenbay949494 - 22 dager siden
How is he displaying FPS I’ve tried everything and can’t get FPS to display.
Reborn - 22 dager siden
He’s using shadow play to display the FPS, if you are using it and it’s enabled but not working, I had that problem but reinstalling GeForce experience fixed it for me.
Jakey boi
Jakey boi - 22 dager siden
Definitely a fun game finished already know need multiplayer to have fun with mate's.
Youtube Blaziknツ
Youtube Blaziknツ - 22 dager siden
Whoever is reading this: Your skin isn’t a paper don’t cut it Your body isn’t a book don’t judge it Your heart isn’t a door don’t lock it Your life isn’t a movie don’t end it Be you…stay safe (Btw small YouTuber just looking for your support) I did not create this quote
Youtube Blaziknツ
Youtube Blaziknツ - 22 dager siden
Whoever is reading this: Your skin isn’t a paper don’t cut it Your body isn’t a book don’t judge it Your heart isn’t a door don’t lock it Your life isn’t a movie don’t end it Be you…stay safe (Btw small YouTuber just looking for your support) I did not create this quote
AetherHorizon - 22 dager siden
Not impressed. Graphics could have some more work. Also the animations are stiff and less fluid and smooth. Rockstar's rdr2 and gta v beats this by a long shot
me me
me me - 22 dager siden
Rdr2 yes but not gt5
Wesler218 - 22 dager siden
Yup love how that npc walks into the wall. Nuts!