Winning a game of Hyperscape almost destroyed me...

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Hyperscape on PC is BY FAR the most difficult game I've ever attempted to win a Solo game of. This is my story. Play the game for free - CB Sponsored by Ubisoft. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
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Darkstorm Productions
Darkstorm Productions - 4 timer siden
tip: Use the dragonfly for mid to long range 3rd party engagements. Keep a ball around to get into zone fast or avoid enemies.
Loco doc
Loco doc - 6 dager siden
Will D
Will D - 20 dager siden
I won on my 4th game use komodo 👀😂
geo_K_gaming - Måned siden
It’s sad how this game died
Justin Chiasson
Justin Chiasson - Måned siden
Everyone should try this game
dewzs for headphone
dewzs for headphone - Måned siden
I love how you just have to fuse the guns for upgrade
lawrence robertson
lawrence robertson - Måned siden
elon musk meme review
Jeannie Ruusch
Jeannie Ruusch - Måned siden
life hacks
Axle Head
Axle Head - Måned siden
It really isn't that hard LOL
489shots1kill - Måned siden
Lol it’s so easy on console I have 36 wins in 1 month of playing
Dat Dude
Dat Dude - Måned siden
Epic gamer indeed
I won my 3rd game 😂
John Belser Music
John Belser Music - Måned siden
Are you Tyson Fury?
Bélala - Måned siden
The Crashish
The Crashish - Måned siden
Gg. Imma gonna have to look this game up
Jesse Marr
Jesse Marr - Måned siden
What a great video! I love how you take us along with your struggle for the win, and it definitely pays off! Couldn’t stop smiling when you finally get the victory.
Gabriel Pearlman
Gabriel Pearlman - Måned siden
8:46 phil swift here with flex tape!
rrs - Måned siden
Why did this game remind me so much of Unreal Tournament Classic?
exotic_aqxa - Måned siden
You should try solos hyper scape on console. Weirdly it's easier than squads there.
Keyboard Athlete
Keyboard Athlete - Måned siden
Holy shit that was exciting to watch.
Zy Fanatic
Zy Fanatic - Måned siden
Sp satifying when you get your first hyperscpae win.
ZER0 13420
ZER0 13420 - Måned siden
My only win is in solos I got it with no kills holding the crown at the end of the game for 60 seconds. Came close to a win with a team but we came in 3rd. The game is sweaty af.
Cloutzy - Måned siden
hyperscape is actually really easy all you have to do is never touch the dragonfly.
MasonMqm - Måned siden
What's the song at 3:00
MoonBtw - Måned siden
Super fun game wish more players played it
mistedシ - Måned siden
Anyone: looks at me
Me: 5:02
Robbie Jurca
Robbie Jurca - 2 måneder siden
luv this guy
skwigz21 - 2 måneder siden
Jesus if Jack is a casual wtf am I?
Samurai - 2 måneder siden
I know I can
Be what I wanna be
If I work hard at it
I'll be where I wanna be
Kyle - 2 måneder siden
what are those sniper bullet sounds? it sounds like you're slamming a door too hard not shooting a high velocity round.
aswin kuruvath
aswin kuruvath - 2 måneder siden
Sir Blitzitv
Sir Blitzitv - 2 måneder siden
man hyperscape is really hard wp bro good job :)
Mellow Minion
Mellow Minion - 2 måneder siden
Good stuff man! the win gave you adrenaline rush you had have to breath through your nose fast and long to counter it. your not out of shape Lol it happens to the best of us.
Striker - 2 måneder siden
i need somebody to see this if you are level 50 or above in hyperscape im pretty sure u almost threw your PC/console out the window after watching 3:21 he had the shield hack like bruh
Vinnie - 2 måneder siden
I was downloanding this when I heard Jack melee is a 1 hit kill . I stopped the fucking download
Some guy with beanie, hoodie and glasses
Can imagine quake players enjoy this game. Holy shit you gotta be good to be hit those enemies when moving this fast
Kevin V
Kevin V - 2 måneder siden
Lol the disappointed at 6:25 was palpable. Did you walk away from your desk? That's what it felt like.
harvey hunter
harvey hunter - 2 måneder siden
On console I managed to win a solo game with 3 kills in my first 18 matches
andreus torres
andreus torres - 2 måneder siden
-whats ur definition of a casual gamer? 🤔😂
Juicy Polar Bear
Juicy Polar Bear - 2 måneder siden
Noble Society Hyper Scape Team l Recruiting
Better than the last video i watched 💯💯👀👀
Charlie Coleman
Charlie Coleman - 2 måneder siden
dude I won within my first 25 match's
Logan Kempner
Logan Kempner - 2 måneder siden
It’s fun but there’s a ton of cheaters that use hexfire
MAHDI THM - 2 måneder siden
fur elise was a nice touch
Ghost Actual
Ghost Actual - 2 måneder siden
Need duos in this game
kai maier
kai maier - 2 måneder siden
Easier as Warzone in my opinion.
Harley Lowerhutt
Harley Lowerhutt - 2 måneder siden
This game sucks tbh also takes ages to find a match most times
Jok3r _Airsoft
Jok3r _Airsoft - 2 måneder siden
No joke I got a win my second game on solos the maxed out grenade launcher and smg is the meta
GoldCobra/ Arima
GoldCobra/ Arima - 2 måneder siden
Nah im done with this stupid batte royal bs...
Levi Prance
Levi Prance - 2 måneder siden
Use the riot one the bast weapon
Jasper - 2 måneder siden
Another game just like Warzone made to be soo hard to play that is just not fun. Can't believe they just can't make a game playable by normal people that have a life beyond these fucking games and just want to enjoy them once in a while!
MBM Barz
MBM Barz - 2 måneder siden
0:55 bruh everyone says this shit and it’s pissing me off, console it’s just as crazy, we just started the game later than everyone else so at first it wasn’t but bruh everyone use shot guns now or ripper or harpy instead of the hexfire when the game first came out, try to get a win on console, garante there’ll be a big ass challenge for you there and you can make the game just as fast paced, just depends if you gonna go out and fight or run away
bennybluntx Music
bennybluntx Music - 2 måneder siden
Hiding in a room with a shotgun. Garbage Player
Favour Ngirnyuy
Favour Ngirnyuy - 2 måneder siden
I have the game its wonderful. Although very hard
ilL mental
ilL mental - 2 måneder siden
i won my first solos without a kill
MR ZOLT - 2 måneder siden
the gameplay is so fast... i feel like getting a kill for a casual player like me will be difficult
Y3th yeth
Y3th yeth - 2 måneder siden
I'm level 30 and I still haven't gotten a win
Xy Anide
Xy Anide - 2 måneder siden
How is charlie so good at this game
Eoghan MacMathuna
Eoghan MacMathuna - 2 måneder siden
I won my fist game without even knowing
Label07 - 2 måneder siden
Which game was it where there was PVE objective and PVP included?
Abraham Lincoln who likes anime
Abraham Lincoln who likes anime - 2 måneder siden
My proudest kill was killing someone with shockwave 😂
Lil Boi's
Lil Boi's - 2 måneder siden
Is it free?
TheButterAnvil - 2 måneder siden
Inspiring journey jack. I'm gonna play warzone until I win today dammit
Paul Raistrick
Paul Raistrick - 2 måneder siden
Reminds me of the speed of Quake II... but far more complicated.
Geraint Evans
Geraint Evans - 2 måneder siden
I literally won on my second game LMAO
Zabil Qureshi
Zabil Qureshi - 2 måneder siden
Moonlight sonata in the background. Lit
Dayan Dansurun
Dayan Dansurun - 2 måneder siden
i cried at that ending
Fay Raymond
Fay Raymond - 2 måneder siden
3:25 it Triggers me- looking at the bottom of the screen and noticing that he had invulnerable ready and didn’t use it
Godslayxr - 2 måneder siden
Makes me feel like ive been bumping into way better players than he has, this seems like the people hes been going up against barely play the game at all. Feels like SBMM is in effect right now.
Rasmus Brege
Rasmus Brege - 2 måneder siden
Hyper scape is the shit! Skill is everything, holy shit I love this game!
Anastasi Laptev
Anastasi Laptev - 2 måneder siden
Ur right boss, this is such a hard, sweaty game
Jordan Mayer
Jordan Mayer - 2 måneder siden
You can use invisible to not take damage from the storm or what it is
Evan Nadeau
Evan Nadeau - 2 måneder siden
Nice one Jack!
dark744deer gaming
dark744deer gaming - 2 måneder siden
And soo many views you got.i did a record and I never got this much view.
dark744deer gaming
dark744deer gaming - 2 måneder siden
This is the easiest game I have ever played.i just amazed all the nubs saying this game is hard.this is 1 of the easiest game.if you wanna see the easiest way to win a game chack my channel
jonah Papalii
jonah Papalii - 2 måneder siden
3:29 you can use invulnerability for the collapsed sectors to not take damage you are invincible after all
parso~ - 2 måneder siden
First game back since the beta I won, must've got lucky 😂
Hayden Gordon
Hayden Gordon - 2 måneder siden
It took u 501 attempts for ONE? wtf 2020
Meatslicr McDuncan
Meatslicr McDuncan - 2 måneder siden
"Killed by nothing but my own incompetence" hahahaha! You're hopeles hilarious, thank you for the content.
Zdeněk Ch.
Zdeněk Ch. - 2 måneder siden
RIP Jack's 3 years of life, I did thumbs up for you♡
N0ahx - 2 måneder siden
3:20 that was painfully avoidable
N0ahx - 2 måneder siden
Won my first game in my first hour , solo. A few weeks after the release. 💀it’s not that hard
LTK ATLAS - 2 måneder siden
i won my first ever game i played on it :) 6 kills
RENZEENO - 2 måneder siden
Your a "casual gamer"? We must all be ass then
magnoliaz - 2 måneder siden
dawg they either gotta make guns stronger or lower the health, gunfights last wayyyyyy too long bro i can’t stand that shit
YTGreyGhost368 - 2 måneder siden
This is how many times the announcer said contender.
stephen duarte
stephen duarte - 2 måneder siden
Thank you jack this is going to help with player count in the game for sure
Mi9hty Limpit
Mi9hty Limpit - 2 måneder siden
Pick your fights and use the wall
Caleb M
Caleb M - 2 måneder siden
wait but I won my like third game
ELECTRO DUDE - 2 måneder siden
This makes me not want to play if Jack is having trouble and getting salty I'm just gana end up burning my house
Ben Aaron
Ben Aaron - 2 måneder siden
It took me like 2 days to win it wasnt that hard
Alex V
Alex V - 2 måneder siden
You move like a cod player
Alex V
Alex V - 2 måneder siden
Im over her with a 75% Win rate 😂
Ethan Farr
Ethan Farr - 2 måneder siden
if you play at night theres less people in the game so its easier to win
Nuglhat Æ
Nuglhat Æ - 2 måneder siden
Cr1TiKaL: Hyper scape is the easiest battle royale
Hooman Being
Hooman Being - Måned siden
Sincere Gaming
Sincere Gaming - 2 måneder siden
Jack you're the man. Luv your videos. :)
Carter Brady
Carter Brady - 2 måneder siden
Console Isn’t That Hard I Have 6 Wins And Only Played 2 Weeks
Code Name Teddy
Code Name Teddy - 2 måneder siden
I’ve won 4 times in this game but it’s so infuriating with the mini gun (they’re nerfing it soon I believe)
Superboy - 2 måneder siden
9:58 When you get the Peacekeeper on a console.
Congratulations, Jack
Taylor Hayes
Taylor Hayes - 2 måneder siden
I got a win on my 4th match solo I play on console