Xbox Series X Gameplay and First Impressions

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Xbox Series X Gameplay! I've been testing this next gen console for a couple weeks now and here are my first impressions. Not a techy overview, more of a gamers perspective. Gears 5, Dirt 5, Doom Eternal, Battlefield and more. Let me know your thoughts below. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.
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Janco Obie
Janco Obie - 2 dager siden
Seeing an Xbox sx makes me sad because I know I'll never be able to afford it
billabongblue - 4 dager siden
wow in aus its fucking $750!
GreenMachine - 7 dager siden
So when is the day going to be when we can plug our external graphics cards into Xbox?
J J - 8 dager siden
rtx 3080 is not alone it comes with other expensive components to work with, which makes u pay more than 2000$, and difference is like a snap chat filter as compare to these graphics. doesn't justify 1500$ graphics difference.
KhalidSmile93 - 8 dager siden
I have an original Xbox one so I’m exited to get my series x
O O - 9 dager siden
I'm A PC gamer but due to the lack of GPU's available I bought an xbox at launch because of cyberpunk, and I alraedy own xbox.
Saggy Chunks
Saggy Chunks - 9 dager siden
Hey how did you get BFV on the new Xbox? Did you buy it brand new or did you transfer it?? I have an Xbox one and was wondering if you could transfer the games info to the new Xbox
andyantonioap - 10 dager siden
I would buy XSX over the PS5. First of all,I don't like boring Gran Turismo or Crap Ratchit and Clank. God of war sucks. Demon souls look v.dull. Last of us another role playing game...yawn. yada yada yada. What I love about Xbox is the explosive big triggers with hepatic feedback as always. The right position of the thumbstick controllers, which people overlook, and the big arcade experience you get, the impressive back compat, and ofcoarse Dolby Atmos Sound and now Dolby vision, HD Blue ray drive with many apps included, plus most powerful console in the world right now and included with 1tb unlike others.
S M - 10 dager siden
I’m looking to move from Xbox one x to the series X, I have an LG 4K UHD TV, I was also thinking of upgrading my TV to a “QLED” or “OLED”, would upgrading both my TV and to the series X make a huge difference?
Stéphane Mallette
Stéphane Mallette - 13 dager siden
MAN! WHAT A NEW REVOLUTION!!!!! Playing games at 60 FPS + ??? This is fucking INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna buy both consoles right now. Gameplay on console will never be the same. It's NEXT LEVEL! Fuck PCs. There I said it.. Why bother having to upgrade every single pieces when you can just grab a fucking console that don't stutter, don't have any graphical glitches.
Stéphane Mallette
Stéphane Mallette - 13 dager siden
Graphics are so freaking beautiful that you don't want to crash the car at all lol. I feel like I would play so carefully and try not to damage the car. It looks so real!
Cooper Wolfe
Cooper Wolfe - 13 dager siden
It isn’t worth it to switch from a one x, for it current price.
ray olvera
ray olvera - 14 dager siden
What if u have a normal HDMI port like not a hdmi 2.0 would the Xbox still run on my tv
Tina Lutz
Tina Lutz - 16 dager siden
it still has the og brightenss and sound of the speakers
Rai TheNoblesse
Rai TheNoblesse - 16 dager siden
DID NOBODY TEST 360 DISKS LIKE FALLOUT 3 OR NEW VEGAS, THEY ALL DO NOT (!) WORK ON THE SERIES X.., WTF!?. they worked on the Xbox One X, but not on the Series X, Wtf??.
... Microsoft needs to fix this.., AND HOW COULD YOUTUBERS MISS THIS?!? I mean ALL youtubers
Rai TheNoblesse
Rai TheNoblesse - 16 dager siden
DID NOBODY TEST 360 DISKS LIKE FALLOUT 3 OR NEW VEGAS, THEY ALL DO NOT (!) WORK ON THE SERIES X.., WTF!?. they worked on the Xbox One X, but not on the Series X, Wtf??.
... Microsoft needs to fix this.., AND HOW COULD YOUTUBERS MISS THIS?!? I mean ALL youtubers
Rtick 4590
Rtick 4590 - 16 dager siden
Graphics look the same
Rosario Aguilar
Rosario Aguilar - 17 dager siden
Whats the game he’s playing at 0:16
Covert Lion
Covert Lion - 7 dager siden
Looks like gears of war 5
Cap'n Smead
Cap'n Smead - 17 dager siden
jack are you ok your voice sounds rough
nailler 9
nailler 9 - 17 dager siden
Over priced. Think I'll wait a couple of years and go second hand.
aman533 - 18 dager siden
Are all games in HDr? Does it makes much of a change? thnx
play titanfall 2 NOW
play titanfall 2 NOW - 18 dager siden
The xbox its beautiful
emirhan terzi
emirhan terzi - 18 dager siden
jackfrags Which TV and model do you recommend
Oldsoul - 18 dager siden
What kind of tv do you got ??
Jake Bentley
Jake Bentley - 18 dager siden
with doom it turns the quality down if it feels the fps will suffer
Whatisthisthing - 18 dager siden
"keep your expectations in check" okay I'll stick with my xbox one since the new gen is clearly just a bit more powerful than the last.
Thanos - 18 dager siden
Show us the smoke effect
Breakhoven - 18 dager siden
Is worth uograde from Xbox one s to new Xbox series if i only have 4K TV with 50Hz? The other issue is when i play Xbox on projector im using optical cable that is connected from Xbox into my logitech 5.1 sound system. How do i connect the sound when it does not have optical out? Any audio converter will help ? Im in hard decision should i buy the new Xbox x or stay with lód Xbox one s.
Disney Vacation Family
Disney Vacation Family - 20 dager siden
Great review and very neutral recommendations that absolutely made sense... happy to have your take on upgrading from an Xbox One versus from a One X.... Thanks!
Alex - 20 dager siden
What a lazy review with no effort put into it
berto fly
berto fly - 21 dag siden
I bought the original xbox one and i still play wit it every day and im a huge fan of forza so i think buying this series x is the move for me
xGUDDAx - 21 dag siden
FPS > Whatever. I WANT 120!
sushant Kumar
sushant Kumar - 21 dag siden
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Jonathan Haynes
Jonathan Haynes - 22 dager siden
Does cod have an fov slider?!?!
KevinPatrickKenny - 24 dager siden
What TV are you using?
William Mangus
William Mangus - 25 dager siden
gears looks insane
Keeron Manley
Keeron Manley - 25 dager siden
What model LG tv did you run while testing ? Cheers
Giovanni Troche
Giovanni Troche - 25 dager siden
Ok I got a question can I be on 120fps with a monitor that has 1080p with the hdmi 2.0?
Michael Simmons
Michael Simmons - 24 dager siden
if the monitor is 144hz then you can get 120fps...if the monitor is only 60hz you'll be capped at 60fps..75hz=75 fps..etc..
Jyotirmaya Mishrs
Jyotirmaya Mishrs - 25 dager siden
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renzo reano
renzo reano - 25 dager siden
what tv are you using?, thanks
Exzticy - 26 dager siden
But where’s the Series S?
Tomas Gamer
Tomas Gamer - 26 dager siden
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Haider Ali
Haider Ali - 26 dager siden
Which OLED you are using?
Flynn Flannigan
Flynn Flannigan - 26 dager siden
Like Xbox 360
KairoWard - 26 dager siden
That thing has the same power of my 1060 i7 -__-
JustTheReed - 26 dager siden
As someone who has always been a console gamer, someone who just loves how easy it is, especially online with friends, this new Xbox is a no brainer. I’ve had my ps4 for a bit here and all my friends are switching to Xbox so I’m going too. Pc is just too expensive.
Leon Brewer
Leon Brewer - 27 dager siden
Other than the car games, graphics don’t look that much different to me.
Chris Stainer
Chris Stainer - 27 dager siden
Ps4 looks better
FaZe Rickyboi
FaZe Rickyboi - 27 dager siden
Everybody dislikes cuz they cant buy it at launch
T0KYO Moon
T0KYO Moon - 27 dager siden
Wait you call yourself a gamer and say the Quick resume to jump back into isn’t a good feature 🤭😂 somebody find me a new channel
melloyellogsxr - 27 dager siden
Microsoft practically has every game developer under it's massive umbrella and has been acquiring them for the past year or so. Seems like they want a monopoly on game developers effectively rendering their hardware a necessity.
florens de jong
florens de jong - 27 dager siden
Xbox series x have AMD freesync premium pro/2 ???
Shadow X18
Shadow X18 - 27 dager siden
What is the name of these zombies games ?
Christian - 27 dager siden
Dudes such a PC snob/nerd
nalogo naklar
nalogo naklar - 27 dager siden
Richtig haram früher haben die Leute von halo [343 Industrie vs bungie] off qualitiy geachtet
GB - 28 dager siden
I'm NEVER giving up my Xbox project Scorpio Edition. It'll just go in the bedroom lol. Series X HERE I COME!
Héctor Macías Ayala
Héctor Macías Ayala - 28 dager siden
You can simply attach an external SSD to the Xbox One S/X, no big deal.
Toebiwankonobi / JuciySmooyay
Ahh yes almost catching up to an average PC lol
Nalla Nosnarb
Nalla Nosnarb - 28 dager siden
Dude other than load times...I’ll stick with Scorpion edition till game designers learn to consistently utilize and push the technology m2c
Les Lane
Les Lane - 28 dager siden
...yes but it’s gonna have Apple TV app...yay...
Yan Xan
Yan Xan - 28 dager siden
I’ve been let down by Sony in the past, the PS4 just felt underwhelming even though it had exclusives none of them were really good, the ps5 just looks really cheap and I don’t like the user interface. I think the Xbox just has that premium feeling compared to PlayStation as of late... so I will probably be going with Xbox this time
Fernando Vieira
Fernando Vieira - 28 dager siden
nice review! you've got a new subcriber!
Nicolò Brentan
Nicolò Brentan - 28 dager siden
Waiting for xmas sales to get it for 300 bucks🌚
king of monsters
king of monsters - 28 dager siden
I say it's so worth it because of the fps and steam as a console player
Max Lundh
Max Lundh - 29 dager siden
I dont feel the need to it
nate dogg
nate dogg - 29 dager siden
Im still sticking with my xbox one for now im still saying xbox one was the fun console i ever had 🤧 im sad its going to be dying soon
John Stamos
John Stamos - 29 dager siden
so do i get the ps5 or xbox series x
Death Stick Stopmotions
Death Stick Stopmotions - 29 dager siden
I have a Nintendo switch and an xbox 360 I'm going to get the new Xbox
reuban rajan
reuban rajan - 29 dager siden
I lost interest in this video the moment he said not many will use the quick resume feature. What a moron!! Sad excuse of a gamer this guy is! I only game on PS consoles/PC and even I am hyped about Series X features especially QUICK Resume!
Slippy - 29 dager siden
Bruh wdym not use quick resume that shit is useful af
BIGTYME PUNTER - 29 dager siden
Gee it's looks crap the console
BloodDJ Gaming
BloodDJ Gaming - Måned siden
How comes you get the new Xbox earlier
Pervert- Kun
Pervert- Kun - Måned siden
*Look nicer and run better*
Nah bro I just want to be able to get updates and dlcs on my favorite games
Mamadou Moussa Camara
Mamadou Moussa Camara - Måned siden
$499 though, that's a lot of dough (jackfrags)
Alecia Lisie
Alecia Lisie - Måned siden
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Magnus Inventum
Magnus Inventum - Måned siden
PC gamers? You should get better performance compared to Series X, for you are paying a kidnappers ransom for the latest GPUs. However, look at what you get for the price of this console.
Tommy Lynch
Tommy Lynch - Måned siden
Xbox took ps5 gameplay of Dirt5
Fluterra - Måned siden
Most people probably don’t understand they will also need to upgrade their TV if they want HDR, 120Hz, or 4K.
Tristan Rolfe
Tristan Rolfe - 25 dager siden
You can get a 4k TV for $200 so if you're buying the Xbox series x you probably have a 4k tv
Evil Aku
Evil Aku - 28 dager siden
The tv he has in this video is the LG Nano 86 I bought the same tv this week for $899 cad
Gasch Boy
Gasch Boy - 29 dager siden
Well I do hope they realize that they’ll at least need a 4K tv lol.
scaredypicker - Måned siden
I think the hardware design, form factor, quality of services with Gamepass and true backwards compatibility makes Series X a winner for me this gen, and I just used a PS4 and PC last gen. Looking forward to jumping back to team green lol
Иван Иванов
Иван Иванов - Måned siden
Это Lg 55 sm 9010?
Chinmay hegde
Chinmay hegde - Måned siden
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MT D - Måned siden
could you test fortnite please on 120hz please
Y0H4N G4M3R - Måned siden
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Theo415 - Måned siden
anthonyamigleo Amigleo
anthonyamigleo Amigleo - Måned siden
Bruh Xbox looks cleaaaan
Robert Heron
Robert Heron - Måned siden
can't wait to get mines I'm going to wait till next year though.
Taha Farooqui
Taha Farooqui - Måned siden
I will trust you with my life because you have doom eternal

Read it again

I think only DooM players will understand LOL
Shrayansh jain
Shrayansh jain - Måned siden
Graphics is not good😡😡😡😡😡
noobas gamer
noobas gamer - Måned siden
Battlefield v at series x has better image quality?
Capt X
Capt X - Måned siden
What tv are you using ?
KodyDaFox - Måned siden
Him talking comparing the series x to the xbox one x and how it's slightly different
Me with the original xbox one from the month it was released: 👁️ 👄 👁️
Alienbob 2052
Alienbob 2052 - Måned siden
I have and idea ! Throw away FoRtNiTe noone likes it
Wedabestteam - Måned siden
5000$ pc set up vs 500$ game set up is a huge difference ofc
Marcos Ferreira
Marcos Ferreira - Måned siden
Nothing big deal to justify a new generation, this is why pc is superior, just change a gpu!!
Louis Txdd.
Louis Txdd. - Måned siden
can someone please tell me the song in the background I beg I've been wanting to find it for ages. 1:20 to 4:00 it's that song
Andy Cooling
Andy Cooling - Måned siden
So if the xbox series x is it fully compatible to xbox 360 games and original will i be able to play all dead space games on it and also Evil Dead fistfull of boomstick of the original xbox game and brute force and ninja gaiden sigma and ninja gaiden 2 of 360 and even metal gear solid 3 snake eater from the 360
Hidden VIP
Hidden VIP - Måned siden
im getting xbox series x for sure
Brian Jimenez
Brian Jimenez - Måned siden
Wait i thought the new xbox had 120 fps
Certified Cheater Goldigger
Why you not try the gta v? Why?
Erving Velez
Erving Velez - Måned siden
Does it have the new version of Microsoft Edge browser?